Loong Online Level 1-5 Quests Guide

Loong Online Level 1-5 Quests Guide by Auran

Here is a detailed step by step guide through the newbie area.

Lvl 1-5 (Beginner area) quest guide

Yellow scroll = finish/Complete quest at that npc
Blue scroll= start/take quest at that npc

First steps:
-walk towards the “New Player Guide” Bixia Yuanjin and talk to her.
-after completing the task a blue scroll should appear over the same NPC,
talk to it again, to get the next quest.

Talk to Feng Xi:
-Bixia Yuanjin sends you to talk to Feng Xi, complete the quest and accept the next.
-Feng Xi gives a fighting quest. select a “practice Dummy” and hit it
-To complete te quest talk Lie Shan

Lie Shan:
-After completing the previous quest, accept the new one

Tai Hao:
-Lie Shan sends you to Tai Hao, complete the quest.
-Accept the “Types of Kung Fu” quest. (this is a very important quest, as here you choose werther you’re going to pick a melee or a magic build.
-complete the quest by talking to Tai Hao again, and picking the type of attack you’ll use.
-Accept the “First Armour” quest and move to the next npc.
At this point the quest line splits according to the type of damage you pick.

External damage users
Jun Jia:
-Tai Hao sends you to Jun Jia, complete the quest and get your first armour set.
-Accept the new quest (First Weapoon-External) and move to the next npc

Zhu Rong:
– Jun jia sends you to Zhu Rong, pick your weapoon and complete the quest.
– Take the new quest “Auxiliary Talents”

Internal damage users
Huang Po:
-Tai Hao sends you to Huang Po, complete the quest and get the cloth armour.
-Accept the new quest (“First Weapoon-Internal)

-Huang Po sends you to Gonggong, complete the quest and take your weapoon.
-Accept the new quest “Auxiliary Talents”

At this point the quest line is the same for everybody again.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT NPC in the newbie area.

-The NPC that gave you your weapoon sends you to talk to Xuanxuan.Complete the quest and gain a skill book
-Now Xuanyuan unlocked 2 quests, make sure you accept both.
a)”The First Fight”
b)”Leaving the Village”

The first Fight:
-kill 8 flowers in the stream and report to Yi Yi

-Accept the “About Spirit Beast” quest that unlocks

Xi BaoBao:
-Complete the quest and get your first Pet after answering the Quiz.
Q: How do you hatch a Spirit Beast Soul?
A: Use the soul
Q: What is the hot key for the Pet Interface?
A: P
Q: Can Spirit Beasts learn skills?
A: Yes
-Pick a pet.
-Accept the “Appraisal” quest

Yuan Rong:
-Complete the quest and pick the reward.
-Accept the “Speak to Yuan Shi” quest

Yuan Shi:
-Complete the quest and pick your reward.
-Accept the “Keep the Village Safe” quest
-kill 8 Wild Wolf Cub, report to Jiang Boyi

Jiang Boyi:
-accept the “Wolf Fur” quest
-kill 8 Wild Wolf Cubs to get the quest drops. Report to Chong Hua

Wen Ming:
-take the “Titles of Power” quest
-talk to Wen Ming again to complete the quest after doing the quiz (you get your first title)
Q: How do you open the title interface?
A: J
Q: Besides looking fabulous, are any other benefits to titles?
A: Improve Attributes

Wen Chong:
-By now you’re lvl5 (tested it…didn’t accept any blessings, when you get to Wen Chong you are exactly lvl5)
Here you turn in the “Leaving the Village” quest you got from Xuanyan. Get your mount and the skill book.
-Accept the next part of the “Leaving the Village quest”.
-Talk to Wen Chong again and complete the quest, you’ll be ported out of the newbie area into Heavenly Dragon Castle.

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