La Tale Knight PvP Guide

La Tale Knight PvP Guide by shinymonkeys

You have three options as a knight class; to either go as a knuckle, mace/shield, or a sword/shield knight.

+ Mace/Shield Knight or Sword/Shield Knight – if you choose any of the two here, keep in mind that you will do less damage since it’s harder to enchant high damage on 1 handed weapons because of the higher defense you receive from the shield rather than no defense from a 2 handed weapon

+ Knuckle Knight – as a knuckle knight, you use a knuckle (obviously) and it would be wise to get all the weapon skills and be as unpredictable as possible in PvP.  Since the most recent updates, any knuckle skill is able to KB someone as long as it hits damage so use this to your advantage.

Stat Growth/Focus
For the main part, Knights rely on their high stamina to withstand damage. Since they are a stamina class, the most important stat is stamina first, then luck. Resetting to stamina build using a stat powder increase (this can be obtained from the Stat Powder Coupon that Red Abio in Belos gives you once you hit 140) will give a large boost in base stamina; allowing knights to bulk up and increase their iron defense. Putting some luck on your armor is useful because without some luck enchants knights will be receiving major critical attacks; having low luck is disadvantage towards luck classes. As for shields, putting PDD puzzles or stamina is a good choice in order to reduce physical damage or gain some extra HP. For gloves you should either put Accuracy + Stamina or Accuracy + Critical, depending on your preferences of having more critical damage or having more stamina.

Basic Techniques for any PvP classes:

– Camp/Bait Method: If you just camp at a specific spot and let them chase after you, you can easily attack. rather than chasing after your opponent and messing up your skills or getting kb’d.
– PvP skills: These skills are only usable in the PvP Arena and are obtained from Lemy, in Fight Arena.  By using specific amount of ely and fight arena points, you can get PvP skills that will further more improve your performance.
– PvP UpperCut: A short range uppercut that attacks your enemy and lifts them up into the air.
– PvP Back Dash: Evades an enemy’s attack by doing a long range back flip.
– PvP Counter Attack: This skill can be used the moment your opponent kb’s you or lock you in place (doesn’t work if stunned/sleeped)

Knight – Templar – Holy Order
The mace/shield or sword/shield knight becomes a templar then a holy order, so if you believe that you rather prefer defense over attack, you should pick this as your 2nd/3rd job class. As mentioned above, you do less damage in exchange for defense.  Mace is higher damage, more range, but the slow skills make it easy to duck/avoid/cancel in PvP whereas using a sword sacrifices some damage and range for a faster attack speed. As a templar, your 1h weapon and shield skills increase, but when you get to holy order, that’s when things get easy in PvP. Also, for mace holy orders, luck increases the chances of the stun effect on the stun impact tree through crits. Best part in being a templar/holy order is that if you’re about to die, perfect shield and heal is awesome. Perfect shield lets you be invincible for a limited period of time and I hope I don’t have to explain what heal does..

Mace Skills
Mystery Rod: This is a multi-hitter and low base damage per hit.  Version I (first version) hits 4 times, version II hits 5 times. This can be air skilled this to chase opponents.
Double Crasher: Hits two times moderate damage, longer range than attack hitbox shows (as in more range than the effect shown).
Serial Hits: Hits twice for high damage.
Crazy Hits: Holds self in place, version I hits high damage once, version II hits three times. You can chain them both one after another, followed by another skill to combo your opponent.
Stun Impact: Hits once for high damage, chance of stun on a critical.
Chaos Impact: Hits twice for moderate high damage, short range with a chance of stun on critical damage.
Giant Swing: This has a slow start up and hits once for really high damage with decent range.
Ruin Impact: Also with a slow start up, it hits twice for high damage; first hit has auto-cancel and launch, decent range
Shield Crash: Stuns for 5 seconds. You should follow this up with your most strongest skills.
Power Slam: Has high damage, always interrupts your opponent’s combos, cracks and launches the enemy in the air.
5th tier skill: This isn’t really good because it takes a while for the last hit to deal damage and is easily countered

+ Suggested Weapons: Goblin Mace for TDD (target defense decrease), Vintor Mace for slow, or Knight Heavy Hammer for more HP

Sword Skills
Holy Symbol: Four hit attack, like all deadly skills it stuns enemies
in place for the duration of the attack while dealing high damage.
Break: Quick single strike attack. Version II hits harder on the opponent.
W. Break: Just like break but hits twice. Version II hits harder.
Sonic Blade: A single-hit crashing down move with medium-high horizontal range but little vertical range.  Version II is a 3 hit attack with same range
Death Blow: This is a quick forward stab, not very flashy. Medium horizontal range.  Version II is a quick two hit stabbing attack with high range
Bamboo Cutter: A very fast low damage attack; very low range.  It slashes 1 bamboo shoot in a vertical fashion.  Version II adds a “flash” effect and slices 3 bamboo shoots instead of 1 or 2. It’s range is double that of Bamboo Cutter I.
Dragon Tail: A spinning attack that hits on both sides, rather low range on both sides.  Version II adds more “mist” effects and range is extended from short to mid range. The range that hits behind you is still less than in front, but is still greatly increased.
Rising Crash: An upward slash with short range.  Version II is a rising upward slash and the attack effects are now red and include a large amount of red mist that gathers at the point of impact (seen when graphic effects are on).
Rapid Hack: An upward slice and then a spinning slash.  For this skill’s version II, the effect is larger and brighter compared to its predecessor. Range is SLIGHTLY longer than the original making this skill’s range just barely hit the edge of the screen.
Rune Stride: Your character points forward and a large sword falls from the sky upon your enemies.  The first hit is weaker than the other 3 but it holds enemies in place (regardless of damage done) for the next three hits. It has a medium-high vertical range, medium horizontal range.
Shield Crash: Same for a sword, it stuns the opponent and deals some damage as well.

