SD Gundam Online Speed Through Single Mission Guide

SD Gundam Online Speed Through Single Mission Guide by Fureasei

Alright, everybody knows by now that you can get tons of suit xp and points by doing Single Player missions for the first 15 games each day, when you have the Faith bonus. Problem is that this is boring and time-consuming, so I figured it would be helpful to have a bit of a speed-up guide for them. A lot of people say do the Space mission since you can finish it faster, but it’s perfectly possible to finish either one in about three and a half minutes. Try both for each suit you want to level and see which works better for you. Obviously, play them on Easy, since rewards are the same on every difficulty.

Single Mission: Ground

– There isn’t much you can do to speed up the first section, since spawns are timed. Just shoot every unit as it appears. Easy enough to finish in under a minute.

– During the second section, be aware that there can be only three units active at the same time, this includes Gundam Heads and MS. Therefore it pays to destroy each MS as it appears as well as the Heads to make new Heads appear faster. Everything always appears in the same order, memorize it to be where the Heads appear as soon as they do.

– You should be able to get to the third section at between 7:20 and 7:30. The key to being fast here is to use the speed boosters and to skip the last section of enemies.

– Use the first speed booster, shooting the crate blocking your way before you get to it, and using your normal boost to enter the first room of enemies. Clear it, turn the next corner while getting rid of the crate blocking the floor booster. Shoot the Zaku III and Zaku II in the distance, then use the booster to get to the other side of the hall. Kill everything there, bust through the first door (melee is almost always fastest).

– In the next section, I recommend ignoring the first Zaku II. Kill everything else, including the HP restoring box, shoot the Zaku III next to the floor booster, then use that to get to the other side of the hall quickly. Here you’ll want to get rid of Zaku Is and IIIs, but leave any IIs alone. The reason is that you want to break down the door first, and the IIs won’t interrupt you when doing that.

– After the second door is down, watch your radar for a red arrow pointing outside your range. It probably won’t appear until you shoot a few more units, around the 49/50 kill mark. As soon as it does, ignore all remaining units, head for the wall panel up ahead and destroy it with a quick attack combo to activate the final floor booster. Use it to get to the final door, break it, shoot the final crate. You can finish this section around the 6-minute mark when you get it down perfectly. Remember where the enemies appear and try shooting doors while you approach them to make them go down a bit faster to speed up more and more.

– Now all that’s left is defeating Master Gundam. Not too hard, he often gets stuck comboing the air if you back away when he charges you. Track him and unload with ranged weapons (especially machine guns/vulcans) until his health is low enough to finish with your special. If you don’t have your special yet you’ll just have to settle for finishing with a melee combo, most units can beat him to the punch (literally). If you’ve got more than 5:30 left on the clock, you’ve got it down to a science.

Single Mission: Space

– The first section is actually pretty good to practice your general skills on fighting in space. The key is to not get caught in Zaku melee combos or shot by Gelgoogs, since that knocks you down and costs you time. Keep asteroids between you and the Gelgoogs’ line of fire when you know they’re going to shoot, this will take a few tries to get the timing down. Again, there are limited spawns, so kill everything you see to make the boxes appear faster. The last one needed appears at 14 kills. This section is all about being in the right place at the right time, so keep at it to memorize where everything appears. You should be able to bring your time down to under a minute here.

– Next is the easy / boring part. It always takes 90 seconds, so there isn’t any way to speed it up, you just have to not fail at it. You probably know that Rock GINNs are the biggest threat here, followed by Scissor GINNs that use machine guns. You can leave the Beam GINNs alone entirely, they are zero threat. I usually shoot GINNs until three Beam types remain just to keep myself occupied and then let the timer expire, but do whatever you prefer.

– With a little practice, the final part should be easy to finish in under a minute. It’s all about memorizing when enemies spawn on which side of the White Base and shooting down any enemies that come to melee you or are going to melee White Base before they get there, to keep you from getting knocked down and keep the rocks from getting stuck underneath White Base, so you can stay around the same height you start at. If you ever do need to move down quickly, remember to use the V key for fast descending.

If you’ve gotten fast enough at Single missions to clear them at about 3 and a half minutes each, that’s 4320 unit xp AND 4320 points daily in about an hour (including in-between loading times). Not too shabby!

You won’t get user exp this way of course, you’re still going to need to PvP for that. To get the most bang for your buck, use the Single Player missions to beef up your suits before using them in PvP, to maximize your chances of winning matches and thus gaining user exp faster. Good luck!

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