War of Thrones Leveling Guide

War of Thrones Leveling Guide by Cryptic

Like most MMORPG games, levelling up is the most basic aspect in getting a stronger in the game and the usual questions would be where is the best place to levelling up at a specific level. This part would cover those different means of getting experience for you character to level up quickly and efficiently.

The easiest way would be simply doing the quest which would be explained below.

1. Quest

Main quest

This would be the very first quest you receive when you create a new character. This is basically the storyline quest of the game and gives decent exp and gold and sometimes even equipment and other items!
As a new player, it’s recommended that you should follow the main quest till level 15 at least at this would be the fastest way.
If you have been following the quest diligently you should have reached your very first instance, rockshore at level 15!

As you continue levelling through out the game, the main quest rewards would soon come rather insignificant but no! you should still continue doing the quest once in a while as it still gives equipments and other items!

Activity, bonus, side quest

Activity quest can only be done once and gives a decent reward package. Recommended to be done whenever possible.

Bonus and side questing are quest that can be done once or even repeatable daily and rewards varies from exp, gold, items, merit and vouchers.
Bonus quest requires buying an item from the gold shop in order to complete the quest. Reward is average and definitely not worth doing this quest for the sake of doing so.
Most of these side quests change as you level, requiring you to do different things to complete the quest.
The important few of the side quests are ‘Making contributions’, ‘Assassination’, ‘King of beasts’ and ‘Relic identification’ quest which can be done on a daily basics.
The first 2 quest gives you merit followed by evolution stones and essence stones. These stones are used for upgrading either pet or relic tier.

Instance quest

The main quest would lead you to your very first instance quest! These quest gives decent amount of experience, vouchers and the most valued merit! This quest requires you to either kill mobs, collect items or simply just talk to an NPC to complete it. Just a gentle reminder, don’t turn in the quest if you have max merit as you would lose that precious merit for nothing.

2. Instance

Currently there are 15 instances different kind of instances in the game. Instances till Field of throne is current unlocked (Lv60 instance).
Shadow city and zolaris instance are locked due to level restriction of level 65 and 99.

By level 15, you should have reached your very first instance rockshore by following the main quest.
Mobbing at instances gives the best amount experience points and drops green and blue items frequently based on the difficulty level.
Trying a harder difficulty maybe rewarding but the HP and damage of the mobs scales up significantly, the number of active mob in the battle is increased and definitely more experience points!
This is also the best place for you to make use of your study guides as the experience is the best, stack the 100%, 50%, 20% for the quickest experience gaining speed.

Normal: No SP needed. Low green/blue item drop rate. NO token, sublimation stones.
Heroic: 15 SP consumed. Average green/blue item drop rate, tokens and sublimation stones.
Legendary: 30 SP consumed. Best green/blue item drop rate, tokens and sublimation stones.

Most players must be thinking right now, normal difficulty don’t drops sublimation stones!
I too once believed in that till I got surprising sublimation stone drop in kirin island instance on normal difficulty.
Maybe the rate of dropping is just that low that it seems impossible to get.

Pros and cons comparison


Most people would tell you legendary difficulty would give you the best experience points but most of them forget the additional time actually taken is greatly increased. For sure the experience is improved but so is the time taken!
Go for legendary if you are focusing more on getting items and tokens instead of experience and go for normal runs for the best experience to time ratio.

Best experience: Normal


This is pretty obvious without any secrets to be revealed, harder the difficulty better the drops!
Green and blue items drop frequently on heroic and legendary difficulty and this is where you get all your gear from.
Note that tokens only drop on heroic and legendary after killing the final boss.
It has been observed that blue weapons usually only drop on heroic or legendary difficulty.

Best items: Legendary

Tips for instances

When levelling, always try to get a full party for the additional 20% bonus exp, on normal difficulty and with study guides on for the best gains.

Do not leave/exit the party at the end of the final boss if there’s a item drop. Doing so means you lost your chance to get the item even if you chose required!

Try your best not to AFK during instances as this drags down the party while waiting for you to take the item or enter the next map.

Try your best not to leave halfway in an instance, if necessary try to tell the party leader before starting an instance.

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