Digimon Masters Online Leveling Guide

Digimon Masters Online Leveling Guide by Aikie

Hello My name is Aikie ^^ I’m trying to be useful and I kinda made up this guide…
Feel free not to follow it :)
Thanks for reading

So now we start the Leveling Guide :
I’m here to talk about the digimons starters.
Agumon – Vaccine
Gaomon – Data
Lalamon – Data

~  Lvl 1 ~ Lvl 11 You should play on Yokohama’s forests Hunting your level digimons.
Huntingg Upamon’s ~ Koromons then go to Kunemons lvl 7 ^^
Hunting Drimogemons / Gotsumons lvl 8/9
And then Hunting Gabumons / Bearmons :) To finally get Champion Form.

Once you got Champion the Adventure starts, you should try to level up at The Digi World.
Still using the tutorial’s food/Drinks you should go hunt Togemons/Woodmons and then D.i.g.mons
Till you reach lvl 14 ^^.

After you reach level 14,
you can try to go to the next map >>>> , Where you can find Leomons and defeat then for nice exp (Remember you can do this all alone… don’t take too long).
So feel free to hunt Dobermons/Flymons/Birdramons as you like… but i prefer staying on Leomons till I reach Level 16 and get my F2 of Champion Form.
Greymon F2 / Gaogamon F3 / Sunflowmon F2 .

As you reach level 16 you may go now to start a Party, and play against time hunting Boarmons on Wilderness Area, where there is a lot of people trying to find partners to level up together, Remembering you can get lot of more Exp Leveling as Party because figure it out…
4 person hunts faster then 1 don’t you think???
hunting boarmons are a Very nice leveling Phase cause you can get good exp, fast hunts and get to level 25 on Boarmons, ( I Recommend ) Feel Free not to follow it…

Reaching Level 25 (Ultimate Form)
There comes a time when you go to Wind Valley and you should look out for Partys, Leveling is a nice thing when you do it with Good people, so find yourself a good party or Create one for you.
Let’s Kill Garurumons, They have good drops (Beast Chips / Gabumon Mercenary Eggs )
And you may stay killing then till you reach Level 31 ( That is what most of the people do ).
It may take like 3 Hours from Level 25 – 31 if you have a good party and no Problems… Or it may be Faster then 3 Hours ^^ depends on lots of things.

Reaching Level 31 will give you a New skill That maybe the Best till you reach Mega…
Most of people here, Likes to go on Vikaralamons or Weregarurumons…
I recommend you to get to Vikaralamons and Find a Party. Partys are the best things for leveling people, so depend on it!!! .
Vikaralamons Are around lvl 36 – 38 so Be patient on killing it slow… cause the experience from it
is good.
Keep Killing Vikaralamons till Level 35-36
(Gaomon’s user may wanna kill Meteormon as they don’t have problems with it and its just 100 Exp less).
Feel free not to follow it

On Level 36 !!! Nicee congratulations if you came this far :
Now you may go to Neo.d.e.v.i.mons!!! THAT IS THE SADEST PART OF LEVELING!!!!!
Cause Neod.e.v.i.mons don’t have… DROPS!!! that you can sell for other players to get money… for foods/drinks… So you have just to Hold on!! and try killing it without loosing too much life…
Bring Disks with you, Neod.e.v.i.mons(Leader) Are very B.A.D when they came in the middle of a fight…
IF you manage your itens well you can survive that part and Reach now Level 41.

Congratulations You got A MEGA digimon ^^
Now you are level 41, you only have F1 from the Mega Form of your Starter, You may wanna level up… as Ultimate form (Not recommended) But it has Low HP/ Defense/ DS / Atack Power…
As for Agumon’s MEGA you may wanna try to kill Neo.d.e.v.i.mons till you reach level 44 !!!
That is what i did… cause Agumon is Vaccine… He has some advantage on Neo.d.e.v.i.mons and kill it pretty fast!!!.
Otherside… if you holds a Gaomon lvl 41 you should run to Saberleomons… Killing Data with Data makes no difference to your damage… So you may kill Saberleomons till you get level 46…
And for Lalamon’s users it really doesn’t matter… May Lalamon be the easiest digimon to level up?… haha Don’t think so…

Agumon – Stay Neodevimons how much time you want… and then go to Saberleomons for the last few levels like 44-45-46 … 
Gaomon – Go to Saberleomons on level 41 and Get your Aura level 46 on it ^^
Lalamon – ???? Its up to you You can do BOTH THINGS ^^ haha ( I think )

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!
Your tamer level may be 32 !!! By now, And you may now Try to get some new digimons to level up as it is O.B.T still… and we only can reach level 46 ^^

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. ilovemysis1 says:

    What about Falcomon users?

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    Thanks, this is very helpful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i saw it would at least lvl 75 T-T i am lvl 65 and dunno where to train -_- anyways nice guild
    its good for my other digis (mercanarys) i like it keep it up ^_^ wanna merry me (LOLOLOLOL joke)

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