SD Gundam Online Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide

SD Gundam Online Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide by lvloonshine

Introduction:  I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and I have figured out the game and how to complete the missions fairly easy.  In this guide, I will give a run down on every mission, what points are for, items and blueprints, and how leveling up effects you.

To start it off, this game is very heavily based in PVP.  When getting to the rank of PO1 and higher after PO2, the only way to level yourself is PVP, and not in missions.  So be aware before reaching this point, if you do not enjoy PVP, you will dislike this game.  3rd person shooter with 4 skills that usually lasts 5 minute rounds.  Most of the content isn’t in the game yet, so don’t be disappointed yet because the Taiwan servers have over 300 units which will transfer in the future.


– Points and Astros
– Units
– Ranks
– Missions
– Capsules
– Items and Blueprints
– Using Mastery


Both of them are the basic currency in the SD Gundam Universe.  Only ways to get points is to complete missions or PvP.  You need to pay money to obtain more astros, which can convert to tokens for capsules or buy things in the shop.  It cost $5 for 100 astros, which can get you plenty of items to help you in the game.

I have made 2 accounts because the first time, I used all of my points to get units from capsules that will be given out later in quests.  Please do not make the same mistake, and save them till you either get a blueprint later on to mix it, or getting a gundam you truly like that isn’t in the quest.  Most of the good units are in quests after getting to the PFC rank.


Every unit is different, with all kinds of abilities as well as Rock, Paper, or Scissor, also ranking from class C to class S with subclasses.  Units are obtained by opening capsules, competing quest, and mixing blueprints.  It is important to know which unit is the ideal unit for each mission and how they contribute in PVP.  Much like the game, Paper beats rock, rock beats scissor, and scissor beats paper.  It is not that black and white that no matter what these rules applied, it just means that you have the advantage.  Same for higher class units,  as long as you can play very well, the difference in strength depending on your class will reflect on how well you perform with you unit.

You can also scrap your unit for points but make sure that you did your research and long-term goals because regaining these units back will make you negative.

Attack: Damage of your attacks on 1,2,3
Rate of attack, and speed of attack weapon 1,2,3
Unit HP:
Heath points for your unit.
Reduce damage against other unit’s weapon 1,2,3 (doesn’t affect special)
Special Attack:
Damage of your special attack, (your unit gain special attack at solder level, ignore defence)
Unit moving speed, also speed when you boosting.


Ways to Level up Units:

With FAITH (15 missions/PvP per day), they give bonus exp to you units when completing missions or PvP.  For units, doing solo ground mission will get you 288 exp points to your unit, or a little less exp if you want the exp spread more equally when completing PvP.  You can gain extra unit exp by using Aid Operators which can be purchased in the shop by points or astros.  It gives you a few extra exp, but it builds very quickly.


Ranks reflect how far you progress in the game. Instead of levels, ranks will open up new quests as well as new PvP and expert mode when reaching PO2. With new quests, there are new dailies as well but do not stack with the previous rank. These ranks progress very well from missions or PvP up until PO1, you will not receive any exp from missions at that point. Some people use most of their time to farm blueprints on expert channels. It is a matter of taste, either to farm for blueprints or to level. At this point, you can only choose one and neglect the other. You will also obtain gifts on each new rank until PO1, you will receive nothing when reaching this rank and ranks later on.

– PO1 Stop gaining EXP in Training/Beginner/Expert Channel Co-op Missions
– MCPO will not gain EXP in Beginner Channel PVP
– Battle Support cannot be used after MCPO


When completing PVT Battle Support Ability Licensing quest, for Ground Battle and Space Battle on easy, this ability gives ONLY gives one unit radar.  Most units do not have any abilities to tell if enemies are on the map, this helps you see them even without the skill.  It helps finish missions more easily with tons of enemies such as “Protect Shuttle Base”.


Kill/Death ratios and Win/Loss ratios do not matter in this game.  You can do poorly in battle but it will not effect your record.

– Paper are mainly support long range, usually using funnels or sniping outside battles to disrupt players; do not get many kills.  Deals 20% more damage on Rocks, receive 20% less damage from Rocks.

– Scissors are more balanced to have the same opportunity to kill paper as well as rocks.  Very easy class to use and pick up. Deals 20% more damage on Papers, receive 20% less damage from Papers.

– Rocks are more difficult in terms of strategy, such as hiding behind terrain and catching your opponents off guard.  They do very poor damage to paper even as class A Rock vs class C paper, paper will still take 2 full combos to die.  There are also special moves such as MCA which require more knowledge of the game.  You will have to learn this on your own to pursue as a better player. Deals 20% more damage on Scissors, receive 20% less damage from Scissors.

