ACE Online Computer Optimization Guide

ACE Online Computer Optimization Guide by technopredat

WinVista/7 has some problems with it but if u run as administrator it runs mostly well. This looks like the game is not properly installed and/or security software is locking down the file. When playing AO try to disable security software only leave the Firewall on.

I suggest the following:

To know your specs download Belarc Advisor or Everest Home edition. Also you can download PC Wizard from, there they have CPU-Z (ID your CPU) and GPU-Z or Hardware Monitor to check temperature and stuff and finally Sandra is another great free system analyzer. Have your video card drivers (ATI & nVidia) updated, have at least 2008 Ver of DirectX 9 or better. Would be also good to have your ChipSet (MoBo), Processor drivers up to date: AMD, VIA & Intel. For other manufacturers the System Analyzers will tell you the brand, then just Search for the drivers, if you have an unknown device(s): you can use Unknown Device Identifier.

2) Start -> Run -> cmd press Enter/Intro and run ‘chkdsk C: /f /x’ on all partitions (replacing C: with the letters of your partitions also called Hard Drive Units, just open ‘My PC’ to see them).

3) Make sure you have a good Firewall and is correctly configured (Video info).

4) Clean your Registry: CCleaner, ERUNT (NTREGOPT is the cleaner, ERUNT will make a copy of your Registry in case it gets corrupted), COMODO System Cleaner & Advanced System Care. Use them all.

5) WinSock XP Fix 1.2 will help you restore registry key for Winsock, use this if you have communications problems. Don’t use File Sharing software while playing AO, leave your Internet connection completely free for AO.

And you must be above the recommended system requirements to play AO. Make sure you don’t have virus/spyware/rootkits and other malware. Usually Flash Sticks infect PCs on insertion, specially if you have inserted in a Internet CafĂ©.

Additional Info by Updating steam

Its been said a million times, but I’ll say it again here:
If you are running Vista/windows 7, right click ACE and select properties, go to the compatibility tab and make sure “Run in administrator mode” is CHECKED. You may experience issues with ACE if you don’t.

Cleaning your computer

I’m talking virtually, not physically. Although wiping your **** down will probably help out, too.
Over the years, you’ll probably end up getting loaded with malware. No matter how careful you are that **** will eventually find its way into your system. You can try all the software cleaners you want, but nothing beats a format/reformat and a fresh install of your Operating System. If you have your OS (Operating System) DVD, formatting and reinstalling is as easy as inserting the disc into your drive and booting up if you’re using Windows XP or higher. Formatting a drive erases (for all intents and purposes) the data stored on it, so you’ll want to back up any files you can’t afford to lose.


Everybody has their own opinion on antivirus software. Whether its through some sort of brand loyalty or actual experience I do not know. But my personal recommendation is Avast. Mostly because its free, but it also does a pretty decent job. It might interfere with some programs, but Avast allows you to temporarily disable it’s shielding for a fixed amount of time.

Now for some tools that actually pertain to the game itself

Windows Mouse Capture

This nifty little program will keep your mouse locked inside the application window you associate with WMC. This is very handy if you like to play in window mode and hate the built-in capture Ace provides. I don’t know about anyone else but the mouse still seems to slide out of the window a little bit with Ace’s. It doesn’t with WMC.

Like playing in full-screen mode but hate crashing when warping?

My guess is that you are running a multicore computer. Multicore means you have more than one on-board processor. Ace prefers to run on a single processor. This causes errors with Ace when you have more than one CPU assigned to it, causing Ace to do what it does best: crash and force close itself. You might then be wondering “well how do you assign only a single CPU to run ACE?”
Traditionally, you would have to Alt-Tab to your desktop while running ACE and open up task manager, locate the ACEonline process, right click and select “set affinity”, then assign it to a single CPU. However this presents a problem since successfully Alt-tabbing back into Ace is as about as lucky as getting an e15 weapon. And if you crash out, and restart ace the process will be back to running on multiple CPU’s again since task manager doesn’t save your settings. Fortunately, theres an APP for that.
CPU Control is a program that you can set to automate affinity settings. What I like to do, since I have a dual core, is set Ace to “CPU 1” and then set everything else to “CPU 0” to keep other programs from interfering with Ace’s (or another game’s) performance. Putting this in your start up can be beneficial.

Enhancing performance

Gamebooster technically doesn’t do anything you can’t do manually, but its great to be able to shut down unnecessary services with the push of a button. And alternatively, turn back on the previously shutdown processes with the push of a button.

This definitely isn’t everything. So if you got something feel free to post it.

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