Wakfu Spell Experience System

Wakfu Spell Experience System by Xylomentalozolin

Everyone remember the old system of spell exp, right? More kind of spell you use makes bigger pool (about 20% with every next spell), and every spell in that pool gets their share based on times used (with 1wp = 2mp = 6ap system). Well, forget about it, becasue Ankama decided to change that, and im gonna try to tell you how.

1.) Exp pool stays the same, no matter how much spells you will use.

– Multielement builds (which have to use more spells) are getting nerfed towards 1 element (hell, 1 spell) builds
– Harder to get dmg/res from spells (even with 1% dmg 0,5% res for 5 lvls)

– Well… None.


1 spells used on baby tofu – 124 exp
2 spells used on baby tofu – 112exp + 12 exp
9 spells used on baby tofu – shitload of numbers making 124exp

2.) Pool division stays the same, but ap-to-mp-to-wp ratio is different

– Wakfu based spells are harder to lvl

– MP / Wakfu based spells are geting less of pool, not overruning other spells

old system was 1wp = 6ap, 1mp = 3ap

New system is

1.0 AP = 1.0 AP
1.0 MP = 1.3 (probably 1.(3)) AP
1.0 WP = 1.5 AP


Attacked some mob with 3x Sadist mark (9ap), 1x Renewing Word (2ap) and 2x Fortifying Word (8ap, 2wp)

Result was:

23 towards Sadist Mark
27 towards Fortifying Word
05 towards Renewing Word

23 + 5 = 28

28:27 we can agree its 1:1 because of uneven pool.

(9ap + 2ap) – 8ap = 3ap

3 ap / 2 wp = 1.5 ap/wp

I dont remember how i got that 1.3 ap for 1ap but something like this.

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