Wakfu Agility Iop Guide

Wakfu Agility Iop Guide by Brookski

Okay guys searching the Iop forum I find quite a bit of information regarding agility iops but I am always stuck thinking is this the best way or not. I started playing this game 3 days ago so I am by no means a pro player I have an agility Iop level 25. But I was a beginner just like you and i was stuck wondering whether i should listen to the guy below the wall of text explaining what skills are the best.

Never fear there are 2 options here.

Option 1: Survivability first!
This involves spending your first 150 status points on health, yes health! But i want to PVP too I will be too weak!!! Wrong Health points are perfect for both PVP and PVE. After your first 150 status points are spent on health, your next 150 status points are spent on critical hits! Why you ask? Because later on you will see a need for every 1 in 5 attacks to critical, in both PVP and PVE. Rinse and repeat with this option, after you have finished putting 150 in critical hits then 150 in health and 150 in crits until critical hits is MAXED! (after that you should be in no need of my guide!) If you feel you need to be a little tankier then take this option, I personally opted for the next option.

Option 2: The all-rounder.
This involves spending your first 100 status points on health, why? Read above I dont give a tl;dr version. After that spend your next 150 status points on critical hits. Rinse and repeat.

To begin with farm yourself a wodent set!
Then combine peices with your nations set. As a beginner i suggest you choose Anakma as your nation it is the best!!!
Buy a Adventure set until you hit level 15
Levels 15-30 use a tofu set the +1mp is nice when fighting groups and surrounded Gutting x2 is always good!.
*edit Thanks to resonate* You can practically go naked XD it’s up to you items to me make the game funner so these items are a recommendation.

*edit thanks to Resonate, Authority should be maxed first, on reconsidering these support spells my first ideas were wrong, Authority should be taken first as it provides a very nice stacking power ability enabling you to maximize your damage output in both PVP and PVE. Compulsion should be taken next for a very nice 40% permanent damage buff, stacking with power giving a total of 140% damage increase if rolled properly. After this it is decision you must make yourself, whether to get expert locker allowing a certain edge in specific battles or to choose something else entirely.

WHERE SHOULD I TRAIN ????? (Anakma only) *My recommended spots if you have to solo*
Stay incarnam until level 8 or 10
If level 8 then fight bow meows once you reach anakma until level 10
from level 10-16 fight the gobbals goblettes and gobblys
16-25 fight in the wild priare killing single gobbals if solo or group gobbals if you have a group
25-40 fight YOUNG DRHELLERS in the drhellery, this requires a group, if you cant find a group then continue at the wild priare.

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