Loong Online Frequently Asked Questions

Loong Online Frequently Asked Questions by Untamed

Q: How do I use Novice Dragon Vessels/Pearls?
A: Right click the Novice Dragon Pearl and left click the Novice Dragon Vessel.

Q: Where can you get Fish Lures?
A: You supposedly can get a 3-hour 120/120 fish lure every day(?) from the Old Fisherman. You can also get high/special grades from quests and Novice Dragon Vessels. They are assumed to be in the cash shop.

Q: What is a weapon/armor’s potential?
A: The potential is used to enhance the item, such as adding gems in to it’s sockets, as well as engraving and carving it.

Q: Where can I get more dragon pearl fragments, for increasing clan reputation?
A: You can get them from quests. They are also randomly, fairly common, drops from most mobs.

Q: Where do I see my available quests?
A: Press your quest button (default: [Q]) and in the bottom left of the quest window, there is an “Available” button. Click that and it will show you all your available quests.
Note: If you are stuck without quests, try removing the quest level filter. (Thanks Ming)

Q: Where can I get level 30+ gear and identify scrolls?
A: Go to Phoenix Village via Dragon Express. All the merchants there sell higher level gear, and you can get higher level identify scrolls from the Sundries Vendor there.

Q: My pet is stuck at level 9. How do I upgrade my pet to stage 1?
A: Go to the Spirit Beast Instructor by the Spirit Beast Vendor in Phoenix Village and follow his quest line. One of the rewards is an item that gets your pet to stage 1.

Q: I see people running around with tigers and wolves, etc etc. How do I get a new pet?
A: In the Phoenix Village map, there are unique mobs that spawn for events. Killing these mobs will usually drop several pets. You need level 30 to use these pets.

Q: Where do I go to fish?
A: Jiang Ziya in Dragon Castle (by the fountain) will teleport you to a place where you can fish. Do note that you need lures to fish. You can AFK fish for as long as your lure lasts for – it gets you small amounts of EXP (which racks up over the hours).

Q: How do I level faster?
A: Quest, quest, quest without stopping! NO SLEEP NO FOOD! *I am not liable for your death*

Q: How do I reset my talents/stats? Can I do this after level 30?
A: The Energy [something] Pill resets talents, and the Morrow [something] Pill resets stats. They are only usable up to lvl 30, after that there is currently no way to reset. I am guessing there will be cash shop items later on to reset – but those will cost real $$.

Q: What is the level cap?
A: Closed beta level cap is 50 (used to be 40). Open beta level cap is 80. The assumed max level for this game overall is 150, but that is unconfirmed.

Q: How do I repair my gear?
A: You need to use ‘Coarse Grinding Stone’ which is buyable from the Sundries Vendor.

Q: The stat ‘Skill’ says it increases ‘attack’. What does it mean by ‘attack’?
A: There are three types of attack. Attack, Internal Attack, External Attack. Internal and External are magic and physical respectively. Plain old ‘Attack’ (as well as plain ‘Defense’) are just the stats that are gained by your equipment and such.

Q: What do plain ‘Attack’ and ‘Defense’ do?
A: ‘Attack’ is the power of your attacks. ‘Defense’ lowers the chance of you being critically hit.

Q: There are some odd stats, like Martial Souls, Vitality, Courage, etc etc. What do these do?
A: Please see the following screenshot, taken from the premium items guide. This is currently based on Loong Online version

Q: What do stats give exactly? [i.e. Physique, Qi, Skill, etc]
A: Click here for the stats guide

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