Lime Odyssey Warlock Guide

Lime Odyssey Warlock Guide by GreenColin

Part 1: The Basics

Warlock Build Here!
Note: Since Aeria’s version will have Mana Detonation, replace Staff Mastery with two points in Mana Detonation

Elemental – Our secondary tree. We only need a few passives from here.
Wind Arrow – A low damage instant. A pretty good filler, but is useless otherwise.
Mana Detonation – Probably the earliest AoE you can get as a Darkness Mage. Get two points in this ASAP.
Staff Mastery – Horrible. The only reason to get it is to get Magic Crit Mastery
Magic Crit Mastery – Yeah! Exactly what we wanted! More Crits are always important!

Darkness – This will be our main tree, so focus here.
Intelligence Mastery – Increasing our intelligence is important!
Intelligence Boost – This is used for a quick burst of damage. Very useful with draining spells.
Book Mastery – We’re gonna be using a book, so this is important. Adds damage and criticals.
Mana Spike – Only one point. Low Physical damage. Only use this for the stun.
Cremate – Our first DoT! Works amazing with Inferno.
Inferno – Resets burn time? Yes please! This will reset your Creamate so it can last even longer!
Corruption – Our Main DoT. This will probably be our main damage dealer, so max it ASAP.
Soul Shackle – Gives us a breather for when we get too much aggro, or are dealing with some pesky mobs.
Vital Drain – Very useful! Drain some HP. Get some way to heal yourself :D
Maelstrom Missile – Our Main Filler. With it’s low CD, you can easily spam this skill.
Dark Magic Mastery – Increase Dark Damage? Yeah!
Death’s Gate – Tap into those Demonic Powers! Your most useful passive. This is basically your life saving skill.
Ebon Blaze – In my opinion, the second best AoE in the entire game. (Meteor Strike being #1) This skill works wonders with Death’s Gate and Intelligence Boost.
Narcolepsy – Your “Oh my gawd!” button. Saves you and your teammates from certain death.

Part 2: Gear and PvE

You can either focus on Critical/Intelligence, or you can focus on Casting Speed/Intelligence. I would recommend focusing on Casting Speed, because you can easily spam Maelstrom Missile or get out a quick Narcolepsy if you need to. Make sure you also get extra Intelligence, as our passives and Intelligence Boost increase Intelligence NOT Magic Damage. If you do plan to focus on Critical, make sure you know that your main skill will probably be Maelstrom Missile and Inferno. Focusing on Critical also means that you need to get a ton of Intelligence. Mostly for the reasons before, but also because if you have higher regular damage, you’ll have higher critical damage.

At Level 10 : Cremate will be your main source of damage here. Hopefully you can get a few stuns, but it won’t matter much at the lower levels.
At Level 20 : Getting Mana Detonation here will help you with the dungeons coming up. (remember Staff Mastery=Mana Detonation.) Here it will be easier to farm, as you get your Mana Detonation, and your new skills Corruption and Inferno. Basically, you start off with Cremate, Corruption, and then Mana Spike. Use these skills continuously as they are off of CD. If Cremate is about to run out of duration, use Inferno to reset it.
At Level 30 : Now you got Maelstrom Missile! From here it gets simple. Start with a Cremate, Maelstrom Missile, and Corruption. Spam Corruption and Inferno and renew duration as needed. If you’re low on health use a quick Vital Drain.
At Level 40 : Pretty simple from now on. Just do the same as before.
At Level 50 : Pretty straight-forward.

Your main focus in dungeons is to do DoT damage on the boss. Forget the mobs around you, the boss is the main focus. If you do happen to grab too much aggro, put on a Soul Shackle. If a mob starts to attack the Cleric/Secondary Healer, quickly put on Corruption and a Maelstrom Missile. If they are still attacking the Cleric, Use Cremate+Maelstrom Missile combo until the Cleric loses aggro, or it dies. Remember that you always have Death’s Gate on your side, so use it to your advantage and use Vital Drain while having Death’s Gate on you. This will really heal you up.

Part 3: PvP

Basic Battle Tips:
Right when the battle starts: Use Intelligence Boost! Perfect for the extra damage you WILL need.
Our first moves: Start off with a Mana Spike. If they get stunned, use Cremate, Maelstrom Missile, and finish with Corruption. If they don’t get stunned, use Corruption and quickly run away.
The rest of the fight: Use Mana Spike as much as possible. Try to get a Cremate when you have extra time. As long as Cremate is on the opponent, you can always keep the DoTs going(except for Clerics >-<), as long as you use Inferno.
Low HP: If you have 50% or less HP, use Vital Drain. If Vital Drain is on CD, use Soul Shackle. If Soul Shackle is on CD, use Narcolepsy. The plan is to NOT have Death’s Gate proc. Death’s Gate is for serious situations when you ARE going to die. If Death’s Gate does proc, you need to go into action FAST. Use a Corruption and Maelstrom combo them to death. You will gain a LOT of HP if you spam Maelstrom, as I assume DoTs don’t count as “damage” to be recovered.

