Dragon Nest Farming, Fishing and Cooking Guide

Dragon Nest Farming, Fishing and Cooking Guide by v2seraph

How to access the farm channel?
1) Must have VIP bought from Cash Shop. (To fish & farm. You don’t need to be VIP to cook.)
2) Must be level 24 or higher, character in Saint Haven.

Tools required:
Fishing Rod, Baits (Earthworm). Can be bought from the old man.

Fishes location:

Google Doc link: CLICK  (Easier for you to search for a fish in AH.)

Additional Info:
1) Auto-fishing requires 45 seconds, 1 hour = 80 baits. So prepare the corresponding amount depending on how long you’re gonna afk-fishing. :P (Thanks to Elegance pointing this out)
2) Manual fishing does not increase success rate, so no point doing that.
3) Fishing level does not give any bonus at the moment, will probably add new feature in the future.
4) Max fishing level is Intermediate 8.
5) You can sell A,B-grade fishes if you don’t have space to store them. Not needed in any recipe at the moment.


Tools required:
Seeds, Water Cans, Sickle

How to level Farming Mastery fast?
Plant the highest level seed available to you when just started out, NO NEED to water your crops, let them rot. You will get farming experience the moment you plant your seed. Repeat this until you reach Intermediate 1.

How do I get those B-class crops required for B-class foods?
All B-grade crops comes from C-grade seeds. There is a small chance to get B-grade instead of C-grade crops when you harvest.

Where do I find my harvested crops?
Talk to the old man inside the farm area to gain access to your crops storage.

Profitable plants?
1) Certain B-grade crops, will explain later in Cooking.
2) Revive Apple 复活苹果 (5 days to fully ripe. Remember to water everyday!)
3) Life Essence 生命的精髓 (30 minutes per harvest. Used to enchance 40S equips)
4) Nectarine Bud 红色蜜桃 (Plant this and let it rot and your farming level will go up extremely fast)

Additional Info:
1) You can plant more as you level your farming skill, maximum of 5 for now.
2) You can only plant 1 seed in your private farm.
3) Harvested crops will only stay in your crops storage for 15 days. Take them out before expire!
4) You can only plant 1 A-grade seed of the same type at a time.
5) Max farming level is Intermediate 8.
6) You can water your plant exceed the water amount.


Tools required:
Pot, Ladle

How to level Cooking Mastery fast?
Cook B-grade foods at low level (Dire Potion, the one that adds X STR, can be found at 2nd page of each tabs). Cook A-grade foods once you reach Basic 8.

Profitable foods?
1) Salty Seafood Broth 咸咸的海鲜汤
2) Revive Apple 复活苹果
3) Dragon Breath Potion 龙之呼吸的神药
4) Godly Attack Potion 攻击神药

Additional Info:
1) Chance to get 2x cooked food if you mastered a recipe (100%).
2) Max cooking level is Intermediate 8.

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