Dekaron Twinblade Vicious Summoner Guide

Dekaron Twinblade Vicious Summoner Guide by Roiyaru

I’ve played VS for a long time now, though this is my first character made on GH I actually began playing December of 2007 on Trieste as a summoner. I simply came here as a newb because I wanted a new start. This is a short compilation of my knowledge. This guide reflects my play style and experience so I hope you find it useful. I still learn new things about the game all the time, everyone can always improve. If your going to comment please read the whole thing (it wont be very long) everything ties in together.
This guide is based on the assumption that you understand the game and have some experience. This guide does not elaborate on Staff summoners. Don’t make fun of me if i haev a lawt o speling erers…

TB vicious summoners have many perks that other classes do not. I would describe us as the perfect pk class. We have the ability to summon pets and have them killed to get rid of IP, which is gained after pking people. Leveling is faster solo then other classes, our pets allow us to gather 6 mobs instead of the normal three. Our cosmos skills are some of the sexiest in game.


I use a heal build, plain and simple. I put in requirments for weapons and add +4 strength to the requirment since using a +9 weapon (If you by chance happen to ever get one) requires 4 extra strength. Say i hit the level 85 weapon, that level i start putting in str points till I am +4 of the requirment for level 95 weapon. I only start putting in spirit at the very last 2 levels to hit the requirment. In between I pour everything else into health.

I put that in a way that can be a little difficult to comprehend, in case you didn’t get it ill try to explain it to you. At certain levels throughout game play you get new twinblade weapons. Each time you switch to a new twin blade you have a higher strength and spirit requirement. So while you are leveling towards your next available twinblade, you meet that strength requirement and 4 extra points of strength. After that is done, you put the rest of your points in health each level, until you are 2 levels away from being able to use your new twinblades. Then you take the time to meet the spirit requirement for your weapon by adding in the proper amount of spirit. Any leftover points by the time you reach the new weapon go in Health and you start over again until you reach the next weapon.

All it is is simply meeting the requirements for the weapon in a certain order.

1.) Weapon strength requirement +4 extra.
2.) All points in health.
3.) Meet spirit requirement for weapon.

The fact that you put spirit in last is important because as a twin blade summoner spirit does very little to nothing for you. It wont make much of a difference but every little bit helps.

Later on, when you have stronger gear and are a higher level, you may feel comfortable with a more mixed build and adding more strength is ok. The defense given to you by your gear and the fact that you are more knowledgeable about your character by now will give you much more survivability, so by the later levels feel free to experiment and pour in the balance of health and strength you feel comfortable with. Just remember not to completely neglect health.

This is the best build for any event such as DeadFront, Crevice, Crespo Dungeon, Party pvp, and even regular pvp. You have high defense and a load of health. You can be counted on to not be 2 or 3 shotted and you do not rely on a segnale. As a TwinBlade summoner you need to be able to tank since most of your skills are close combat. A paper full strength Vicious Summoner isn’t really viable unless it’s just for fun or you have full +9 DN 130 gear and 2x spell plumes…

I will explain the benefit of a heal build summoner in pvp in section 4.
I will explain how stats coordinate with rings and earings in section 2.


Summoners have decent defense on their equipment, the only classes who beat them in armor defense are Bagi’s and Azure Knights. Until Fear df socketing your armor doesn’t matter, you are to low level to spend money on socketing and argating since you level so quickly. Once you begin socketing your armor at Apreit set, always fill your armor with medials. Its easy to find +21 medials off akris. Don’t worry about +25 medials until 90+ or beyond. Also, do not even think about +ing your stuff until your in the higher levels, at least in the 80’s. Remember that +1-3 is pretty much useless and adds very little in terms of defense. If you are going to + your stuff go at least +4 for the bonuses that pants, gloves, and boots give you.

Do not think about teir 1 or teir 2 armor, its expensive and you outlevel it too fast for it to matter. Wait until you hit Teir 3 set. Teir 3 armor is one of the best sets available to you, If you cannot afford the boots and pants you must get at least the gloves. You will use them until the 130, Le Cruz gloves. The chest and helm Teir 3 are usless since they cannot be socketed. By the time you get to T3 items i would at least attempt to +4 your gloves, they give crit rate as their bonus which is very helpful.

At higher levels, it’s a good idea to think about creating a resistance set of armor along with your normal medialed armor (Helm and Chest) with all magic defense gems in it or different high resistance gems.


