Lime Odyssey Life Jobs List

Lime Odyssey Life Jobs List by maouyusei

All “(?)” means I’m not sure what it is. I’m really looking foward to what half these jobs even do.

Secondary Class of your character. All Life Classes can be upgraded at level 30.

You Can open up Vending Stalls and you get benefits off NPC transactions.
Your house can be made into a shop.

Tier 2
Weapon Merchant – Sell Weapons
Life Article Merchant – Sell Clothes and accessories(?)

You can make dresses with clothes and also make leather items including INVENTORY BAGS.
You can Sew special clothes to make clothes.
Your house can be made into a Sewing point.

Tier 2
Cloth Specialist – Specialize in making Cloth
Designer – Specialize in making clothes

Can produce Wood items, Make plans for Manfacturing a house.
Your House can be made into a Woodworking Shop

Tier 2
Craftsman – Craft Wood-based items
Construction – Create Houses/Funiture(?)

Can cook food that grants special effects.
House can be made into a Restaurant

Tier 2
Cook in Korean Style
Cook in Chinese Style
Cook in Western Style

Ceremoner/Tea Maker
Uses medical herbs to conjure special drinks
House can be made into a Traditional Tea House

Tier 2
Traditional Tea maker
Proccessing Tea maker(?)

Make Weapons and armor, smelt ores, mine up inheritances and etc. Special Smelts can give special effects.
House can be made into Blacksmith’s Shop

Tier 2
Expert Weapon Maker
Expert Armor Maker
Expert Smelter

Ancient Engineer
Can Appraise Jewels ( See various Info Thread ), Inheritance (Rare, hidden items), Rune Tablets, and reconstruct Antiques.
House can be made into Technology article point

Tier 2
Appraisal Expert
Restoration Sepcialist
Reconstruction Specialist

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