ACE Online Enchantment Guide

ACE Online Enchantment Guide by TuvokCJ


Many of you ‘Newcomers’ are probably confused about enchantments. Hopefully this little guide i’m putting together here will give you the understanding about enchantment of weapons/armours/radars.



Each time (beyond enchant 5) you are taking a risk enchanting & may break the weapon. The further you enchant a weapon over 5, the more chance it has of breaking.

Here’s the current enchant success ratings of each enchant (Weapons & Armours) – to my knowledge =

0-5 = 100% success rate
5-6 = 90% success rate
6-7 = 80% success rate
7-8 = 70% success rate
8-9 = 60% success rate
9-10 = 50% success rate
10-11 = 40% success rate **Around here, ur an official a credit *******
11-12 = 30% success rate
12-13 = 30% success rate
13-14 = 20% success rate **Around here, u need to get a life**
14-15 = 15% success rate
15-17 = 5% success rate
17-19 = 2% success rate
20+ = 1% success rate **WTF H4X?**



Every enchant you place on a weapon/armour beyond 5 has a risk of ‘breaking’ – this means you lose all your current enchants on the weapon, the actual card you tried to enchant further on it & the weapon itself… ALL GONE!!!

This can be avoided by the use of Enchant Protection. – There is an E5 enchant protect where you include it in the labratory WITH your weapon & chosen enchant card. This card WILL be used up whether it is a fail/success. – If the enchant fails, your weapon is kept and ALL enchants you have placed from 0-5 will be kept on the weapon/armour too. if it succeeds, you’ve lost your protect card – but the protection is a handy procaution as weapons/armours do tend to fail a lot! (when the lab is being a bellend)
There is also enchant protect e10 – same thing, but all enchants protected from e10. (these cost a lot more credits).

*All protect cards are avaible from the credit shop (click ‘item shop’ – bottom right screen when in ace online).*

How can i increase my chances of success on enchantment?

There is very little you can do to sway the chance ratings. There are only 2 cards available to my knowledge.

The first card is the ‘+ 15% chance card’ – this is available from the War Points Shop for 2000 war points. Obviously… (by the name) this card increases your chances by 15%. This is 15% of the base enchant rate. For example, if you have a Bawoo Acid and you want to enchant it to enchant 10, your chance rating ‘50%’ success rate. This enchant card will give you 15% of that ‘50%’. Giving you an overall enchant success rating of ‘57.5%’ enchant success rate. It’s not much but it does seem to give you an edge on the success/failure! – I reccomend it on weapons beyond e7/e8. (depending on your WP income).
The other card is a ‘+ 25% enchant rate card’ – this is only available (TO MY KNOWLEDGE) in SubaCaps – They’re like item caps, but better drops. These are generally available on the ‘Wicked Wednesday Event’ and other events (stay posted by GM postings in the announcement area of the forums). In about 100 subacaps i’ve probably opened i’ve only got 2 enchant 25% cards so i gather it can be rare-ish.

Oh STFU about armour/weapon enchants… What about my radar!?

Radars (i’ve been told) can only be enchanted up to Enchant 5 – I dunno, i’m too scared to try it?. Keep note though, your radar CAN break at e1.

Success rating of enchantment is as follows;

0-5 = 50% success rate
(all radar enchants have 50% success rate)

equal chance of getting it. I reccomend using those WP 15% enchantment cards on radars since they CANNOT be protected by credit protects! – if it fails, it fails and you’ve lost your radar. Be careful!



I hope this guide has helped you in any way



Bump: OH and for those TOTAL n00bs who don’t know how to enchant a weapon=

How to enchant?


Take your weapon/armour/radar to the ‘Labratory’ in your home city. Along with any enchant card you wish to get (available from card shop &/or other players). Put them both into the labratory.. You’ll recieve a very small SPI charge and WALLAH.

Bump: Radar enchant chances = same as engines! (exactly the same non-protect e5 MAX rules)



I’ve been told that weight cards (because they are cheaper in NPC) now have more lenient success rates… i’m not sure by how much and if other cards are. I think pierce enchants are the hardest to enchant on weapons. & def/eva hardest of armours

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