With weapons you should always use a twin sword. Until level 54 if your going to socket your weapons use + damage rhombus which drop from akris. Once you hit the 54 weapon, Harpas, % gems will begin to do more damage. Always put poison percent gems in your weapon, at least 4%, that you can get from akris. Don’t worry
about argating or mavricing your weapon until later levels since you out level your weapons very quickly in the lower levels. I wont say what levels are appropriate because this is a subject often highly debated between people. Don’t think about adding 5% gems until higher levels also. They are very expensive and unnecessary for low levels. For staff, only use the staff that your TwinBlades spirit requirement allows. You will only need to do this once you go hybrid for cosmos. Always add poison percent gems to your Staff.

Use pure or unpure strength rings, you will be a heal build so it doesn’t matter if constitution gets taken off by unpure earings but still attempt to find pure if you can afford them. You will also use + damage rings most often. The earings and the rings will make up for your lack of damage being a heal build. Always hold onto 3 necklaces of each resistance (including defense) in your stash. It is nice to have them if your going against a boss with certain element attacks or a massive physical attack. You can get level 60 resist necks from akris. Its convenient to have, especially if you know your going into a dungeon where high resistances are required such as curse resistance for later rounds of crevice, or fire resistance for the sub boss in Deadfront. What necks or rings you wear are very situational, always be prepared for any situation.

At low levels, if you can afford it, equip 1 black dragon ring. When you first begin it is a godsend and helps amazingly, I was only able to do this because I had it on my previous characters.

Once you get higher levels, 85+, equip the Dark eye that you get from a quest. It gives 15% to all resistances which comes useful in every situation since many high level mobs have element attacks and in pvp most everyone uses % gems with elements. Eventually you will want to upgrade it to give you 17% all resistance by doing many boring Crespo runs and turning in the obsidian’s to the gift exchange lady in Loa next to Sonia, the knight weapon merchant. This may be dull but it is also a good way to stock up on argates for higher level argating or money for wings.

I will elaborate on how Dark eye is helpful in pvp in Section 4.
I will talk about “going hybrid for cosmos” in Section 3.


As you can see above, you have 6 skill sections. Beast, Libido, Cosmos, Staff, Twin Blade, Transup. I prefer to separate Staff from Twin blade. The 2 points left go to the transup skills I edited, they wouldn’t fit the page. This guide also assumes that you are at least a recruited trainee.

Only get fishing if your going to get a veterans amulet… otherwise it isn’t worth it. If so, the malakites are definitely worth it.


Beast Mastery-
You will only upgrade Beast mastery once.

Grewpain is a simple flying pet that does ice damage. Sometimes it has the effect of slowing your opponent. Only put 1 point into him.

Regulus is a lion like pet that has the quickest attack out of all your summons, he has an ability that reduces your opponents hp by x amount per second. Put him at level 4 for now. After the reskill leave him at level 1

Selaime is a fire demon with an ability that takes away your foes hp by x amount per second. Her attack has a very small aoe range. level her to 4, after the reskill keep her at 1.

Bregon is probably your single most important pet. He can attack from a range, has a small aoe and a wide aoe skill called boomerange. He decreases your opponents defense drastically, causing you to do more damage and any others who are attacking the same thing/ person. Max him to level 5.

Agares has the strongest attack of all your summons. He has a base attack that is a small ranged aoe, a secondary attack that is a larger aoe, and his final attack, meteor, which causes poison damage to be multiplied by three. His attacks have a chance of greatly reducing your opponents hp. Max him to level 5 and his skill.

you will only upgrade libido and everything on the libido skill tree once, until you reach musfel. He is a nice tank on higher level maps and makes up for agares’s lack of hp and defense. Max his level and his skill.

Cross hack- Its the first skill you get when you begin the game, not really even considered a TB skill. dont level it past 1.

Twin Mastery-
Upgrade it to the max ASAP, it gives 30% extra damage when maxed.

Blade Spin-
Nice skill for lower levels, but dont level it past one. A simple 3 hit combo.

Spirit dagger-
One of the best skills you own, upgrade it until maxed. Begins as a 1 hit range skill and turns into a 5 hit range skill that does massive damage by level 92. Also is an linear aoe skill.

Blood bats-
Probably the most underrated skill in game. It is A MUST HAVE. Max it to level 10 as soon as possible. It is the only skill that can heal you (3000 in 1 second) and saves my life often enough in pve situations where I see others die. It also is a small linear aoe. Not to mention money spent on potions…..Just do me a favor and never use it in pvp.

Devil Swing-
One of my favorite skills. In the lower levels probably your strongest pvp skill available. It does amazing damage and will be used all throught the game. A 7 hit combo. Max its level, 10. Also a great pk skill.

Blade Dance-
Your first serious aoe, max it until level 97 when you reskill, then don’t even get it again.

Poison Sword-
3 hits of physical damage, no not poison. It increases your poison damage by 14% at max. Max it to level 10

Shadow Revenge-
A 4 hit combo that grants at max level 38% range resistance for 12 seconds. Max it to level 10. Very powerful skill to be used against ranged characters like Staff summoners, Mage, and Hunter.

