Wakfu Luck Earth Ecaflip Guide

Wakfu Luck Earth Ecaflip Guide by HayhaSimo

Basically, when your looking into this, your either looking into high dps in CHANCE, it will never be consistent. Your role will be an all rounded team player as well as damage with your critical chance and lucky (or unlucky) skill damage that you get from several main skills such as All In, Jackpot, Craps.. etc.. (other skills use at your descretion as the chance of hitting high are much lower.) Since ecaflips support spells are basically unhelpful in much situations, the most important (for earth ecaflip) would mostly be Paws Off, Cat Tree and Meowthbreak. Since reading this forum, not much emphasis has been put into Meowthbreak. Meowthbreak is a much needed support skill for the ecaflip because of its cost of 1 WP and the ability of having a total of 10%-25% extra crit for yourself and your teammates. This crit will help you gain more access to your dps if you think your not dealing enough or are being unlucky, the sexy crit will help you out alot. So basically, I will start with leveling: (NOTE: CHARACTER LEVEL IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS your SKILL LEVEL, FOR ECAFLIP, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO LEVEL YOUR DAMAGE SKILLS BY KILLING LOW LEVEL MOBS FIRST SO THAT YOUR POWER SKILLS WILL HELP YOU NOT BE A FREAKIN CAT WIMP IN LV 30+)

1-5: Incarnam mobs
5-12: Gobball mobs
12-16: Gobball mobs still
16-20: Larva/ Sunflower mobs
: Dont even read this guide your on your own, Prespic/ Blibli if you have friends XD

YOU WILL NEED TO level your main earth skills, prefebully 1-2 focused skills that are your usually used ones, these would be your main dps- stacked with your crit. Of course when you play as an ecaflip, I would say.. it would be harder in Bonta because of the lack of drops from the Buk Set. Buk Set price are usually monopolized in Bonta for it’s rarety. (main sets: gobbal, royal gob, buk set, str gain sets or pure crit sets for the fun) Make sure at every level your character’s level does not exceed your spell level. If this happens, you will be demotivated and discouraged because of your suck damage compared to your beta OP friends (usually sacri, xelor and iop (noobs use these classes). Make sure you get your str sets to help to in later levels. You should put more importance in the spells that do EARTH damage instead of All In because this spell is risky because of it’s pure damage in AP and the reliance on the extra AP you have. The damage gain is only +1 per AP for every 10 levels and the chance of double damage is lowered so.. nah. xD

All In ( AP based damage + good range) :
AP: Damage for every AP point you have AP>0
Range: 2-4 except spaces around you
Normal DMG: 1(8)/AP (point 5% chance to double/AP)
CRIT:1(8)/AP (point 10% chance to double/AP)

Although the damage may seem significant early on in the game, damage will decrease over time as well you hit lv 100, it is still earth damage and will be effected by the bonuses in your inventory. May be quite useful in team situations and stacks with Meowthrike crit. Semi-useful spell. although when you dont double damage it can be dissapointing xD However, it does not have as much potential damage as Jackpot and Lottery. The reason why the crit stacks well is because it increases the potential of double damage which -> Max Meowhit 25% crit will make you have each AP have a stacked 10% chance of dealing double damage in total which can be devastating to enemies.
Jackpot (will be most ecaflips main melee) :
AP: 6
Range: 1-3, with 3 surrounding units of damage


  • Deals 5(60) Damage
  • Either
    • 30% Chance: Quake
    • 65% Chance: Caster: +5(+20) Dodge
    • 15% Chance: Heals 2(30) HP

WILL NOT damage significantly in early stages of an ecaflips grinding stage, damage will increase over time when you hit lv 100, it is earth damage and would stack with any earth bonuses you have on your current armour. 30% consistent Quake, not so usuful dodge and the heal can be devastating but has More chance than hitting double on all in.. so yea lol. WILL be a very useful skill in your later ecaflip life.

You can also try the HoT build but it is tedious and very boring :/

I hope this add’s to some of the knowledge of some Ecaflip fans and I hope I can win some of you over because honestly this class is a fun gamble with much frustration and tearful win. Being an Ecaflip enthusiast since Dofus, I wouldn’t say this class would be a dominant damage class but is fun and will not stay this weak because of future updates. We’re only in the beta-test guys. Hope this helps.