Beforehand: Analyze your opponent. What class are they? Are they known well? How could I counter their moves?

Threat Scale
Scale: 1=Low threat, 5=Medium Threat, 10=Maximum Threat.
Defensive(8)– A huge threat. They can easily catch you with bull rush. Try to stun them as much as you can. With their Resistance Mastery, you will have to focus on instant DoTs.
Attack(4) – Not too much of a threat. They can’t catch you, but they can slow you down. If they do get close, their damage will destroy you easily. Try to focus on stuns.
Battle(8): Another huge threat. They can catch you VERY easily with Sprint and Backtrack. They also have ranged skills, which are devastating for Warlocks. Your main focus will be to rely on their low HP and focus on getting DoTs on them. Even with their high evasion, they can’t avoid DoTs.
Assassination(3) – They have no way to catch you. If you keep your distance and spam AoEs when they are invisible, you should be fine.
Elemental(6): An Elemental Mage will probably be the most feared class with their Magic Barrier. For Warlocks though, they can easily avoid the freezing effect. Focus on Corruption and Cremate to get DoTs on them.
Darkness (5): Well… they are your class… so it’s more of who has better gear.
Training(2): Not much of a threat at all. You can easily take them down with their lack of heals.
Healing(10): This will be a horrible class to fight for Warlocks. They can completely rid themselves of our DoTs. We have two options now: 1) Spam DoTs and keep them dispelling them so they cant heal or 2) Spam Maelstrom Missile. They can also heal, which isn’t great for us either.

Group PvP:

Healers: Your main focus is to target Healers. You can easily take them down if they’re busy healing others. If the Healer is unprotected, you have it easy. Just take them down quickly with Cremate and Corruption. Add in a few Maelstrom Missiles if you have the time. If the Healer is protected, you have two ways of approaching him/her. 1) Use the environment. Hide behind the pillars and rocks. Throw a Cremate and a very quick Corruption. If you’re noticed, run away quickly. Even if you do die, you still got the DoTs on them to either have them waste time dispelling, or didn’t even bother to deal with. 2) Use Narcolepsy to make all nearby enemies sleep, including the Healer. Once asleep, attack the Healer with a Cremate and a Corruption. You WILL be noticed, but do NOT stop attacking the Healer. After you have your DoTs on them, throw as many Maelstrom Missiles as you can. If you’re about to die, drain the healer, throw Inferno, Use Soul Barrier, and run away. I would recommend #2 if the terrain is flat.
Elemental Mages: Your next group PvP threat. Their Magic Barrier will make everyone scared to attack them. Just throw on a few DoTs while your teammate is fighting them! It’s that easy! Those silly “barriers” won’t help them against us Warlocks! They’re fairly easy pickings, but can wreck your team, so take them down if you don’t see healers around.
Thieves: Your next target would be Thieves. Most importantly, Assassination thieves. They’re easy pickings for Warlocks and will target your Healers. Just use an AoE to get them out of stealth, and throw all your DoTs on them. They will die pretty easily, and will have to run to catch up to you. By that time they will already be dead.
Defense Warriors: Easy Pickings if they don’t target you. Your DoTs will easily rip through their defenses, and will die fairly fast. If they do Bull Rush you, quickly run! Let your teammates help you out. Remember if you’re low on HP use a shield or drain!

Healers: ALWAYS protect the healer. You can take down most classes fairly easily, and they won’t be targeting you before the healer. Quickly throw on your DoTs and Maelstrom.
Defensive Warrior: If there isn’t a healer within range, or there are none on your team, protect him/her. Their high defense will protect them anyways, but their targets will be VERY easy to kill, since they’re busy with him.
Mages: You can both die easy, but both of you together will be devastating. Remember, You WILL be targeted! Just don’t panic and just spam random skills. Stay cool and ALWAYS look out for thieves.

1) Keep your Intelligence Boost up
2) Always have DoTs on them.
3) Remember, if you get one Cremate on the opponent, you can keep it on them the entire fight with Inferno.
4) Save your Drain and Shield moves for when you have 50% HP or less. Otherwise they will become a waste.
5) Remember! Death’s Gate = “BLAZOMGFUUUUUUSPAMPANIC”

Thanks for reading! Hope you learned a lot from this guide!
Have fun! :)

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