TERA Online Mystic Class FAQ

TERA Online Mystic Class FAQ

Q: Why does the mystic Curtain of Retribution skill have a smaller arc than the priest version?

A: It doesn’t. It is, however, animated differently and that could be where the discrepancy comes from.

Q: Are the summons going to appear out of nowhere, like they do now, or are you going to polish the animation?

A: TERA’s skill animations are not yet polished: they will change before launch.

Q: In some videos the summons look really small and in others they look bigger than the characters, does the size of the summons grow when a mystic levels up?

A: This depends on the type of summon cast. The summon does not increase in size with the mystic’s level. Additionally, the summons have visually changed since they were first announced.

Q: Why do you think the mystic is an essential part of group play?

A: The mystic helps improve a party’s survivability, debuffing enemies and curbing the number of forces opposing the group. They are also capable healers and damage-dealers.

Q: What have the summons changed in the mystic gameplay style?

A: The mystic summons allow for the support class to receive support themselves. This means a mystic can cast one type of summon and focus on their other abilities while it is active.

Q: Are there shared cooldowns or diminshing returns on mystic “crowd control” skills?

A: Not presently.

Q: Will the glyph system allow a mystic to specialize in healing, buffs, or damage?

A: The mystic is a jack-of-all-trades rather than a flexible specialist. Their glyphs will let them enhance their capabilities in a variety of areas, but not to the point where they become a damage-dealing class, for example.

Q: Since pets attack the last thing the mystic attacked, will they break “crowd control” status on targets?

A: It’s certainly possible. Good help is often hard to find. Part of the challenge for mystics will be juggling their resources, and that means redirecting their pets when needed.

Q: How is the mystic’s survivability given the short range of its skills and cloth armor?

A: The mystic’s survivability has less to do with its armor and more to do with the player. If the player doesn’t keep the mystic out of harm’s way, life expectancy may be below average. However, the mystic has several tools for getting out of trouble. They are not made of glass.

Q: Are there any plans to give the mystic more healing skills?

A: The mystic and other classes will continue to evolve as TERA grows and develops. Changes to existing skills or new skills are always possible.

Q: The mystic skill Essence of Rejuvenation (known to many as “orb healing”) seems drastically inferior to both priest heals as well as even other heals possessed by mystics. What makes this skill worth using in a party setting?

A: The nature of priest skills requires consideration for party member location while the mystic’s Essence of Rejuvenation does not. Party members can consume the orb when it is needed while the mystic focuses on other tasks.

Q: How is mystic survivability in PvP given their array of skills and hybrid role?

A: The mystic’s combination of damaging attacks, debuffing skills, crowd-control abilities, and self-sustaining heals make it a formidable foe in PvP.

Q: Because the mystic plays different roles, are any plans on allowing the mystic to use different types of weapons and armors?

A: No, the mystic is TERA’s scepter-wielding, cloth-wearing support class.

Q: Will mystic summons benefit from party buffs, whether it be PvE or PvP scenarios?

A: Yes.

Q: When it comes to PvE content, are mystics able to keep up with other classes performing the same party roles?

A: Mystics are by nature a jack-of-all-trades type of class. They may not overspecialize in one of the three main party roles, but it’s that same diversity that makes them a boon to a party’s survivability.

Q: Will there be any MP regeneration skills that can be used outside of combat available to the mystic?

A: Yes, but only if you ask nicely. Each caster class gains an MP restoration skill at an early level that has a fairly rapid cooldown and can be used at any time.

Q: What gives a mystic its power? Is it one of the gods?

A: Mystics harness the primal powers of the world, the Sharan and Arunic energies. Rather than a direct connection to the gods, think of the mystics as having a deeper connection to the world.

Q: How much will mystic armor overlap with sorcerer and priest armor? Why don’t mystics wear heavier armor like plate?

A: Those three classes share an armor type–cloth– but as you progress in TERA you’ll find that some armor is designed with the mystic in mind. Mystics simply prefer a tailored weave over a stifling breastplate. It’s a comfort issue, you see.

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