Normal PvP:  Your units are point based on which class you are using.  When your unit defeats another unit, you get points.  Defeating Class S: 5 points, Class A: 4 points, Class B: 3 points, Class C: 2 points.  At the end of the match, the team with the highest points wins, and there are draws if both are even.

Deathmatch:  This type of PvP is based on lives depending on which class you are using.  When you are using a S Class you have 1 life, A Class has 2 lives, B Class has 3 lives, and C Class has 4 lives.  The team with the no units or lowest life, loses.  There are rarely any draws on this type of match.  Also if you win before hitting 2:59 time you will get 1/4 of the exp/points gained when winning the match.

Tag:  This PvP match is only gained when reaching to PO2.  You can now access the Battleship in your room.  You need to set yourself with current units you own to equal or less then 10 points.  S Class are 5 points, A Class are 4 points, B Class are 3 points, and C class are 2 points.  During the match, you may tag out your units by hitting tab following by a number.  This will change your current unit with your other unit and there is an option to use your battleship weapon.

Grid:  This PvP match is only gained when reaching to PO1.  You can now access the Battleship in your room.  You need to set yourself with current units  you own to equal or less then 10 points.  S Class are 5 points, A Class are 4 points, B Class are 3 points, and C Class are 2 points.  When you team is assembled,  this type of game-play starts both teams to have either 60 points or 80 points (6 players: 60 points, 8 players: 80 points).  You cannot tag out your Units unless they are destroyed, then the next Unit is sent out.  The rotation is made before the game starts in your battleship.  The team that reaches 0 first loses.  There are draws in this PvP match.

Clan Wars:  You must have 4 players from your clan to participate in clan wars.  There is a total of 13 points to use when making a team.  Using S Class Units are 5 points, A Class Units are 4 points, B Class Units are 3 points, and C Units class are 2 points.  Also on top of that, depending on which class you are using, S Class you have 1 life, A Class has 2 lives, B Class has 3 lives, and C Class has 4 lives.  Making your team takes cooperation between your clan as well as a strategy.


From PVT to CPO rank, all quests involving missions in the beginner channel should be completed before reaching SCPO. When reaching SCPO rank, all beginner channels missions will give 0 Exp to Rank. When reaching MCPO rank, all beginner channels PvP will give 0 Exp to Units/Rank/Kills. Some missions are harder then others, and there is a very steep curve from very easy to expert, which means you need a different strategy then using your Psycho Unit all the time.  Also your units do not scale as hard as the missions, so you may not be able to finish some quests until you get better units or teammates.

Quick pro tip:  When using your Psycho Unit, do not knock down enemies units or use special attacks when completing co-op missions.  They waste time and lose DPS(damage per second) during missions.  Special attacks do not critical, and if using a single target special, 3 other units will do nothing as they wait for you to finish your special.  When you are tanking on the Psychos and you use your special, you will lose fortress and your ability to tank until the bar fills up again.  This is not worth it because dying resets aggro which makes the other 3 units to revise their strategy and wait for you to re-spawn.  When knocking down enemies, there is about 3 seconds of invulnerability, and that are seconds that shouldn’t be wasted.

Mission 1:  Destroy Psycho Gundams

Difficulty:  Moderate
Units:  4x Psycho  (4x Wing Zero Expert)
Description:  To complete this quest, using 4 Psycho are easiest under normal and hard difficulty without buying a unit.  When 1 Psycho has aggro, the other Psychos should position themselves behind the boss Psycho for critical damage. When the boss Psycho is using its special, look around and kill wondering Zakus instead of waiting for the special to end.  Killing Doms will make more Zakus spawn on harder levels.

Mission 2:  Protect Shuttles

Difficulty:  Very Hard
Units:  3x Apsalus 1x Launcher Strike (or 1x Big Zam or 1x Wing Zero)
Description:  Protect the shuttle is the hardest mission under any difficultly.  Overall, it is best to finish this mission with 3-4 Apsalus but since this mission was normal difficultly, we used 2 Apsalus, 1 Wing Zero, 1 Launcher Strike.  Suit with machine guns may win on easy and normal difficulty but with Apsalus is all about luck.  If all Apsaluss’ can get infinite ammo before the shuttles are destroyed, you may win; don’t die because you won’t get a 2nd chance to have infinite ammo before the time runes out (Use Battle Support).  On easy and normal mode, defend shuttle 1. On hard and expert, defend shuttle 3. For hard and expert, let all the Apsalus gather around shuttle 2 without killing any units and the enemy units will attack you after shuttle 2 is destroy and do the same with shuttle 1; this is the reason why there should be a max of 3 Apsalus in Protect Shuttles so the 4th unit (Launcher Strike) will be protecting shuttle 3 till the Apsaluss’ return.

