La Tale Phantom Mage PvP Guide

La Tale Phantom Mage PvP Guide by shinymonkeys

(Basics, now with pros+cons!)
Phantom mages are the sub class of elemental masters, look cool and can fly. There is nothing this class cannot do.

On a serious note, this class has a huge variety of special effects from their skills alone which makes it fun. From instant knock backs to stun/sleep effects, phantom mages can be played (and enjoyed) by higher ping players! While all classes rely on ping (the connection  reachability between player to client), when compared with some classes, they don’t heavily rely on ping! The only downside for this class are the fact that the weapon skills take 2 skill points each level and the rather harsh cooldown on their skills. This, however can be lessened by a skill that can reduce the cooltime. All skills hit at least twice. The first hit is physical, while the second is based on the element of the skill.

Although phantom mages fall under the magic class category, because of the fact that their skills hit twice, there is are two options to take when making your phantom mage. If you focus more on the more physical side of your phantom mage, suggested stats to aim for are stamina/luck. Putting some luck on your armor is useful because without some luck enchants you will be receiving major critical attacks; having low luck is disadvantage.

If magic orientated, magic/stamina. You can stat reset by using a stat powder increase (this can be obtained from the Stat Powder Coupon). I recommend stat resetting stamina in order to have more HP in pvp.

Recommended for permanent use:
Sky Kingdom’s Battle Staff +9, Coliseum Sky Kingdom’s Battle Staff +9, Viyor’s Battle Staff +0 through +9

You can either put min/max physical damage, min/max magical damage, or max/max physical and magical damage on your battle staff. It is not recommended to try to enchant a staff with min/min.

How they look!
Level 40 – Coliseum Sky Kingdom’s Battle Staff +0

Level 140 – Battle Staff, Sky Kingdom’s Battle Staff +0

Level 150 – Silver Battle Staff

Level 160 – Vampire Blood Battle Staff

Level 170 – Time Operator Battle Staff

Level 180 – Metal Armor Battle Staff

Level 190 – Bloody Bone Battle Staff

Level 19x – Viyor’s Battle Staff

Recommended Armor:TAID, the best available PvP armor in the game. For a phantom mage, any level of TAID armor is preferred over a class armor set. Stamina/luck is the ideal combination for phantom mage enchants (unless you prefer stamina/magic).

TAID Guide: Vintor – by BronzeMech
How to do the Vintor instance, TAID style. Not entirely sure if there’s a difference between beginner and advanced.

Originally posted by oyerStats you get per piece, per level.
Strength, Magic, Luck
Lvl 1- +1 to +24
Lvl 2- +1 to +58
Lvl 3- +12 to +90
Lvl 4- +27 to +164
Lvl 5- +45 to +200
Lvl 1- +1 to +18
Lvl 2- +1 to +44
Lvl 3- +9 to +68
Lvl 4- +22 to +123
Lvl 5- +34 to +150Max HP/SP
Lvl 1- +1 to +84
Lvl 2- +1 to +203
Lvl 3- +84 to +315
Lvl 4- +203 to +574
Lvl 5- +315 to +700

Movement speed
Lvl 1- +1 to +7
Lvl 2- +1 to +17
Lvl 3- +7 to +27
Lvl 4- +17 to +49
Lvl 5- +27 to +60

Lvl 1- +1 to +2
Lvl 2- +1 to +6
Lvl 3- +2 to +9
Lvl 4- +6 to +16
Lvl 5- +9 to +20

Crit Damage
Lvl 1- +1% to +10%
Lvl 2- +1% to +23%
Lvl 3- +10% to +36%
Lvl 4- +23% to +66%
Lvl 5- +36% to +80%

Lvl 1- +1 to +54
Lvl 2- +1 to +131
Lvl 3- +54 to +203
Lvl 4- +131 to +369
Lvl 5- +203 to +450

** reassigning the options by way of tonio makes all the enchant levels on said piece go to lv2 automatically.
(ATM it’s glitched and you will get blank options)

Specifics:Glove: TAID crit glove with both critical damage is highly recommended, else make Blue Orichalcum Gloves(M)
Shoe: good speed TAID shoe or Red Orichalcum Boot(M) or Epic Magic Shoe

Accessories:Glasses: TAID or Capt Bong’s Glasses with magic accuracy enchant
Earring: Hell earring with stamina enchant and however high you can upgrade it
Stocking: TAID or Hell Stocking, depending on which effect bonus benefits you the most (I recommend the hell stocking)
Ring: Guild Ring
Elemental Stone: Spirit of Chaos stone
Bindi: TAID bindi is preferred, else go with Vahalla Bindi
Cloak: Rabana +4 (I recommend this one) or Soul of Battle Staff +4


Plain Attack (Full Combo)

The first hit of plain attack. A semi-range horizontal attack.

