TERA Online Weapons Guide

TERA Online Weapons Guide by Ryan

In Tera there are eight weapons choices available for players: Bow, Disc, Great Sword, Lance, Scepter, Staff, Twin Swords and Two Handed Axe. Weapons are tied to specific classes. Only Archers can use a Bow. Only Lancers can use a Lance, etc.

Weapon Characteristics

It is important to understand the style and unique characteristics of each weapon. Attack power, attack speed and other options will vary based on the weapon choice. The table below shows the basic characteristics of each weapons at a glance.

ClassWeaponsATK DmgAttack SpeedFeatures
WarriorTwin SwordsLowFastFast attack speed, attack wide attack range
SlayerGreatswordHighVery SlowAttack speed is very slow, powerful slashing attack a wide attack range
BerserkerTwo Handed AxeHighSlowStrong damages, slow defense, a powerful destructive force, narrow attack range
SorcererDiscMediumMediumRanged attack, consumes MP, magic attacks
PriestStaffLowMediumRanged attack, consumes MP, specializes in healing magic
ArcherBowMediumFastRanged attack, fast attack speed
MysticScepterLowMediumRanged attack, consumes MP, a dual characteristics of attack and healing magic

Weapon Types

Tera general, advanced, rare, legendary, and the presence of four kinds rating this rating to the general rise in the legend to the better performance and options will be proud of. Of course, in the case of normal or high-grade hunting quests and easily through the field, but legend grade limited dungeon quests and instance bosses, production, and through the exchange of decorations can be difficult to acquire.

IconWeaponsRankCrafting Skill
Twin SwordsCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMetal Weapons
LanceCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMetal Weapons
GreatswordCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMetal Weapons
Two Handed AxeCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMetal Weapons
DiscCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMagic Weapons
StaffCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMagic Weapons
BowCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMagic Weapons
ScepterCommon, Uncommon, Rare, LegendaryMagic Weapons

Weapon Description

1) Weapon Name. The color reflects the ranking of the weapon. The weapon name will be preceded by + (number) if it is enchanted.
2) Weapon Rank
3) Weapon Type
4) Weapon Class
5) Weapon Level Restriction. If you are too low level to use the item the text will appear red. If you are the appropriate level for the item the text will appear white.
6) Weapon Owner. This weapon is Soulbound to Caerlyn.
7) Indicates if an item is Enchantable or Extractable
8) Indicates the item is not available for trade
9) Attack stats of the weapon
10) Crystal modifiers
11) Performance Enhancements. When enchanted to +3/+6/+9 weapons will receive additional modifiers
12) Weapon Crafter

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