ACE Online General Combat Tips

ACE Online General Combat Tips by Nwah

Anyways just to help some of the newbies out I figured I’d post this. And yes I know they’re obvious, but retards still do/don’t do it so I’m posting it anyways.

Count EVERYTHING: Yeah this may seem silly but its saved my killmark plenty of times. Count how long till their skills are cooled down, how long till they can fire, (doesn’t apply when fighting a gears for obvious reasons) and how long till they can barrel roll again. Those are probably the most important but it helps to count their buffs and your buffs as well. It makes all the difference knowing whether or not a b gear can fire at you in a particular pass, or whether a m gear can purify you.

Sound: This one is mostly important when fighting b gears, but learn that firing sound and it’ll help when you can’t see the b gear. Its a rather obvious sound, after you hear it a few times just learn to look for it.

Don’t Fly Near the Ground: Tbh this ones obvious, but I see plenty of retards doing it anyways. Just don’t go near the ground unless your going to terrain missiles, its just begging for a b gear to come and GBM you.

Know when to roll and when to soak it up: In some situations tanking is better than barrel rolling, and vice versa. Generally barrel rolling is the best choice but at other times the speed loss will get you killed. This one only comes from experience, so duel duel duel.

Terraining is better than rolling: This one is true 99.99% of the time, if you can terrain missiles instead of rolling do it. The .01% of the time is when fighting a laggy pinoy and they happen to be capable of shooting missiles through walls.

STAY AWAY FROM BARRIERED A GEARS: If I see you flying around a barriered a gear I’m going to slap you. Just fly away, count to 15, come back and enjoy your KM. If your an I gear and the a gear is stupid sometimes silencing them will cause them to pop barrier.

I could put some more things but they’re even more obvious than this, so I’ll just stop it here. Anyways, hope I helped whoever is reading this.

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