Wakfu Attributes and Stats Guide

Wakfu Attributes and Stats Guide by Venusquake

ill be explaining and describing in detail about each stat.

stats 1

These are the stats available to spend points in:

Health points (HP)
Initiative (Ini)
Prospecting (PP)
Wisdom (Wis)
Kit skill
Critical hits (CH)
Movement points (MP)
Action points (AP)
Strength (Str)
Agility (Agi)
Intelligence (Int)
Chance (Cha)

then the Other/Equipment only stats:

Air damage %, Earth damage % ect… (Dmg %)
Resist %
Heal %
Critical Failure (CF)
Wakfu Points (WP)
Inventory Slots
Summon Damage
Mechanism Damage
Backstab Damage
Bacstab resistance

Health Points

Health points is one of the most important stats for every class, though it may be more important for some classes than others.

Each class has slight variation of Base HP around 48-60 ,Tanky classes usually recieve higher base HP and Distance Fighters usually receive less HP

HP is gained greatly through equipment and


Initiative is a stat that holds Two values
– Order of who takes their turns
– Turns taken to earn Speed bonus (can still happen with 0 initiative)

Initiative works now in this fixed order team a > team b > Team a > Team b

the unit with the highest initiative will go first, then the highest initiative of the other team will go 2nd

initiative works with the order of the induvidual teams, meshed together depending on which member has the highest initiative

Team a ; Team b (initiative)
1. 120
2. 110
3. 90
4. 100
5. 80
6. 70
7. 69
8. 20
This means it does not really matter if your teams initaitive is all over the place or clumped together there will allways be a balanced order, additionally if one group is bigger than the other, it will mean that the members with the lowest initiative will be paired next to each other. Removing one unit from batle will usually result in clumping 2 members of one team together like this:

1. 120
2. 90
3. 100
4. 80
5. 70
6. 69
7 20.

Speed Bonuses Vary depending on each Class/Monster in the Combat
Example of this would be Saddida adding +1 WP (Permenant (Cap at max WP)) gives the team (and the enemy team) the option to refund Wakfu points, Xelor will add the +3 AP speed bonus, allowing more things to happen in a single turn.

You can track the Speed Bonus meter at the Right side of a combat:

When this bar reaches the top it allows you to Choose a Speed bonus depending on How fast you are in the turns and what units are in combat. (negative speed bonuses always at the first option and you need to unlock the good ones)

Some units can force you to cycle through every speed bonus (both good and bad) before all become available again. this forces you to pick a speed bonus each 7 turns (this mechanic is very strange)

Dodge and Lock

Dodge is a stat that increases the chance of moving past a unit that is standing next to you and Lock reduces the chances of a unit moving past you.

1 Dodge = 0.5 % chance to move past a unit
1 Lock = 0.5 % chance to stop a unit moving past you and end their turn

you can calculate from the dodge and lock in this screenshot, the Destiny eniripsa has -40 lock, i have 2 dodge.

the calculation starts at 50% dodge when there is equal dodge : lock

42% / 2 = 21% , 50% + 21% = 71%

stats 2

Now i have 50 more dodge, (25% more dodge chance)

but there is a cap at 95% dodge chance. so instead of having 96% dodge (71% + 25% = 96%) chance i have 95%

stats 3

recap: the image shows that the dodge chance is 95%, this means if i try to move from a cell adjacent to the goball there will be a 5 % chance that i will get “Dodge Roll Failed” and end my turn and remain in the same spot.

the way the goball faces has an effect on the dodge / lock chance, if an opponent is facing its back to you, you have a lower chance to be locked.

the minimum lock/dodge value is -100, every class starts off with 0 dodge/lock, and can increase these stats through equipment or characteristic points. Classes such as Enutrof could consider dodge as a useful stat due to their lack of transportation spells when fighting a Mele heavy foe but classes like eniripsa may not need dodge because they can push a close range target with “Fear flask”

The minimum % Chance to be locked is 5% and the maximum % Chance to Dodge is 95%
it never reaches 0 or 100%

Prospecting / Wisdom

Wisdom Determines the bonus exp % you get per gain, 1 wisdom = 1% exp
Prospecting Determines the % chance you have of dropping an item, 1 Prospecting = 1% extra drop rate

These stats can only be gained through equipment

to Enutrof Prospecting can be more than just drop rate. it can also increase their damge by 50% of their prospecting.

Kit skill

Kit skill reduces the level required to equip an item, if you have kit skill of level 3 and you are level 10 you can equip items that are meant for level 13, if you have enough kit skill it can prove useful early on but its effects will become less valuable later on when you reach the level you need to equip a certain item.