The second hit of the plain attack combo. Done when the first animation ends and plain attack is still held down. A slicing motion with the same distance as the first attack, this skill moves you slightly forward in the direction you are facing.

The third hit of the plain attack combo. Done when the second animation ends and plain attack is still held down. This is a downward slam motion. This skill also moves you slightly forward in the direction you are facing and the start up of this third attack is slightly faster than that of the 1-2 combo.

The last hit of the plain attack combo. Seen when the third animation attack ends and plain attack is still held down. This is a one arm movement that jiggles your battle staff (I pretend that it’s actually spinning..). The start up time between this attack and the one before it is almost instant with only a slight delay.

Plain-Hard Attack End Combo
(Continues from Plain Attack Full Combo! This means that you have to do the Plain Attack Full Combo to start this combo)

If you press hard attack right after the plain attack full combo, this is the first attack that activates. Two strikes of lightning rain from the sky above you to lock your opponent (unless they’re fat). The distance is slightly farther than any of the previous hits of this combo.

While still holding hard attack, three strikes of lightning rain from the sky. This has a longer range than the previous attack and is good for when the opponent tries to run (but still obviously gets hit because of the longer range).

Basically a repeat of the previous attack in this combo.

In my honest opinion, this combo can only be fully utilized in party pvp.

PM Ultimate
The buff bestowed by PM Ultimate doesn’t actually boost your overall damage, but is more of something to be checked for (if you have it active or not) a one time use buff for one regular skill [scythe, rabbit hammer, whip, albatross]. Once you use one regular skill, the buff is gone.

The buffs given by PM Ultimate are referred to as “Power 1” and “Power 2”. Buffs are obtained by slapping monsters with normal and heavy attacks. Each level in PM Ultimate gives you a 2.5% of activating the buffs, which last for 10 seconds or until they are removed by skill usage.

Normal refers to an unbuffed attack. Power 1 refers to an attack with Power 1 buff active, and Power 2 refers to an attack with Power 2 buff active. SLvl is the skill’s level. Percentages apply to each hit of the skill.

Secret Garden, Breath of Goddess, and Enhanced versions of Devil Scythe, Albatross, Rabbit Hammer, and Windmill do not appear to be affected by Power 1/2.

Devil Scythe

Normal = 20% + 25% * SLvl
Power 1 = 30% + 33% * SLvl
Power 2 = 40% + 45% * SLvl

The strongest out of all the phantom mage skills, this fast pace horizontal slash has a slight AOE range behind the attacker. This skill hits twice; the first hit is physical, second hit is fire. With a 50% chance for a 10 sec bleeding debuff on target that deals 150-300 damage in pvp, I highly recommended those who are interested in pvping as a phantom mage to get this skill.


Hit = 70% + 200% * SLvl
Requires 150 AP to activate

A upgraded version of the strongest out of all the phantom mage skills, this fast pace horizontal slash has a larger AOE range in front and behind the attacker (more so than the normal fire scythe!). Like the regular fire scythe, this skill also hits twice with first hit being physical and second hit fire. With a 50% chance for a 10 sec bleeding debuff on target, it makes the opponent bleed 750-1500 damage in PvP. I also highly recommended this skill for pvp.


Normal = 20% + 28% * SLvl
Power 1 = 30% + 37% * SLvl
Power 2 = 40% + 50% * SLvl

This skill has a “golf swing” effect that launches target into the air. With it’s 0 delay priority, it is probably the most useful skill a phantom mage has and the best skill in pvp. Like all phantom mage skills, this hits twice with first hit being physical and second hit being water. This skill also has a slight back AOE range.


Hit = 70% + 200% * SLvl
Requires 150 AP to activate

An upgraded version of albatross, this skill has slightly better AOE than it’s original. Golf effect is still present in this skill as well.

Rabbit Hammer

Normal = 20% + 25% * SLvl
Power 1 = 30% + 33% * SLvl
Power 2 = 40% + 45% * SLvl

This skill has medium delay startup with a 30% chance for 1.5 sec stun effect on target. It hits twice, one being physical and second being earth. It has quite a short range so landing this hammer is rather hard. I use this skill when target is ducking.


