War of Thrones Tips and Hints

War of Thrones Tips and Hints by Fiezze

hye all!!!…welcome to my guide….this guide for newbies even all players

Newbies leveling fast(lvl1 untill 18)
1-After you create your character, do mainline task untill lvl15 task that need you to pass rockshore instance in normal difficulty…reach lvl15 so that you can do task that will rewarded merits…take the merit-awarded instance first then you do mainline task that need you to pass the rockshore…by doing this you do 2 task in one instance…this will save your time

2-after finish the mainline task lvl 15(pass rockshore normal difficultiy), do next merit-awarded task.there is one task that you need to kill 10 same type enemy…when it found you will kill it only 5…the tips is by going back to leave the instance..enter again and u will found another 5 same enemy that you must kill

3-keep doing merit -awarded instance…when enough merit (corporal in case need 50 merit)..change your title…My character reach lvl 17 and its title was corporal!! I only spend about 2hours…!! because I only do mainline task untill lvl15 task…This way will save your time..becoming higher title will increase your damage, health point and energy point limit…..and more salary got everyday…

Get coins more
1-how to do that?…easy…make another character and upgrade its untill it become corporal…mail the coins to your real character…corporal salary about 6000 …if you have 5 character and you do the same thing (get to corporal and mail the collected coins) u will recieve 6000 x 5=30k per day!!

Buying seargent Refferals
1-already in corporal…? need seargent refferals?..buy it from somerset, newskeep,or waymarsh..to do so just press “m” (map) and clik on one of this three city…when reach the city just move untill you found the forth room( the first place when you reach is the first room) , at your right will a man that has a writing “get one perday(refferal officer)” …buy it for 10k than buy other player that very expensive..your only allowed to buy it one per day..so , in your another character, buy it …then mail it to your real character…so , if you have 5 character you can get 5 referrals per day…this is another way to save your time …this tip very usefull( make more character) for all newbies players..

get 999x gemstone shard in a day
1-this is another benefits when you create more character in this game…to get gemstone shard in very large amount is easy…set an auto quest to collect gemstone shard by using vouchers…72 voucher per 12hours….(.my advice is to mine it at newskeep because you will get more percentage to get gemstone shard than flower plebbex )…You can get about 350 gemstone shard each character…if you set it in 5 character, imagine it,…350 x 5= 1750 !!!!!wow…

get more merit
1- to get more merit my tips is click on your “L” (quest list) ..do “making constribution part1 ” by doing this task untill last part u will get about 7-8 merits…another tips is play this game everyday continuosly untill the 7th day and you will recieve 10 merits certificates ..click on online reward on right top of your screen and click daily rewards…

extra Tips…
-before you enter an instance in party, get your merits awarded task…this will save your time beside only get experiences…the benefit is you get experience plus merits…its like do 2 task in one instance….
-if you totaled online for 12 hours you will get 150 vouchers, 36hours=500vouchers,72 hours 1000vouchers…check this at online rewards…

that all from me..thanks for reading
sorry if my english is too bad…hope you understand it…

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