+ Suggested Weapons: Valkyrie Sword, Bogle Sword

What about the Uga Uga Axe?
Using an uga uga axe can be viable for mace given it will crit more but in PvP, against only a specific amount of moving opponents, it is not wise to use it just to have the activation effect because it takes a while for the effect to activate due to the fact that you’re not up against a mob of monsters.

Knight – Guardian – Saint
For people who like speed, range and kbing their opponents, this is the class to switch to at level 80.  When you advance to guardian, you only have version II of your skills.  These II skills have high damage and additional attack properties like launching, stun, etc.  As mentioned above, ALL your skills KB (knock back your opponent) unless you miss, I guess.  As a knuckle user, in my opinion, it would be best to get two skill trees to play with until you’re really familiar with them. But for high level pvp play, it’s highly recommended you get all three skill trees as that broadens your options in a battle.  There are three trees for a knuckle user; a kick tree, a punch/jab tree, and a range tree.  It is recommended that if you ever decide to reskill your character to have the same skills under a specific tree.

Flame Kick: Basic launching attack. Use this to start combos or if your latency/reaction is fast enough, you can airskill this after uppercut to continue an air combo. You can also interrupt someone’s airskill if you’re fast enough.
Wind Kick: Quick triple kick combo. Short range but decent damage. A decent move to follow up a Flame Kick.
Cres. Kick: Upward hitting spinning kick that launches your opponent in the air. Follow flame kick with this move to faceplant your opponent, allowing you to follow up with a wakeup skill.
Dragon Kick: Aerial kick attack. Hits three times for heavy damage. This is Guardian/Saint’s strongest skill. There’s plenty of ways to use this, such as approaching, following up an uppercut-> crescent kick, or escaping from a bad situation. This attack’s also difficult to cancel so it’s a safe approach in many cases.
Sonic Boom: Basic ranged attack. Hits one time, and usually fairly safe to use because of its quick execution.
Aero Boom: Easily one of the most useful skills for Guardian/Saint. Hits three times for decent damage with long range. A great attack to time on wakeup (this is when they get up after you knock your opponent down).
Energy Boom: Just like Sonic Boom, but with a longer startup and higher damage. Not as safe nor easy to use, I’d say this attack’s better for zoning.
Final Crash: Launches your character’s body forward and hits opponents in its path. About a 2/3rds of the range of sonic boom. The guardian version is slow and low damage so it’s usually not adviable to use this, however it gets a lot faster and gains additional hits when you promote to Saint.
The Fist: Hits once in front of you, slight chargeup time.
Hell Fist: Longer ranged version of The Fist.  This punch skill is probably the one with the longest range in the punch/jab tree. Saint version gains an additional hit.
Chulsango: Slow startup shoulder rush, but really high single damage output. Saint version has a chance of stunning. It’s not advisable to use this on the ground at all. Airskilling this is a much safer, reliable way of landing this skill.
Twin Fist: Similar to Hell Fist, this attack does heavy single hit damage and launches your opponent in the air, allowing for many followup options.

Note: for each individual tree, the combos can be used faster. (ie, you can directly go into Sonic Boom after Aero Boom with less delay than if you go into the fist after Aero Boom because there is lag time between usage of different tree skills)

Pros and Cons
Holy Order
– high stam/HP/Def
– full HP healing
– stun attacks
– invincibility for certain periods of time
– poor range
– poor speed
– atrocious luck (as in the stat ability luck) distribution that results in the inability to deal critical damage often
– runs out of SP quickly (skills use SP)
– most of their skills are easy to avoid

– high stamina/HP/Def
– moderate damage
– high accuracy
– hard to hit/predict due to the many variations in skills
– stun attack has 8 second CD, which is quite nice
– useful skills with mid to short range
– atrocious luck (same as holy order con; see above for details)
– hard to handle due to many skills
– runs out of SP quick
– complicated UI set up (Must be good at switching from F1 to F2); due to the massive amount of weapon skills and extra buffs, all those skills take up more than just one quick slot

+++Suggested Armor: Sacred Set, TAID Set+++

Knights can also get epic set but they require tons of PvP points. While there are epic armor coupons out there, getting a good base can only be obtainable with PvP points considering the pieces from the coupon are clean.  Also, the set buffs for the epic set pale in comparison to the Sacred Set bonuses.  For example, epic set has a set bonus of 10% rope movement speed which is basically useless because there are no ropes in an official PvP match that is fought by being qued in Fight Arena (at Lemy).

The Sacred Set can be worn at level 131+, so if you’re still a knight or not quite at that level yet, it is also recommended to get the Divine Set (level 80+ class set).  Although I said that, the Divine Set > Sacred Set until Sacred is either +1 or +2.  The set bonuses  (mainly the defence boost) from divine makes its stats = 140 armor.  It takes ores, class upgrade scrolls, and upgrade capsules to upgrade class sets.  When a class set piece is upgraded, it’s level increases by 10, so don’t try to upgrade the armor higher than what you are.

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