Digimon Masters Online Hatching Eggs Guide

Digimon Masters Online Hatching Eggs Guide by Relvamon

Greetings. This will be a comprehensive guide which would show you a step by step process of how to properly hatch an egg.

What you need:

  • Lots of patience with a tint of luck
  • An Partner egg, with a glowing blue aura
  • Data chips obtained from an specific egg

Background information of obtaining Partner eggs and Data chips

In order to obtain a partner egg and data chips, you will have to battle the rookie, champion, ultimate or mega form of the available partner that you want and obtain their eggs. For example, if you want a Biyomon as your partner, you have to fight either

  • Biyomon
  • Birdramon/Saberdramon
  • Garudamon
  • Pheonixmon

These digimons may occasionally drop a regular egg, almost similar-looking to a partner egg but without the blue aura. This regular egg will be termed the Data egg, which can converted into your respective Data chips via Miki (Purple-haired NPC) or Black PawnChessmon.

Rarely, those digimons will drop a Partner egg (with the blue aura). This egg is meant for hatching and not for conversion. To hatch the egg, head to either the Blonde-haired NPC or the Turtle NPC beside Samson.

When am I ready to hatch a partner egg?

  • A Partner egg obtained from the wild digimon evolutions of the partner you want
  • At least 6 Data chips obtained from the conversions of the Data egg from those same evolutions
  • When you feel lucky (4-leaf clover and horseshoe not included)

When you are ready, then go to the Ma (Blonde-haired NPC) or the Kamemon (Turtle NPC) and talk to them. The screenshot below should appear. As you can see, I have a Partner egg and at least 6 Data chips in my inventory.

Drag your Partner egg from your inventory towards the NPC pop-up screen and your egg should now be displayed onto the screen slot like the example below.

There are three clickable icons on that NPC screen. The top icon is to give your Data chips to your Partner egg needed to hatch it. The left bottom icon to collect your egg if you successfully hatched it. The last icon is to abort the process if you did not brind enough chips for hatching. When the last option is clicked, two other options will be presented to you. The left option is to choose to abort your egg forever and the right option is to choose to let the NPC keep hold of your egg, until you get more Data chips.

Assuming you have at least 6 Data chips, go ahead and press the first icon to start feeding your Data chips to your egg. Each click on the first icon will feed 2 Data Chips into your egg. 3 clicks are only needed to provide enough data to hatch your egg (hence a total of 6 Data chips needed). You can feed a maximum of 10 Data chips to your egg but it would not benefit any benefit, nor will you use your egg, just wasting away some Data chips.

Every 2 Data chips used will hence fill up 1/5 of your bar. 6 Data chips or 3/5 of the bar are the minimum requirements to hatch your egg.

Success: After feeding 6 Data chips, a yellow message should pop out (look above) and the left bottom icon will be lit up, meaning that you have managed to hatch your partner egg. This is where luck, the quality of your Partner egg and your Data egg comes into play.

Failure: Your partner egg will disappear from the NPC screen and a red message will be displayed to say that you were unsuccessful. Failure can happen while you are feeding your Partner egg with your Data chips, sometimes after pressing the first icon once, twice or thrice.

If successful, proceed to click on the left bottom icon and a new pop-up screen will appear. This will ask you to create a name for your new partner (the system does not accept spaces, hyphens or dashes). Upon creation, your new Digimon, its name and its height will be displayed in green for the whole community to view it (look below).

Congratulations. You have just been awarded with a new partner. To activate your partner as your main digimon, just left-click against your new partner in the smallest circle avatar and a small pop-up screen will appear. Drag your cursor downwards and click on the option which switches your digimon. If you want your starter to become your main digimon again, just repeat this process.

The screenshot above shows my newly created Biyomon, fresh from her egg. Hopefully, all of you can be successful in hatching your very own egg and become a mega one day, like the Pheonixmon behind me.

*Note: The screenshot showed that I only consumed 3 chips, but this egg I used was special as it was given by the G/M, so it only consumed 1 chip instead of 2 per use. Actual fact is that 2 chips will be consumed per click of the “Feeding Data” icon.*

Impmon – 10 Dark Chips
Agumon Version 1 – 5 Reptile Chips
Gotsumon – 2 Rock Chips
Biyomon – 5 Bird Chips
Elecmon – 5 Beast Chips
Kunemon – 1 Bug Chip
Demimeramon – 1 Fire Chip
Deputymon – 2 Rock Chips
Kiwimon – 2 Bird Chips
Palmon (Cherrymon) – 1 Plant Chip
Palmon (Lilymon) – 3 Plant Chips
Drimogemon – 1 Beast Chip
Dogmon – 2 Beast Chips
Dobermon – 2 Beast chips
Starmon – 2 Rock Chips
Gabumon – 5 Beast Chips
Guilmon – 10 Reptile Chips
Renamon – 10 Beast Chips
Veemon – 10 Reptile Chips
Tentomon – 5 Bug Chips
Gomamon – 5 Water Chips

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12 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    About the palmon, It took me two days of farming, I started with palmon but got high enough lvl to fight togamon where I got my second togamon egg. The woodmon eggs drop easier than the togamon ones. It really is just random. if you fight palmon you have more of a chance to get woodmon I think than togamon. but if you fight woodmon you will get a woodmon egg, and fighting togamon you might eventually get a togamon egg, they wont drop each others eggs since the digivolution is already chosen.

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Ive found out a bit about the hatching. On the palmon egg which is the one I got to hatch finally. Ith takes 3 chips per 3 data input so in all you will need 9 chips. It took me 21 chips all together because the 3rd input failed 3 times which waisted 9 chips.
    So I would check to see the data requirerment and times it by 3. I think thats how it works.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tried hatching a gabumon egg bt why it consumes 10chips per input?
    Thx in advance

  4. Anonymous says:

    you would be better off saving your money and buying a cash egg i buy 3/5 mega eggs to avoid evos

  5. my gabumon crash after i tried lvling up to lvl 4, 1st time it fail, the 2nd time it crashed..TT

  6. Anonymous says:

    i hate itt.i want success but never happens

  7. does anyone know how many chips patamon needs??

  8. Anonymous says:

    is there a lvl recquirement so i can get an egg? i've kill so many palmon and i cant get any..

  9. NUB says:

    Why is there a agumon version 1 sorry i havent played the game before but i will

  10. Anonymous says:

    gabumon egg is an ass dead on 1st

  11. Anonymous says:

    thanks for your articles!!!!!good continuation

  12. Killua says:

    i have tried with the gabumon egg and it has crashed and disappeared 4 times so far
    i've spent more than 150M on them :(

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