Wakfu Citizenship Points Guide

Wakfu Citizenship Points Guide by AndreasPJ

Small introduction Hello readers, I’ve wanted to make this guide for a while. I’ve just been collecting information and double-checking certain things, before I decided to make this guide.

Now all the information that will follow below, will be out of my own experience, I’ve not depended on anyone (though there is a point below, which I’ll mark, where others have informed me, but I haven’t been able to confirm yet), though some of the info is also written on Wakfu.com.

I’d also like to so, that my English could be better, and that I don’t mind getting constructive criticism.

The points themselves There are two types of points, which you can gain through doing various things in wakfu.
First off is the good kind, which is called citizenship points, they’re green. Green is good, yay.
Second off is there disgrace, disgrace is the opposite of citizenship points, and can get you into trouble, buuuh!

Stasis and Wakfu. You gain Stasis when you kill/destroy and Wakfu when you reproduce/plant. Simple, BUT! It has nothing to do with the way you will gain or lose citizenship points. So if you have Stasis at, lets us say 50% and you plant (which generates Wakfu) you will still gain points, if the circumstances are right. And another thing, Stasis makes your Gemli purple and Wakfu makes it blue. I think it shows how you play this game.

Losing points!
There is different ways of losing your points, one way is to attack people from your own nation or allied nations, this will result in getting -10 disgrace points, for each time you attack someone. Then there is harvesting/killing when the clan member is unhappy (this only counts for that clan member which is in the same area, as you’re, meaning doing bad stuff in one area, doesn’t affect another land), this will result in getting -3 disgrace points. Overdoing things and by this I mean helping too much, will end up getting disgrace as well. Planting too many trees or reproducing too many gobbals as an example, will end up giving you disgrace points too, so you need to keep the ecosystem balanced.

Gaining points! Getting points is when you repair the ecosystem. If there are too many trees, chop down some trees and you will get citizenship points, weee! But again, don’t overdo things, or it will backfire. You can also gain citizenship points by helping your nation conquering new lands (this will give you 50 citizenship points), or by killing outlaws/enemies from opposing nations (they must be on your nations lands! NOTE THIS! But if someone from an opposing nation steps into your nations lands, they will be marked outlaws, so it wont be hard to tell that difference). And before you attack someone, do make sure that you check if you get points or lose points by doing this, it can happen that there are visual bugs, I’ve seen them, though I think they have been fixed, not sure, just keep an eye out on what you’re doing.

Now there is a last way of gaining points, but this is the thing I haven’t confirmed, yet! By donating kamas to certain things, you should then gain around (again please don’t crucifie me if this turns out to be wrong) 10 citizenship points for every 100 kama you donate.
!EDIT! This method had been confirmed, yet only for Amaknians. Currently you can donate kamas for opening Emelka (Yugo’s home!!!), but, but! Just because Bontarians wont gain any citizenship points, they can still donate, so they can hunt for the achievements. I suggest you donate in packs of 100 kamas to get your 10 citizenship points (and yes it gives that much!), any number over 100 kamas will go to waste, since you will still only gain 10 cp. AND! If you donate 50 kamas one time, come back and donante 50 kamas again, you wont gain citizenship points. Keep this in mind, since many might think oh yeah, lets go farm some, come back and farm some more! Now the gate to Emelka is in Traff Algar Square, the city to the north in Amakna. The gate is before the big bridge leading to Emelka.

Was has an effect on you gaining/losing points. But this is only if you’re on enemy territories! Each action against the ecosystem in a enemy land, will result in -3 disgrace points (depending on the laws).

Outlaws The bad people, or the unlucky who doesn’t quite understand the ecosystem. You become a outlaw once you have -50 disgrace points. When you’re an outlaw, people can attack you, and instead of getting disgrace points, they will get citizenship points. When an outlaw is arrested, they will be sent into prison, there they can do community service by mining rocks (and polish them to ”increase” their value, and the amount of points you get). When you reach 0 citizenship points you’re then free, but wait? Isn’t it tempting to stay and farm more points? It’s, but you can’t get more then 0 citizenship points, when in prison, if you reach 10 citizenship points, you’ll loose them. AND! You can’t leave prison unless you 0 citizenship points.

The tricks Now here comes the trick I’ve picked up, while farming those gobbals for the gobbal set and other things. There is a portrait of the clan member which is active in the area you’re in, you can only see one clan member at the time, so don’t worry about multiple opinions!
There three types of colours that can be around the clan members’ portrait, which are the following:
Red then you know that the ecosystem needs some help, and if you’re so kind to restore the balance, you’ll be rewarded with points. For example if the area is really low on trees, and you plant some trees, you’ll then gain points until, the colour around the portrait is green again (this wont mean the ecosystem is restored), when it is green you wont gain anymore points, but hey? Restoring order is a good thing right?
White is almost the same as with red, though the clan member isn’t too p*****. The same rules as before, keep planting/doing good deeds and you’ll gain points, until the portrait colour is green again.
Green means all is good! You can go kill all those gobbals you’ve always dreamed of! Yet… keep in mind that at some point, you’ll need to reproduce some! (Keep an eye on the portrait, that gives you a idea of what is happening!)

The Ecosystem It’s controlled by you, that means that too few animals gives you a bad ecosystem, and a p***** clan member. To view the ecosystems progress, click ”w” and a window will open, this window have 6 containers (though not all are active, and not all affects the mood of your clan members). These containers have a maximum and a minimum of that one specimen, before it becomes unbalanced. Some areas have three things that you need to keep controlled, some has one and some has two, it’s different. If you kill enough gobbal, for example, the containers’ filling will drop, if you reproduce enough gobbals it will fill up, simple as that. To keep track on the containers, there is this line on each container, with a number out to the left side of it, if this number doesn’t culminate with the lowest or max allowed number of species, then everything is super-duper.

Now this is the end of my guide, thanks for reading it, you’re welcome to leave a comment with your opinion about this, constructive criticism or some correction to some of my theories/thoughts.

And remember most of this is based on my own experience.

Russer – Remington
PS! You’re welcome to contact me in game, I don’t mind See you around

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