ACE Online B-Gear Basic Guide

ACE Online B-Gear Basic Guide by stealthownage


The B gear is one of the most flexible gears in game. While M gears are for support, A Gears are for Sheer Fire Cover and Raw DPS, and I Gears are for Quick Fast Air superiority, The B gear grants the player to choose any build they like. Each has its Advantages and Disadvantages. It is also infamous for the ability to OHKO virtually everything in the game using the right Bawoos and skills. While many think its overpowered with the amount of useful skills it possesses (Invisible, Big Boom, Charge Shot E.T.C), it is very hard to master and learn. However, get it right and you will become feared by all but the best pilots in the game.

Stat Distribution

The Bgears stat distibution points is always 3, giving incredible flexibility when it comes to choosing CPUs in game. Since it is balanced, you should go for CPUs which increases the most stat points.

Attack: Attack increases the damage of the weapons. It also slightly increases probability. At 300 Attack, it gives approximately 45% pierce (pierce cancels out a certain amount of defense e.g 100% defence M Gear vs Bawoo. 100% – 45% = 55% defense effective).

Defense: Defense allows you to take less damage from a hit. At 300 Defense, it is appoximatly 50% Pure Defense without charms or armour.

Agility: Gives you a better chance of taking no damage. 300 agility translates into 50% Pure Evasion without kits, buffs or charms.

Fuel: Fuel increases the amount of fuel capacity you have by 10. You will mostly only need 27 – 30 fuel and only very high levels require more. (in AR, i was known to have 540 fuel in total -.-)

Spirit: The most important skill for B gears, you will need spirit for all the skills which you require to use. You should have an average of 63 Spirit (which is just over 500) howevfer, if you are planning for big boom veils, it is recommended you train spirit to 126 (which is just over 1000)

Shield: Increases your shield. It is useless for a b gear so dont even try to increase it.

The Skills

Ground Bombing Mode: The signature skill for the B gear which allows you to dominate the ground. At its final level, it offers an incredible +6 fired plus 50% Bonus Damage. For a bawoo which hits 1k per dumbfire. GBM turns it into a whopping 14 missiles that hit 1.5k EACH per dumbfire. Bombing with GBM can be hard at first but as you progress on through the game, you will find it gets a lot easier to use and you will get used to it. As soon as you activate it, a recticule appears which you use to target where the missiles should go, once fired, they will travel out a bit and then drop towards the target. Another advantage is that it increases the explosion radius which gives you more chance of hitting the target. Perfect for murdering fluffy A Gears.

Air Bombing Mode: Similar to GBM, you fire missiles straight ahead of you which explode on hitting any gear or wall. Does not fire the same amount of missiles as the GBM, but still a nightmare for enemy gears during PVP.

Chaffs: A Great Defensive Option, Chaffs summons a glowing orb behind you which absorbs a certain amount of damage before its destroyed. Starting with one orb, it eventually maxes out at four. The beauty of it is that if you hit more than the one of the orbs HP, it is destroyed but the rest of the damage does not carry on to another orb or you (e.g a b gears BBed your gatecamp dealing 10000 damage but you have chaffs up. One orb takes all the damage and is destroyed but you and the rest of your orbs will remain intact and not take any damage)

Reduce Damage: Possibly a last resort (sort of) defense option. It does exactly what is says on the tin and reduces damage. While you will not see the difference, your HP will go down less than if you had no defense what so ever.

Multi Target: Dont be fooled by it. It allows you to target multiple enemys / mobs and extends your radar range. Sounds Cool, Huh? Well extending the radar range while helpful means you wont be able to see what your locking onto. Plus Multi Target has been infamous for screwing up dogfights because you accidently lock a mob. Ignore it and dont attempt to use it.

Charge Shot: A Sweet and helpful skill, charge shot allows you to charge up a single shot from your standard weapon increasing its damage and probability. As it progresses through the levels, it increases damage by 1000% or MORE! It is not rare for charge shots to do 1.5k a shot (depends on the weapon you use, 1.5k is only achievable using blasts or a powerhunter)

Concentration: Increases probability for both advanced and standard weapons, useful for a bonus for bawoos.

Missile Shot: Increases min/max percent of your advanced weapons. Is probably only used as a extra bonus buff.

Fire Shot: Still waiting info, although i think it does the same as missile shot apart from it increases standards instead.

Defense Up: Adds a set percent of defense to your stats, get this as high as you can.

Evasion Up: Same as Defense Up, But increases Evasion instead, get this as high as you can.

Back move mach: Standard for all gears, uses to travel backwards 1000m at a rate of 600m per second. Used for tricks during in game combat pvp

Turnaround: Another “does what it says on the tin” skill, it instantly turns you around.

Invisible: Requires a Special Skill Opening Card to unlock, this skill renders you invisible for 11 spirit per second. During this time, Missile Locks can not be made and the player can not be seen by others. The disadvantages are that existing missile locks will no longer be broken, plus m gears and search eyes act as portable scanners which can detect an invisible b gear. Despite this, invisible is a valuable asset to anyone which requires to stealthily sneak into enemy territory.

Big Boom: Requires a Elite Skill Opening Card to unlock, this skill sacrifices you and whatever amount of spi you need when you die to unleash hell. When activated it deals the same amount of damage as your max Health (not counting shield). A monstrosity, they are generally used on camps so friendly players can rush and take over the map. However, it takes 3 seconds to activate, and its a massive “purify me or else youll die” sign to m gears. Plus with the use of chaffs, b gears can avoid all damage. However, the advantages overweigh the disadvantages and you will certainly find this useful.

The Armours

Beginner Veils

Veil: First veil you get at the start of the game, practically useless and only has a fraction of Health and Shield.

Round Veil: Next armour you get during the game, again useless but has slightly more Health and Shield than the Veil

Raven Veil: Better than the Round Veil, this is a not bad armour which has decent health and shield.

Panzer Veil: A step up from the Raven Veil, many players use these to look like a noob and then own everyone during duels, it also like the raven veil, has a decnt amount of health and energy

Intermediate Veils

Garuda Veil: A Health Focus Armour, it has a high amount of health and is a good alrounder, with many found in pvp combat. It is worth noting that the legend version has the highest boom amount in the game.

Serpent Veil: A Shield Focus Armour, it has a high amount of shield and is mainly used by attack builds due to the sheer amount of HP when legended. Again, these see a lot of action during PVP.

Cross Veil: A Evasion Focus Armour, it has low HP (same HP as phantom veil) and gives 17.65 evasion. Use only with engine builds -.-.

Phantom Veil: A Defense Focus Armour, virtually the same as cross veil only swap out evasion for defense.

Special Armours

Tackle Veil: Avalible for 40k War Points in the war point shop, these are hybrid shield/defense focus armour. It offers a good amount of HP and Defense for its level and is an essential for warring.

Valkrie Veil: Must be finished to be useful at all. Great Total HP and Defense, but hard to get. (Drops off the boss Egma Schill and combined with a Egma Schill Control Unit, Has a 50% of success.

Vellocatus Veil: Best left unfinished (so you can enchant), Liek the tackle veil, it is a shield/defense focus armour. Decent but only drops off episode 3 bosses, they are incredibly rare.

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