Wakfu Ecosystem Guide

Wakfu Ecosystem Guide by KayleKhan

Here’s a little help… (oh yeah, and I used paint to make the red circles, those aren’t really in-game)

1- (The red circle around no bonuses) This means whether you are getting the bonuses or not. Simple.

2-(Red circle around 300) Shows how many of that species there are there. 300 in this case.

3-(Red circle around blue filled up/over spilling bottle) Shows how many there are in a graphical way. And also, it shows where the range should be in order to get the bonus that I was talking about. You can’t really see it in the picture, but there are two lines there. One represents the maximum amount there can be for the bonus, and the other represents the minimum amount there can be for the bonus.

4-(Red circle around the star) This shows numerically how many of that species there are.

The reason that we’re not getting the bonus despite being within the range 200-300, is because it’s actually higher than that, it just hasn’t updated.

And if you’re wondering, the bar with the S is the Stasis/Wakfu meter. Stasis=black, Wakfu=white. If you have an S, that means you’re leaning toward Stasis. Also, if you hover over the bar, it’ll say what % Stasis/Wakfu you are.

Oh yeah, and the bonus is different for Clan Member area. But what happens is (if it hasn’t changed) the Clan Member will, when pleased with the amount of the primary (basically favorite/main) species there, add a bonus to anyone within that nation. Doesn’t matter where you are, it should buff you from the whole place. The bonus is fairly small, but still something that’s worth working for to get for a little bit.

Clan Member stuff, I guess.

1- Which clan Member it is, and the green border means he’s happy (look at my past post to see what I mean).

2-Spell bars. If you hit b, they change to item bars.

3-I’m hovering over the black/white bar, and it shows my Citizenship. Higher=better, I suppose. Lower=you have been going against what the governor says, I suppose. Haven’t actually done anything with it yet.

4-The Citizenship bar. Black=bad, I guess, and white=good. Visual version of 3.

… The red circle around the sun underneath 1 (forgot to number it) opens up the weather. Weather doesn’t actually change much it seems, but it just makes it rain/snow/sunny or whatever. Nice little feature. Also, if you look at the right top, it says the time of the day (it becomes a bit dark at night). Nice little things, but they don’t change much.
Little-bit about Wakfu/Stasis.

1-The item bar. Hit b, it changes to spell bar. It also holds emotes.

2-The Wakfu/Stasis bar. As you can see, I’m 4% Stasis.

3-This is what’s used to plant animals. Look below to see how to harvest it.
Interacting with the animals.

1-(Big list of the guys/their levels) It’s what shows when you hover over a guy. It shows which mob he belongs to, and what’s in the mob/their levels. The green thing means that it’s easy for your level (less experience I think), red means too hard (less experience I think), and orange means a good level range (best experience I think).

2-(Sword) Click to start a fight. Normally it glows/sparkles silver, because it gives Stasis, but when the Clan Member (CM) is happy, it doesn’t give you anything.

3-(Potion thingy) Click to harvest the essence (***z) of the animal. Different monsters need different levels of Trapper to do this.

4-(Hand) You can use this to take other stuff. Depends on species to species, and needs different levels depending on species to do this (different levels of the profession, not the character level).

5-(Semi-transparent character) Look at my guy (the one with the red cape/rabbit hat) and then his. His is more transparent, and he’s wielding a weapon. This means he is in combat (note that they won’t always be wielding a weapon, there are different animations for every character for when they’re in a fight, plus the animation for when they’re using their weapon).

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