Mission 3:  Destroy Apsulus II

Difficulty:  Easy
Units:  3x Psycho 1x Apsalus
One of the easiest missions on Expert to farm.  To complete it, rush to the end and hang around the valley entrance and destroy all units until Apsalus II spawns.  When someone is tanking it, rush behind it and use 3 or shotgun in fortress mode.  It is easier to finish this mission with 1 Apsalus, when the first gate is destroyed, Apsalus will turn around to destroy the enemy units.  When 4:00 passes, Apsalus should move past the first gate, enemy units will start to spawn in the middle of the 1st and 2nd gate.  Apsalus will use its special as much as possible to stop drawing aggro and destroy the units from the back.  At 2:55, and there are not enough enemies destroyed. Boss Apaslus will not spawn but Rising Gundam and Astray Gold Frame Amatsu will.

Mission 4:  Test Factory

Difficulty:  Moderate
Units:  2x Apsalus 2x Psycho
Description:  On normal difficulty, test factory can be done with many types of units.  On hard to expert, this is the correct what to finish this mission.  Make sure everyone says on the left side and 2x Psychos’ tank with Apsalus II will try to get their infinite ammo without dying.  When both Apsalus II have infinite ammo when fighting against the Aile Strike, you will be able to complete the mission on Expert.

Mission 5:  Destroy Moon Base

Difficulty:  Moderate
Units:  4x Psycho (4x Wing Zero)
Description:  On hard and expert difficulty, Moon Base will 1 shot your unit and Gelgoogs will gather and knock you down.  Just strafe back and forth behind the towers when you are being targeted so you don’t get destroyed.  Otherwise this is a very easy mission to complete.

Mission 6:  BuCUES in Desert

Difficulty:  Easy
Units:  4x Apsalus
Description:  Very easy mission with 4 Apsaluss’ II on normal and hard missions.  When the mission starts, destroy the missile launchers on the right and left side of white base on hard/expert mission. Normal, there is 1 missile launcher to the left, and easy mission has 0 missile launchers. Make sure you use your special in concessions rather together and in the 4 corners of the map.  There will be times when all the BuCUES will mob up and gang up on one of your teammates.

Mission 7:  Destroy Battleships

Difficulty:  Easy
Units:  3x Psycho 1x Wing Zero
Description:  Moderate mission with at least 3 Psychos in hard and expert missions but much harder on quests (destroy ?? Strike Daggers / ?? 105 Daggers). Very easy mission to farm in easy and normal mode. The 1st part of the mission is very hard for Psychos to do alone.  Strike Dagger units move too fast and will waste a lot of time with 4x Psychos.  The 2nd part is easier for Psychos, first destroy the wings, launchers and turret before destroying the battleship.

Mission 8:  Destroy Big Zams

Difficulty:  Moderate
Units:  2x Psycho 1x Wing Zero 1x Big Zam
Description:  Moderate mission with 2 Psychos, 1 Big Zam, 1 Wing Zero.  There are a lot of little units that will go after your tower, and destroying units that are not Zakus will heal your tower.  When the Big Zams come out,  1 Psycho should tank, and the other should hit it from behind.  They will make quick work of Big Zams.

Mission 9:  Destroy Secret Fortress

Difficulty:  Hard
Units:  2x Psycho 2x Wing Zero
Description:  The only mission not in your quest.  A hard mission to complete when doing the quests while piloting 2x Psychos and 2x Wing Zero.  We did not have an extra Wing Zero so this mission is shown with 3x Psychos.  The 1st part is to destroy the Leos then next is to destroy the pillars around the Fortress; 4 floating diamonds, the pillar and the base last.  When all pillars are destroyed, destroy the Fortress reactor inside.

Rising Gundam

Difficulty:  Moderate
Units:  2x Apsalus 2x Psycho
Description:  Moderate mission with 1-3 Apsalus II on your team.  With infinite ammo, it will make quick work of enemy units and Char.

Jaburo Defense Part 1

Difficulty:  Hard
Units:  2x Psycho 1x Apsalus 1x Wing Zero
Description:  Very hard mission even with Apsalus II, Wing Zero and 2x Psychos.  Make sure to destroy all the units on the ground so the Psychos don’t take extra damage.  The missiles from the ship will hurt a lot over time.  The Psychos should focus on the ships when they come out and tank all missile damage.  Towards the end of the 2nd phase, whomever is tanking, that pilot should start destroying all incoming missiles targeting them for easier tanking.

