Wakfu Earth/Air Rogue Guide

Wakfu Earth/Air Rogue Guide by Trayes

Hey all!

In game I am known as Double Dee or DD for short. I am an Earth/Air Rogue. I have played as Pure Earth, Earth/Fire and Earth/Air. Currently I am Earth/Air because I feel like it fills in a lot of Earths weaknesses. I am writing this guide because I don’t feel like enough people share info on classes. I am not good at writing guides and if someone would like to take my info and make it better please feel free to do so. Now ONTO THE GUIDE!!

This is not a guide to teach you how to level. This is a guide to show you what you will be trying to do later in the game.

First lets talk about the mains spells you will be using for each element. I will be rating these 1-5 and telling you how useful I find them endgame.


Piercing Shot: (Rating 5) Best earth skill you have. Great damage and great for UBs. Perfect cost for a 10 AP build. This spell should be your main range spell and will be most of your earth damage. This is the only spell you rank to level 100 in the earth tree.

Pulsar: (Rating 3) This is your 2nd best spell. It is not perfect in any way but it can help you finish guys off that have low HP with your left over MP. This spell only needs to be leveled to key points. 64 (8 dmg per AP/MP used), 73 (9 dmg per AP/MP used), 82 (10 dmg per AP/MP used), 91 (11 dmg per AP/MP used), 100 (12 dmg per AP/MP used). I feel like 64 and 73 will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Personally I run it at level 64 until I can get some more spell level gear at witch point I will increase it to 73.

Blam: (Rating 2) This as well as Machine gun are both kind of meh. Not great but it has its uses. I feel like this is slightly better than Machine gun because of the AOE part of it. I only have levels in this because i need them to get earth damage.

Machine Gun: (Rating 2) Same as Blam. Not great but it can be used in close range as well as can be shot in any direction. Damage isn’t great but it has utility. I only have level in this for my earth damage.

Crossfire (Rating 1) I hate this spell and I think it is crap. Really! That is all I have to say about this spell.


Longsword (Rating 5) I love this spell. It has good reach and can deal solid AOE damage. When combined with rogue master it can be a free spell. Crazy right? I have never had it return 6 AP but I have had it return 5 AP many times. Really great spell and combos really well with earth spells. Longsword with 1 Ap returned leads to a piercing shot > Pulsar. Pretty solid combo. If you return 2 AP you can do a double longsword. Overall great spell and it gets the most levels in air for me.

Slap Shot (Rating 4) Awesome spell and a great way to spend 1 AP. This is my 2nd highest spell in air. Main levels this spell would need to be are 67/75/84/82/100 I dont think I would ever take it to 100 but 92 is still pretty great. 67 is the lowest I would ever let it go. Note that the difference between 10 damage and 11 damage is 9 spell levels instead of 8. That makes level 84 the LEAST efficient use of XP. 75 is a great level to stick with.

Boomerang Dagger (Rating 3.5) Good spell that can be great with AP return procs. Ignores Line of Sight and hits AOE. On crits it does an extra attack. Good spell if line of sight to your target is blocked. You will need to pick between This or Barbecued Ribs as your 3 spell to level (Depending on how you like to play your Rogue this could also take the place of Slap Shot as the 2nd spell to level.)

Barbecued Ribs (Rating 3) This is a solid spell. I find the Crit part of this spell to be kind of pointless. However you can do some pretty solid damage with this spell. (This will pretty much always be the 3rd or 4th spell on your list. It is good for doing some 0 AP damage to finish a target off but at the cost of WP.)

Roguery (Rating 3) Overall it is a solid skill and it has its uses. You will not be putting many levels into this spell due to its very low damage and you can get the full effect without putting levels into it. This will be the lowest level spell in your air tree.

Level all Fire skills evenly to about level 20-25

Active Specialties

Fusillade (Rating 3) This skill has its uses. If a target needs to die THIS TURN and is in the perfect spot for you. This skill is useful. However it is lower overall damage per turn. Rogues can only Surprise Shot 2 times per turn. So with this skill the Rogue can get 0-2 Surprise shots. Without this skill and taking 2 turns like normal the player has a chance at 0-4 Surprise Shots. I am not a big fan of this skill but I still max it (near the end of my leveling) just in case.

Remote Control (Rating 1) This has no use for us so skip it.

Magnetic Claw (Rating 5) Amazing skill and can be used in many very cool ways. Here is one of my favorite ways to use the skill. Longsword > Roguery > Slap Shot until AP is 0 > Magnetic Claw > Pulsar or run away. Magnetic Claw cost 0 AP to push an enemy if you have 0 AP. Pulling Allies is always 0 AP. This is a great skill and should always be maxed.

Boombot (Rating 1) This amazing Earth Rogue tool was killed with the changes. He use to be AMAZING with Blam. Now he is useless to us as Earth Rogues. Skip this skill.

Smoke (Rating 4) This is a very powerful skill. It has its uses. I max this near the end of my leveling.

Passive Specialties

Bomber Fan (Rating 1) This does nothing for us. Do not put points into it.

Surprise Shot (Rating 5) Amazing!! Piercing shot + Surprise Shot = HUGE DAMAGE! You pretty much always max this first when using an Earth build.

Initiator (Rating 5) For us this skill is great because we are a hybrid build. Just make sure you are using gear with Ini or putting points into it.

Runaway (Rating 1) DO NOT GET THIS!!! This can get you or your team killed. This is something you do not control.

Rogue Master (Rating 5) Very cool skill. 40 ini and chance to return AP per AP used. The best part about it is this is what makes Earth/Air really work well together. Longsword into Piercing shot because of AP restored is AMAZING.

Alright! That is all the skills and how I feel about them. Next we will talk about spending your Ability Points.

Must Have!!!
+1 AP
+1 MP

Great to have
+100 Initiave (at least)


More Initiave

Lets do a quick chat about what you are looking for in an endgame build.

Earth Damage 350-400%
Air Damage 350-400%
Critical Hits 25-40%

Bonus stats to look for

Backstab Damage
Critical Hit Damage

If people like this guide please comment. If you want more info just let me know and I will post more. Have a great day everyone!

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