Loong Online Guild System Guide

Loong Online Guild System Guide by Thotor

Guild stats

Guild funds : this is the guild money. it starts at 10 000 (10 gold) which is the amount that was paid to create the guild. It is used in every guild action.

Guild Materials : Gained through guild quest, they are used to level guild skills or provide temporary buff to all member.

Guild Stability : Seems useless right now. Maybe with use with city control

Guild Maintenance : I do believe this is the amount of money taken from Guild funds on a regular basis

Guild Quest

Those quest are given by the Guild Administrator
Completing guild quest give various bonus from contribution, xp and various token for special merchant.

1. Business Mission
Probably the most difficult of all to understand.
First to take the quest, you need to pay 1 gold. You then will be given initial funds to make trades.
During the missions will not be able to teleport by any mean. Only mounts are allowed.
If you cancel the mission, everything bought and the initial gold will be lost. If you die during the mission, you will loose part of you cargo.

Once you have accepted the mission, you role consist to buy items from Guild Merchant or Black Market Dealer and sell it to other cities guild merchant/black market until you reach the given money goal.
Price changes every 10 minutes, so you better watch the price you bought the item for in oder to make good profit.
Black market dealer sells and buy items for a much better price and makes it the fastest way to complete mission.

When you complete the mission everything beside the initial fund will go toward the guild funds. You will also get experience and construction token.

Lvl Initial Fund Goal XP Reward Contribution
11 ~ 392000050000300005
40 ~ 59400001000004500010
60 ~ 79500001500006000013

2. Guild Calendar
Randomly gives a killing X monsters quest.

3. Collect Money and Ressource
This quest will boost Guild materials by 10. The objective is either to buy an item from merchant or drop “loot” from monsters (items that you usually sell)

4. Maintain stability
Boost guild stability on completion.
Objective are very random from killing elite, normal mobs to speaking to a random NPC.

Guild Ranks

In order of the interface

Purple Cloak (1 female only) – Vice-Master (3) – Red Cloak(1 female character only)
Can do all guild quest

QinglongElder(1) –
BaihuElder(1) – Can do “Collect Money and Ressource” quest
ZhuqueElder(1) – Can do business quest
XuanwuElder (1) –
All of those are able to invite to guild
They can also appoint people serving under them which will have access to the same quest

Elite (limited to 5)

Guild Skills

Guild skills can be developed but cost a lot of guild funds and guild materials.
Level 1 skill requires 5 mats and 20000 funds for each 5% (or less).
Progression is not instant but can be made quicker with guild book.

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