This stat will become quite useful if you can reset your points spent, though there are equipment that give kit skill this is quite counterproductive though considering your sacrificing one piece of equipment to gain on another

Critical Hits

Critical Hits are Better on different classes, Rogues worked well with critical.

Critical Hit % is the % chance to Change the effects of your Spells to their Critical Hit version (Usually Stronger than base)

mathematically The average damage percentage increase would increase more if you had 3% crit and you added 10% (3% -> 13%) than if you had 10% crit and you added 10% again (10% -> 20%). though its commonly assumed that adding more crit at a higher point would increase the average damage more.
Critical Filures 

Critical Failure % is the % chance that your spells will consume your AP and do nothing …
this is a troll stat carried over from Dofus it can be gained only from certain equipment

Action Points (AP)

AP is what you use to cast spells, if you have 6 ap (base AP for all classes) and your spell costs 4 AP you can cast it once with 2 AP left over, If you have 6 ap and spell costs 3 AP you can cast it twice with 0 AP left over, Pretty basic.

you can purchase 2 points of AP from your skill tree, the first point will cost 150 and the second will cost 250. there are many equipment sets that have a +1 AP bonus for the complete set and there are some equipment that grant +1 AP alone (usually Necklaces)

Movement Points

Movement points are How far you can move your unit, Base MP is 3 for all classes, it can be changed through Equipment (Usually boots), Movement points can be the most important stat for some classes (Namely Enutrof (they seem to be mentioned often)) if you have more MP than your opponent you can “Kite” them if they are Mele, or you can force them to use abilities that get them Closer to you giving you the advantage.

The best stat to counter MP is Lock, so it is Useful to have high dodge stat with High MP. In rare cases its good to spend points in MP. most classes do not need an extra MP

Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Chance

These Stats give 0.5 % Resistance and Damage in their Element Per 1 level,

Strength = Earth
Agility = Air
Intelligence = Fire
Chance = Water

3 attribute points per level for 0.5 % damage and resist
6 attribute points gives 1 % damage and resist
at level 13 you get 50 points. (you dont get points for lvl 1)

level 10 = 12.5 % damage and resist
level 20 = 25 % damage and resist
level 30 = 37.5% damage and resist
level 40 = 50 % damage and resist

level 70 = 87.5 % damage and resist


Willpower is a Stat that increases the % chance to cause and resist states such as : Burning,Bound,Blind ect

it gives both AP and MP reduction and removal

Ability to remove AP can exceed 100% the same way damage % works, because the final % to remove AP is (base AP removal + bonus remove AP % – Target AP loss resistance %)

with Each successful AP removal the target gains +10% AP loss resistance, This Stacks each time with no (visible) maximum, each turn that passes when the target does not lose AP the stack reduces by 1 this is called “Hyperaction” (also the same for hypermovment)

this is a quirky stat because it can be useful in some classes if you can get it higher level while keeping high base HP, this stat can be popular with Croud Control (Defensive support) classes and it makes it possible to reach near 100% Croud Control Chance.


This stat is very specific to one class, The Sram (mainly air). What this stat does is effect how likely it is to Detect/How unlikely the enemy is to detect you, Its calculations are similar to Dodge/Lock system. if your perception is 0 it does not mean you cannot detect. however if the srams perception is 0 it means that you will leave stealth

Vision works in a Cone of where the character is Facing (similar to the backstab), so if they are facing directly at you they have a high chance to detect you, each time you move/ opponent moves closer you roll a dice with a % chance based on your perception to see if you are detected, if you are at the side of your opponent there is a smaller chance to be detected (similar to lock system) but if you are behind your opponent you cannot be detected The Srams stealth has no time limit and can be a powerful ability if used correctly


Range is a stat that increases the range on Certain spells,

The spells should have this symbol  this means that the spell can increase its maximum range by an amount equal to your range bonus.

so if a modifiable range spell’s range is 1 – 3 and you have 2 Bonus range it will become 1 – 5

This stat is very useful to classes that have small range but modifiable range. but if a class like Iop or Sram has bonus range they don’t gain much bonus.


block is like the anti crit, if someone scores a crit it means X1.5 dmg (usually) if you get a block it would reduce the dmg by 30%, (150% – (30% of 150%) = like 1.03%) resulting in allmost the same as a normal attack, block is mostly gained from sheilds and can be useful for tanky classes.

though its competing with plain HP in the points budget.

Elemental Damage %

Elemental damage % increases the damage you deal with a certain type of element.

