The Godfather Five Families Cheats Guide

The Godfather Five Families Cheats Guide by Arnatos

Game mechanics in this game is crap and allows for much abuse. Here are some ways. That is almost anything you need to beat this game. I jumped in one day from family rank 500 to 40 in one day using this tactics.

Use only arsonist or hitman other units are just crap.

Gold farming.

Raid multiple lvl 2 or 3 gangs with 20 for lvl 2 and 45 for lvl3 arsonist and sell armory gold items for cash. With 200-300 arsonist you can earn this way about 300-500k gold an hour. + some resources that will cover cost of lost units

Respect farming.

Only other way to earn respect is to attack other players cityscapes. Stronger player= more respect. So send groups of 30-50 arsonist to every occupied cityscape you can find(Family or not especially if you are corleone you will quickly run out of targets if you dont target family). Some time you will lost but most players don’t keep units in cityscapes as its easy to lose them. So most of time you will earn 1-7 respect depending on defending player rank.

Protecting yourself.

Only way to lose respect is to lose cityscapes so kepp your cityscapes far from your main city. Kepp few units there. Not to much as its easy to lose them. I found 2-3 hitman good amount. If you under heavy attack don’t take city scapes back for some time as long as you have them you can lose respect or take some far far from main city so enemies cant find them.

Building game is so unbalanced that later in game you will find yourself having to much resources(As long as you control lots of high lvl cityscapes) so build 8-10 hideouts to cut unit training time and have money to pay upkeep. Thanks to this you will be able to waste your army on attack on other players cityscapes and earn respect .

Hide your units.
Keep your main army in main city not cityscapes and have it set to hide that way other players cant do almost anything to you as warehouse will hide enough resources for you to not care abut loses.

P.s this game is broken i hope that people using this tactic will make game unbearable enough so developers will fix it.

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