Hit = 70% + 200% * SLvl
Requires 150 AP to activate

Upgraded version of bunny hammer; aside from damage, only change is the 50% chance for a 2 sec stun effect on target.


Hit = 10% + 15% * SLvl

If you have the pm ultimate buff, power 1 cycles once for a total of 4 hits, and power 2 cycles twice for a total of 6 hits.

Instead of adding more damage, this skill cycles through the first 2 hits again. It has 2 hits per cycle, second hit is Wind. I recommend using this when opponent is ducking because this skill forces your target to stand in an upright position. However, be wary because this skill has a slight delay for start up.


Hit = 25% + 70% * SLvl
Requires 150 AP to activate

The upgrade version of the whip has a slow start up combined with a long skill animation time that may prove to be fatal. However, when this skill lands, it can stun lock (locks target in place) someone for a while unless they use counter or a counterattack. It has 6 hits, hits 2, 4, 6 are Wind. Very useful in party pvp.

Secret Garden

Like that tree thing in Ktuka Ruins, this one snares your targets in a bunch of grass, preventing you moving left/right/jumping. The opponent could still descend ladders and can push themselves around with recoil skills.  If targets are captured in targeted area, this skill immobilize them for 3 seconds. Keep in mind that they can still use attack skills.

While ensnared, targets receive a Bleeding debuff (I count six ticks) of 300-700 damage in PvP.

Breath of Goddess

Hit = 15% + 20% * SLvl
2 hits, second hit is non-elemental magic.

If your targets are facing you already, then this attack doesn’t count as backattack damage. The other interesting property of this attack is that it pushes them towards you, rather than the traditional away from you.

[Upgrade]Adds a 2% chance of making targets sleep. Sleep disallows movement and item usage. Skill Level x 2% = Sleep rate

– Camp/Bait Method: If you just camp at a specific spot and let them chase after you, you can easily attack. rather than chasing after your opponent and messing up your skills or getting kb’d.

– PvP skills: These skills are only usable in the PvP Arena and are obtained from Lemy, in Fight Arena.  By using specific amount of ely and fight arena points, you can get PvP skills that will further more improve your performance.
– PvP UpperCut: A short range uppercut that attacks your enemy and lifts them up into the air.
– PvP Back Dash: Evades an enemy’s attack by doing a long range back flip.
– PvP Counter Attack: This skill can be used the moment your opponent kb’s you or lock you in place (doesn’t work if stunned/sleeped)
– PvP Magic Concentration: Allows you to use magic skills in the air, with a decent cooldown. This is useable for magic classes.

***As a phantom mage, you can just use JAS (jump, plain attack, and skill to air skill your attacks)
Phantom Mage Basics &Techniques;

– Dash into plain attack gives you a longer horizontal reach
– Things to consider when your opponent is in secret garden:

+ they may use broad jump to evade

+ if a magical user, may use blink

+ Brownie (preferred): at max level, gives 12% TDD/TMRD (around there) and 200 max hp/sp
+ Wisp: same TDD/TMRD and some min/max
+ Husky: 60 absolute damage and 22% critical damage
+ Skull (why not): 200 strength/magic with some min/max

If you don’t want the ones listed above:
(don’t know why you wouldn’t though)
Pets – A listing of every pet and its associated bonuses, regardless of availability (Rat pet is not available, nor does anyone expect it to be). Pet buff stacking rules and experience tables can be found in Overview – Charts & Labels.

Jewel Box

La Tale Gem System Guide – by Rhavik
The Gem System, introduced when subclasses came out. Unfortunately, it’s still largely incomplete ingame, so it almost amounts to:
1. Get Gem
2. Put in box
3. Profit.

Monster Illustration

Monster cards that give passive stats to a player that has passed it’s card, details on monsters here: OGP Monster Wiki. Even more specific here: Monster Encyclopedia

+ LaTale Wise One: 500 max hp, 20% movement speed, 25% rope/ladder speed
+ Super Spawn Buster: 10% movement speed, 7% back damage
+ Webfoot Octopus Salad: aura: [party] 400 max hp, 5% max damage
+ Lucky Strike: 4% crit rate, 6% max damage
+ Lucky Learn: 3% crit rate, 3% max damage
+ God of Shopping: 4% crit rate, 4% accuracy, 15% crit damage activation
+ King of Shopping: 3% crit rate, 3% accuracy
+ Sower of Forests: max HP+200, 3% evasion, aura: [party] max HP +300, aura: [party] 10% movement speed
+ Night Owl (if really desperate): 13% movement speed

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