Jaburo Defense Part 2

Difficulty:  Moderate
Units:  2x Apsalus 2x Psycho (or 2x Big Zam)
Description:  Moderate mission with 2 Apsalus II.  Destroy ?? units in the first wave, destroy 3 Z’Gok in the 2nd wave, destroy Char in the 3rd wave.

Attacking the Solomon

Difficulty:  Moderate
Units:  2x Psycho 2x Wing Zero (replace 1 with Launcher Strike)
Description:  Very hard mission but if the panels are still intact when the ship is destroyed, then completing the mission is very easy. With 2 Psychos, 1 Launcher Strike and 1 Wing Zero.  All 4 units will defend the Solar Panels till the ship arrives.  When that happens, the Psychos will leave the Panels and destroy it as fast as they can before the enemy destroy the panels.  After that, destroy the Doms to reach the next stage.  When spawning, destroy the first Dom you see and hit “V” to go straight to the bottom of the map.  There will be some Zakus left behind, destroy them and Big Zam will appear.  If you are too high on the map, enemy commanders will attack you and it will be much harder to destroy Big Zam in time.  The Psychos and Wing Zero will make quick work of Big Zam.

A Baoa Qu, The Space Fortress

Difficulty:  Easy
Units:  4x Psycho
Description: If possible find the ball unit first in one of the fields, it will heal your units over time.  Destroy all enemies attacking E Field, W Field, N Field in respectful order. When completing the first task, you will spawn in S Field; destroy Char in S Field.


If you’re going for a A rank, be ready to spend 50k points.
If you’re going for a AR rank, be ready to spend 100k points.
These capsules are all about luck,  C Class units are about 20%, B Class are around 15%, while A Class are 5%.  Most of the capsules uses this ratios but there are a few exceptions.  There are some capsules with more then 1 A class unit as well as B class units.  Also capsule 20, there is an equal chance to get any of them.  It is all about luck, you may even get an A class on your first try, then again you may never get an A class not matter how hard you try.  Farming for points is very tedious so make sure to save your points from missions before going after the units you want.(U and R units can only be found in Capsules)


All missions has a chance to drop either items, blueprints or just points.  Items are equipped to your unit and used in PvP or Mission by hitting 5.  They are very useful when timed correctly to get yourself out of a situation of make your situation favorable.  There are some items that has to be equipped to your unit from the factory, which will auto-use the items when the criteria are met.

There are blueprints to make almost every unit in the current game.  Classes from C, CS, B, BS, A, and AS for the moment.(S Units can only be built by blueprints)  There are some units that can only be made from blueprint.  If you are getting a blueprint that can be rolled for the capsule, you should weigh how much points you are willing to spend.  When deciding to make the blueprint, there are plenty of C Class units in the shop for 4200 points.  Please consider buying them instead of rolling for the C Class units in capsules.  Also if you do decide to use blueprints, you may get an extra custom points that will improve your unit even further then the capsule ones.  Example, Psycho Units have 2 custom points, while the blueprint Psycho Units have 3 custom points.


Mastery is a very useless function for SDGO. You gain mastery from completing missions or PvP, but is only used to fill up empty EXP packs. Empty 200 Exp and 1000 Exp pack are found as drops from missions.  They are very rare so don’t expect to ever use up all of your mastery points.  Also if your unit exp is maxed, the unit exp it will transfer to the mastery points till maxed.  Your mastery will increase from 6000 to 12000 when reaching PO2.

Conclusion:  SD Gundam Capsule online has its up and downs,  mainly downs because it is very based on luck with opening capsules.  Also this game is very PvP based, so it will feel like a grind when you are only focused on ranks.  There are so many clans out there that will make your life in SGCO a very enjoyable one.  For me, I am happy with all the grinding and hunting so far.  Releasing content for the game is taking long time, but it is still the first few weeks of the game released.  I did not join the game when beta was released so I had to make a new account with all the mistakes I have made buying Capsules and Blueprints in the shop that already existed.  Also selling many units that I should not have sold as well as wasting points on units that can be gained through quests.  I am sure you will make mistakes, but please be more careful with your points after you read his.  I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do, and good luck, cause you will need it.

IGN: MoonshineXxX
Clan: Rebirth

Feel free to contact me for more information.  I made this guide so newbies can read it and not make the same mistakes as I did.  Also to gain first prize of Wing Gundam Zero, because I did not play during closed beta, I did not receive this unit so this is the next best thing.  This guide is just a rundown of the game.  I am usually on and active with a few of my clan buddies if you decide to join my quest to get all the rare units.

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    How do I get my gudnam to AS rank? do I need to buy anything else?

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