The calculation of elemental damage you deal is as follows:

Spell base damage = 10 fire
Fire damage % bonus = 60%
Target fire resistance % = 10%

Damage to Front = 15 fire
Damage to Side = 16 fire
Damage to back = 17 fire (assuming backstab bonus = 0%)

When there is an item that gives “+ 10 Damage %” that means you gain damage 10 % for all elements

so if you have 10% bonus fire and 10% bonus damage you will have 20% bonus fire, 10% bonus water 10% bonus air and 10% bonus earth

There are also hidden values that will mean all classes will have a different base backstab damage.

(General damge % increases all Elemental dmg% and also increases non elemental damages)

Resist %

Resist works the same as damage %,

there is a misconception that 100% fire resist means you get 0 damage from fire, this is not true,

it is only possible to receive 25% base damage(minimum) from elemental spells if you have 100% or more resist than your opponent has % damage 10 base fire spell damage 100% (20) fire damage – 200% ( 20) fire resist = 2.5 damage

The resistance calculation is as follows:

(enemy) 10 base fire damage spell + 300% fire damage – (your) 50% fire resist = 25 damage
10*300% (=30) – 10*50%(=5) (the * means multiplied by)
assuming your enemy has attacked from the front.

if you have more resist than your opponent has damage:

(enemy) 10 base fire damage spell + 20% (12 total) fire damage – (your) 70% (7) fire resist you will take 5 fire damage

when an enemy attacks you from the side you lose 10% resistance all elements, when they attack from behind you lose 20% resist all elements

Final resistance % is Reduced total damage % you take from an attack,

so if you have 50% final resistance, your opponent has base 10 fire damage attack + 60% damage and you have 20% fire resistance + 50% final resistance, the damage you take is 7

(General resist % reduces all Elemental res% and also reduces non elemental damages)
Heal %

Heal % works parallel to damage %

Eniripsa has 50% water damage and 20% heal%, This means when the eniripsa uses a water heal spell base heal of 10 the target is healed 17 points.

if the Eniripsa used a water damage spell (base 10) (water weapon) the target would take 15 damage

furthermore if the Eniripsa used Counter nature (reverses effects of heals) and cast heal spell base 10 water the target would take 17 damage.

heal% does not effect Fixed % based heals.

Wakfu Points

WP is like AP but it does not reset after you end your turn.

Wakfu points are used to stop players “spamming” certain spells in battles a WP cost is usually given to a spell that can push from a long range or transportation spells to prevent it being abused

Though Sadida can regenerate WP with their speed bonus option allowing them and their enemy sustainability in long fights.
and Eniripsa can also return WP with a mark, this is useful against enemies that summon when there is a team member that heavily relies on WP to fight (Xelor)

Leadership / Mechanisms

there are Two types of summons in Wakfu

One is Leadership summons, These are usually that have 1 or more MP and are living things such as Osamodas summons, Saddida Seeds and Eniripsa Coney.

The other is Mechanisms, These are Units that usually have 0 MP can sometimes not be targetable, and usually hold some special type of value such as Cra Beacons, Sram traps, Feca Glyphs.

There is another type of Summon that does not cost Mechanisms or Leadership, These Other summons have either no limit (maybe wakfu cost) to how many you can control or a Fixed limit. Examples are, Xelor Dial, Sram Double, Enutrof Dhreller and Enutrof Mine.

Summon Damage / Mechanism Damage

These Stats increase your Summon / Mechanism damage the same way it affects your spells.

If the Cra summons a Fire beacon and triggers it, it will gain the Cra’s Fire damage bonus + the Mechanism damage bonus, If the Saddida casts an Air spell on the summon it will gain the Air damage bonus And the Summon damage bonus when the summon reflects the spell on an enemy adding its air% damage.

the “Other” summons are affected in a strange way, Sinistro Gain damage from Mechanism damage % and Dhreller gain damage from Summon damage% ( its up to your judgment whether its mechanism or summon). it is not elemental damage so it works like general dmg%


Inventory is the amount of Slots your bag can carry

You Get 3 (no more) Additional Bags to add to your base bag slots, these are equipment that do not give any stats but allow carrying more items.

Backstab Damage

Backstab damage increases the amount of damage you deal from Behind the target.

Everyone has a Base Backstab damage bonus of 20%, this only applies when your directly behind your target, its sometimes a good strategy to get behind your opponent before attacking , can sometimes be worth the risk of lock.

Backstab Resistance

Backstab resistance is a stat that reduces the damage you take from your Back, if your backstab resistance is greater than your opponents backstab damage you will take less damage from the back than you take from the front or side.

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