La Tale Gem System Guide

La Tale Gem System Guide by Rhavik

With the recent subjob patch everyone has been very concerned about getting to subjob. I, however wasn’t very interested in this in the first place, I was interested in the gem system. A lot of people don’t know how this works, and have been asking me, so I figured I’d write up a quick guide on how they work.

~~This Guide will include information about current and future content to make this future proof; I will specify when I am talking about content we do not have.~~

As most of you may have noticed there is a new icon at the bottom right of your inventory that opens up another menu that looks like this:

This is your jewel inventory and when you equip gems, this is where they go. As you can see I’ve labeled these 1~5. From now on I shall refer to them as tiers, you may also notice they are color coded. If I say Red 1, then you should know I’m talking about a gem that goes in the top left slot.

~~What they do~~

Gems add various stats to your character. They have inherent stats that you cannot change and vary by color and tier, and then you may enchant them with more stats that also, vary by color and tier. Each gem goes up to +10, the higher the level, the higher the enchant level is, and the more stats it adds. Currently +8 gems drop in advanced vintor taid.

There are special shining versions of the gems (not available) that add more stats and have higher enchant levels than their normal counterparts. Normal gems stop at a max level of 5, while shining ones go up to enchant levels of 10.

For each color there are 4 tiers of gems, and a 5th “rainbow” gem.

Here is a list of what each gem does:

Red 1: Strength; added by %.
Red 2: Movement speed; added by points, not %.
Red 3: Target Defense Decrease
Red 4: Physical Critical Damage
Fox Temple Gem (Slot 1, not available): Strength by points
Red Flame Gem (Slot 4, not available): Physical Critical Damage 15%, +25 Strength, Max HP +100
Theseus Red Gem (slot 2, not available): Strength +70, Magic +70

Yellow 1: Luck; added by %.
Yellow 2: Stamina; added by %.
Yellow 3: Max HP
Yellow 4: Defense
Fox Temple Gem (slot 1, not available): Luck by points
Yellow Flame Gem (slot 4, not available): +400 defense, +400 max hp
Theseus Yellow Gem (slot 2, not available): Stamina +70, Luck +70

Blue 1: Magic; added by %.
Blue 2: Max SP
Blue 3: Target Magic Defense Decrease
Blue 4 : Magic Critical Damage
Fox Temple Gem (slot 1, not available): Magic by points
Blue Flame Gem (slot 4, not available): Magic Critical Damage +15%, +25 Magic, +100 Max HP
Theseus Blue Gem (slot 2, not available): Max HP +300, Max SP +300

Rainbow Gem: PDD
Fox Temple Rainbow Gem 1 (slot 5, not available): Max AP, Max CP, Max DP increase
Fox Temple Rainbow Gem 2 (slot 5, not available): Max CAP, Max EP, Max BP increase
Rainbow Flame Gem (slot 5, not available): +30 PDD, Max HP +100, Max SP +100
Rainbow Theseus Gem (slot 5, not available): Physical/Magical Absolute Damage +50

~~Equipping Gems~~
To equip gems either double click them in your menu or open the jewel inventory and drag and drop to the respective slot it goes to. As you can see, on tier 4 and 5 there are arrows which leads me to believe in order to equip a tier 4 gem you need to have the other 3 tiers of that same color equipped and to equip a rainbow one you need every other slot filled. This is speculation, and not confirmed yet.

~~How to obtain~~

Normal gems are dropped by enemies in the El Arnoir area. (Max level you can find is unknown at this time.)

Normal gems can be found in Time Attack Dungeons, the highest being +8 in the advanced vintor dungeon.

Tier 4 and 5 Gems are dropped only by certain boss monsters. Specifically the bosses of TAID dungeons and the Imperial Knight Commander found in Sky Command Crash Ship Site Instance Dungeon.

Flame Gems are dropped by Ifrit in the berupa library, which is not available yet.

Theseus Gems are dropped by King Theseus in the 8 man dungeon which is added in episode 10.

Fox Temple Gems are dropped by the boss in the instance dungeon in the fox temple. Added in episode 9. There is a low version (dropped by the 13x version) and a higher version (dropped by the 16x boss).

Shining Gems +4 and +5s are dropped by enemies in the Forgotten Garden (not available.)

Shining Gems +6 and 7 are dropped by enemies in the Berupa Library. (not available)

Red Gems can be exchanged from Einstein in Guild Union. Only up to +3, they come with 2 options on them already. (Requires level 7 Storm Watcher.)*

Blue Gems can be exchanged from Jade in the Infinite Corridor. Only up to +3, they come with 2 options on them already. (Requires level 7 Infinite Corridor).*

*Level 7 in either faction requires 3,000,000 reputation points.


All gems can be enchanted regardless of their level. Currently we can only enchant gems up to lv5. (Later, when shining gems come out, they can go up to lv 10). These gems have no dura, and each enchantment has a static success rate of 70%. Different gems can have different stats enchanted on them. Puzzles may be bought by exchanging some ely and reputation points from Einstein or Jade if you are level 3 in either faction.

Tier 1~3 Red Gems may have Max HP, Strength, Stamina, Elemental Att. Damage, TDD (berupa exchange only)

Tier 4 Red Gems may have Strength (by %), Stamina (by %), and Max HP enchanted on them.

Tier 1~3 Yellow gems may have Max HP, Strength, Luck (berupa exchange only), Defense (silver claw exchange only), and Absolute Damage (silver claw exchange only) enchanted on them.

Tier 4 Yellow gems may have Max HP, Strength (by %), and Luck (by %, berupa exchange only) enchanted on them.

Tier 1~3 Blue gems may have Strength, Magic, Elemental Resistance, Max SP, Healing Critical Rate (berupa exchange only) enchanted on them.

Tier 4 Blue gems may have Max SP, Strength (by %), and Magic (by %) enchanted on them.

Tier 5 Rainbow gems may have Physical/Magical Critical Damage (berupa exchange only), Physical/Magical Minimum Damage (berupa exchange only), and Physical/Magical Maximum Damage (silver claw exchange only) enchanted on them.


Upgrading is not possible at this time. (Or at any to my knowledge.) You must find the higher level ones. Higher level gems drop from bosses. See “How to obtain”

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