SD Gundam Online Easy Leveling Guide

SD Gundam Online Easy Leveling Guide by strikenoir2

Here is my easy lvl up guide ^^

When you start playing this game for the first time you want to get cool units of course, but leveling is more important in the beginning then getting the cool units. Here are quick steps and tips to lvl up from Recruit rank to Petty officer first class

When your still a recruit rank its best to do mission 1. Destroy the psycho gundam. You should do it till you’re ranked up to PFC(private first class). The unit that you use is the beginner unit or the unit you get from the tutorial quest.

Once you hit PFC rank you should do Mission 7. Destroy the enemy battleships on easy mode till rank PO1(Petty Officer First Class). You can clear it easily with a good team in 1min and 40sec (my fastest time is 1min and 15sec). You get 160 unit exp and 112user exp each time you clear it. You get 10 bonus unit exp if you shoot down 5 units in the 2nd sector. With Faith you get 20% extra unit exp so you get 204 Unit exp each time but you only have 15 faith. You can almost do it 20 times in 30minutes and yeah thats alot of exp.
20*112= 2240 user exp ^^
15*204= 3060 unit exp(with faith)
5*170= 850 unit exp(without faith)
so……….. in 20 games you get 2240 user exp and 3910 unit exp and thats just within 40minutes ^^

Note: For the beginners that doesn’t know what to do on the 2nd sector. Destroy the ship parts first or else you cant destroy the ship.

Defence battleship ship parts
2x catapult type R
4x homming missle pod
1x ship reflector defence
1x machine gun

Support/attack battleship ship parts
2x Catapult type R
4x Homming missle pod
1x Machine gun

TIP: I prefer myself first getting a A-rank MS(mobile suit) before doing this mission. You can get A-rank MS from quests on normal mode. I recommend getting psycho gundam from the quest M07. Surrounded by battleships (normal). Don’t use a paper unit since the first sector is full of scissors and the battleships are paper type so use scissors type insted.

When you Reach the rank PO1(Petty Officer First Class) you won’t gain any exp anymore from missions. You got 2 options that you can do.

You can finish your quest that you didnt do yet in mission mode since you were grinding(step2). You will only get unit exp, mastery and random reward(usualy points). You can follow step2 again if you just want the unit exp.

You go to VS mode and pvp. Here is a little explanation about the 2 most common pvp modes.

Normal mode
Your team needs to get more points than the other team to win the battle within the time limit(5min). You get points by killing the enemy MS.
C-rank = 2points
B-rank = 3points
A-rank = 4 points
S-rank = 5points(S ranks are not out yet)
You get arround 90-120 user exp when you win the game with a full room 6vs6. The less people that are in the room the less exp you get.
Max players 12(6vs6)
Min players 2(1vs1)

You get a amount of life just like in mission mode. The goal is just defeating the enemy team till they don’t have any life’s. You need at least a 3vs3 to start the game. It’s a fast game
C-rank = 4lifes
B-rank = 3lifes
A or S rank = 2 lifes
You get less user exp then in normal mode, but it might be faster if doesn’t take to long.

Max players 8(4vs4)
min players 6(3vs3)
I hope that this guide has been useful and have fun all ^^

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