Also if u want to gamble big, play a pure lottery eca Happy Gaming

If anyone wants to add feel free because I think this is the way to go in terms of being a dominant ecaflip in a air Iop world. Ty ~ sad cat

Additional Info by Resonate

I’m playing an Earth Ecaflip with all of what I consider as best earth type spells, including All-in, Crap, Jackpot, Lottery and of course Head or Tail. I’d like to comment about some of these spells that were mentioned in Hayhasimo’s guide.

All-in: This spell is strong, no doubt about that. The chance of double damage occurring & the amount of damage rely on the remaining AP. So you definitely should try to increase your AP permanently (investing points into AP, wearing AP boosting equipment) and also provide opportunity to gain additional AP (level 1 of Ecaflip’s Tarot gives chance to receive +2 AP). So without wearing AP boosting equipment, at around level 40, you will occasionally have 9 AP in a turn and consideration of using All-in should only occur in those turns, unless you only want to spend up the remaining amount of AP and are okay with no double damage. Although the description might say 2 damage per AP or 3 damage per AP, I believe at each increase in level, there is a decimal increase in damage per AP. So you can’t feel the difference between All-in level 28 (2 damage per AP) and All-in level 29 (3 damage per AP) at all.

Jackpot: Instead of 60% getting +5(20) dodge, the effect is actually -5(20) lock to a target. The spell aims at 3 cells surrounding a cell so the maximum number of targets is 3. Each can be hit with different effect. So if all 3 targets get hit by – lock effect, each of them will have their lock -5(20) depending on the spell level. It is not +5(20) dodge to the caster accumulatively so this effect is not as attractive as Hayhasimo described.
Also, the quake effect does not cause 100% of the normal damage, more like 50%-75%. I’d say it’s good if you have it, okay without having it and bad if you get the heal effect instead. This spell is the least used spell in the battle because its damage output is so low that the fact that it hit multi-target doesn’t affect the decision to use it or not in terms of damage dealing. The factor that makes you should have it is that it is a close combat spell that doesn’t cost wakfu point, easy to train (because it costs 6 AP so 1 cast per battle is sufficient to distribute spell exp to it), no line of sight required and less retarded than some other spells.

Lottery: This should be your real melee spell. More than often, it deals average to very high damage for 5 AP and 1 WP. With critical, it deals beyond high damage. My earth Eca at level 40 once hit 100+ damage with Lottery in Critical. And I still have more AP to do another spell (not All-in). Mind you this skill has upper limit at level 100 of 100 damage without critical (with critical it is 150, highest in the game).

Nevertheless, in all cases, the only true gambling spell here is Lottery because it gives you some abnormally rewarding results. For all the rest of spells, including All-in, you can achieve higher and more consistent damage by using a good earth based single target weapon (preferably a sword or two-handed sword). The characteristics of Ecaflip’s earth spells are damage, pure damage with various range and nothing else so it is not difficult to train all skills evenly and you should aim to do so. When I use All-in at 9 AP at level 40, usually out of 3 chance, 2 of them will be double damage, dealing 62 times 2 = 124 damage per cast for 9 AP cost. If I use royal gobsword twice, I can hit 56 times 2 = 112 for 8 AP. So 112 times 3 = 336 is greater than 124 times 2 + 62 = 310. All-in double damage effect can happen 1 out of 3 tries or not occurring at all.

To achieve such high damage with royal gobsword, I have really high %earth damage bonus by wearing a mix of different clothes. But more importantly, all of my earth spells are at level 33-34. I’m not sure if HayhaSimo is correct at telling you to train against low level mob to train skills. Surely, obtaining high spells level in comparison to normal level is correct but I find the ratio of normal exp/spell exp from fighting very high level mob is smaller (you gain more spell exp per normal exp) than fighting low level mob. Maybe he has been fighting alone most of the time and hasn’t tried teaming up and taking on a group of equal level to higher level monsters. It is even better if you can have a friend or someone to help you train by fighting extremely high level monster (level 40-50) while you just stand there, use skill and earn exp. There is a limit of how much exp you can earn so your normal level cannot raise as fast as your spell level. So before level 30, with that method, you can have your spell level at several level higher than your own level. Actually you can keep that going at higher level if there’s someone strong enough to help you fight against level 60 monsters on some used-to-be neutral islands.

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