SD Gundam Online Newbie Guide

SD Gundam Online Newbie Guide by Jetniss

Getting Started
So you’ve got an eye for SDGO huh? You’ve either heard about it in some ad on the net, from a friend, saw it on youtube, played the game from another region, who knows, but somehow you ended up here at SDGONA. Well, let’s get started then!

Firstly, let’s analyze the name of the game, and where it has come from.

S – Super
D – Deformed
G – Gundam
O – Online
Capsule Fighter

The Game is a fighting game, but much more than that. Some of you may have played games from the Gundam vs Gundam series, any of them, from the oldest arcade version, to the latest version of it found of the playstation three.

Well, you’ll be glad to learn that SDGO is similar when it comes to combat, but it’s so much more than an arcade battle. There’s mission objectives, quests, and more; but we’ll save this for later.

SDGO is brought to you by OGPlanet, which has brought you a variety of other games. You may have already heard of the currency OGPlanet uses known as Astros which can be brought and used to buy exclusive items to make your gaming experience more fun, or even easier. If you’re interested in getting some, you can get started Here.


If you’re browsing the home page of SDGO, you can click the button at the top of the page as seen here:

And you can spend your Astros either in the in-game shop, or at the exclusing web-shop as seen here:

And finally, to get started, you’ll want to hit the big download button on the main page, something you can’t miss!

Baby Steps

So you’ve gotten into the game, and now you’ve probably made your way through the very helpful tutorial. Now, what you’ll want to do right away, is grab a unit you love. Whether it be for effectiveness, or your own personal desire, buy a unit out of the shop, or try your luck at the capsule machine.

You’ll want to aim for an A rank unit right away, or at least a B rank as seen here:

((Don’t worry if you don’t get the unit you wanted, you can earn more points through doing missions or playing PvP to try your luck another time. You can also do quests for points, and I recommend doing them right away. Alternatively, you can look at your quests ahead of time, and see their rewards, as the unit you want may be a reward for another quest later on!))

Now, once you’ve got the unit you wanted, you’ll want to do the Battle Support quests to get some nifty bonuses on it. With Battle Support, your unit will get a working radar(as if it had Communications Commander, but it only affects you), and your auto-lock on will be faster.

After that, you’ll want to burn through the quests that reward points, and units you want(get the best paper unit, scissor unit, and a rock unit you can right away, you’ll need them in PvP, and for certain missions). Now, you’re set for leveling. (You’ll want to snag a Psycho Gundam, as most people prefer you to use on in their hard missions)

Diving into the Action

Hey there!
I see you’re getting ready to join the pros. Well, let me help ya’ out, let’s see what you’re working with…!

Wait, you got some nice units, but they’re not quite ready!
Don’t worry, we can change that easily! Come, join me and we can get you some skills.

Your units are great, but they just aren’t ready yet. This is where you’ll either jump into Easy mode, or Normal mode missions until your units are at least Aces. You can do the same through PvP, but you’ll likely have a harder time as PvP doesn’t have a trainee channel. You’ll be up against the toughest opponents, and you’ll likely be attacked mercilessly. Doing missions can earn you some friends, some valuable experience, and a great deal of fun and points.

Now that you’ve got your main unit to Ace level, you’ll want to head into PvP, and get some experience in the real combat. You can spend this time doing missions also, and if you do, it’d be wise to level up your other units; especially a tanking unit like the Psycho Gundam, or Big Zam(or the Apsalus, as a giant DPS unit). Now, you’ll spend your time grinding until (PO3); and then you’ll want that Tanking Unit at Ace level. From this point on, if you want optimal progression, you’ll want to grind hard missions with a trusty crew.

PvP occasionally, but focus on the Hard Missions until you’ve reached (PO1). Now, the reason you’ll want to do hard missions up to this point is because you’ll want your highest chances at earning some Blueprints to construct some great units. Also, you don’t want to get bored of PvP too quickly, because once you’ve hit this rank, that’s the only way you can earn experience.

So, hopefully by now you’ve earned a few blueprints that are note-worthy, and you’ve constructed them. Now you’ll want to burn through PvP matches. If you’ve made a few good friends that have hit your rank, you can then get the crew together and play some grid matches for some good points income, and some great experience. If you’re not so lucky, you can burn through a few PvP matches in the Beginner Channel. From then on out, that’s all you need to do, and you’ll make it into the upper tier of the game in no time!

Quick Leveling!

Oh, so you want some specific strategies for faster growth huh? Well then, buckle up! I got something for unit levels, and something for your user ranks.

Leveling Units

What you’ll want to do is the Solo-Space Mission on easy or normal, whcihever one you can handle. Grind it to get your units to the top level. Any unit type can be used here, and you won’t encounter much difficulty on the easier levels. Ground mission is a lot harder than this one, and a lot lengthier.

Alternatively, you can grab a trusted group, and either burn through Battleship Under Fire(Alternative Names: Battleship of Gunfire; Battleship on Fire; Surrounded by Battleships), Test Factory, or BaCue from Desert.

These are all quick, and they give hefty amounts of experience. If you have EXP packs, you can use them as well for even faster leveling. If you have empty EXP packs, fill them with the mastery you acquire from missions and then use them.

User Rank

User Rank is a bit more complicated. Honestly, the fastest way to increase your user rank would be to assemble a team and burn through BaCue from the Desert. This is mission number six, and is best done with a team of Big ZAMs, a team of Apsaluses, or any other good Paper units. Remember, the point of this mission is to survive, so you shouldn’t go recklessly charging into an attack. Scissor units are suicide on this mission, given that you’ll be faced with over a dozen rock enemies, no cover, and no mercy. Rock units are alright, but you’ll have paper units bombarding you from the boundaries of the mission. Sticking to paper, you’ll take average damage from the paper units in the mission, and lesser damage from the BaCues. Ideally, you’ll want B rank paper or better alone with one Apsalus at least, for the defense commander bonus. You can sub the Apsalus with any unit with defense commander, and you can easily sub the other units with other units that have defense increasing skills(so long as they aren’t scissors). This mission is quite rewarding if done right, especially if done on Hard Mode.

Alternatively, you can jump directly into PvP. PvP is quick, each match is about five minutes long, and they give you a steady income of 90 Exp if you lose, and somewhere between 100-140 Exp if you win. You’ll want to do team PvP as it increases your chances of winning. You’ll also want to shy away from Death Match, as it can be frustrating having limited lives, and with that, you’re more likely to lose. Once again, when you hit (PO1), this will be the only way to gain user exp, so don’t burn yourself out and get bored with PvP too soon!


Well, you know the tricks of the trade. But, there’s one key thing you’ll need here on SDGO, and that’s units. Not just any units, good units.

You’ll want to find units with specific boosts and weapons.

Tanking units with high defense and HP are always needed.
Support units with a commander bonus is always great.

Rock Units with a good melee attack, melee range, or high combos are always a must.

Paper Units with a sniping function(most have it), vulcan cannons, and increased defense are great.

Scissor Units with repeatable weapons(like the Kyrios triple shot laser, or the Zaku’s machine gun) are best.

You’ll want units with these traits, always.
Something to look out for is units with vulcans, or machine guns. These solid munitions weapons are great for DPS, and you can eat away at an opponent’s life in no time with them. Be careful, as some units, mostly from the SEED universe have skills that make them resistant to solid munitions.


Well, I’ve taught ya’ what I know. Not much else to it, maybe you can teach me a bit in time. If you need any further help, don’t be afraid to ask around.

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