Skin of the foreign Realm-
This skill adds a large amount of defense and reflects back your opponents attack partially. Upgrade it to level 10, it is your only buff until Action 7…unless you consider transup a buff.

Staff Mastery- only put 1 point in this skill at level 97 when you reskill, until then dont touch it.

Here are some of the most powerful skills available to you and the reason you re-skill at 97.

Hell Burst-
When you re-skill at 97 you will add this skill to your retinue. Never take it past level 1. A 5 hit aoe combo that does poison damage.

Max this skill when you get it. It does massive poison damage in a 4 aoe hit skill. It will be used more for the effects since you wont do much damage with a low level staff. opponent cannot cast skills for 1.2 seconds, takes away 75% poison resistance for 5 seconds, takes 225 hp per second for 5 seconds, and reduces movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

Vicious Mirror-
Max it to level 10 when you reskill at 97. Its a 5 hit Aoe skill that does massive damage.

Dark Avatar-
A 9 hit aoe skill that is ranked among the most damaging skills in the game if the entire skill is allowed to hit. max it to level 10.

Transup Skills-

Simply put..if its a transup skill you max it.

Skill that puts you in transup mode, giving various buffs to your character and allowing you to use Transup skill- Fury explosion. Max it, the more points in it the longer the duration.

Fury Explosion-
Use this skill to actually blow up your pet, doing massive damage in one hit to all those around the pet. THE strongest 1 hit skill in game, max it.

Familiar Spirit-
A powerful multi hit skill that does massive damage to your opponent within an AOE circle. Max it.

Soul Link-
A skill that shares the damage with your pet, massively reducing the damage done to you (Up to 25%). Max it.

S4- PVE combat tips-
Pve may not always be the most enjoyable part of the game, but it has its high points and is also necessary to leveling your character. Here is where you AoE skills become most important and your pet becomes an advantage.

Where to go-

levels 1-60 are extremely easy leveling, simply do every single quest and dead front you possibly can and you will hit it in no time. Now you will be able to do Crespo dungeon, have a high level party you and come in with him, you will level very quickly to about level 70 after a few runs in there or spending time at crespo coordinates 88, 88 in a party. After that comes long boring grind parties in Draco desert with the Cq board. Until level 80 when you can do the carbon CQ in python castle. After doing Carbon Cq and dead fronts you will hit level 90 when you can do crevice dungeon until you finally hit level 102 and become a winger. If you don’t want to level in crevice then Avalon island is also a good place to go since you will need to farm vouchers for earl dead front anyway.

Using your pet-
As a summoner you have the ability to lure twice as many mobs as any other class with your summoned pet. Be sure to take advantage of that and keep your pet on follow while gathering mobs around you as to make sure he doesn’t attack the mobs and leave them behind. Make sure you are able to hotkey your pet back to attack mode once you begin to Aoe the mobs. It is very important to learn how to do this as it will make you much more effective in pve and will soon become second nature to you.

Pve combo’s-
As a summoner you have very fast attacks, you should be able to keep the mobs continuously KB locked with almost any combination of skills. I preferred to go in this order- Dark Avatar, Shadow revenge, Spirit dagger, Familiar spirit, Vicious mirror and repeating if needed.

S5- pvp combat tips >=)
Pvp and DK square are my favorite aspects of the game, I wont write a guide on how to fight each class but here are a few tips and things to think about.

One of the most important things to do is learn A mode fighting, it will allow you to better position moves like palpus, dark avatar, and gain buffs from skills like shadow revenge before pvp commences or after.

Many people say that strength build is better because we have quick attacks, having more hp allows us to get off more attacks before dying. Strength build is only good if you are going to ambush an opponent. God forbid anyone else is there you will probably only get 1, maybe 2 good skills off before your kb locked and dead. No one likes a squishy… unless you’re a hunter.

In party pvp and dk square…please don’t run into the big mob of aoes unless you desire to commit suicide. Being a summoner you have plenty of ranged – semi ranged skills like familiar spirit, spirit dagger, palpus, and shadow revenge. Skirting the edges of battle picking people off is the best way to be most effective and stay alive.

If you are in a large group of people either go for a party 1v1 pvp or move to a less crowded area. This is a precaution so you dont lag and or accidentally click someone else.

When fighting the most important thing to do is think of what you opponent would do. Therefore I recommend that you play classes at some point to have a better understanding of them.

Always use the Dark Eye because all classes use some type of element in their weapon, and mages, Hunters, summoners, and segnales have element based attacks also.

Shadow revenge is a nice skill to use to get away from Curse field, the segnale will probably paralyze you and drop it on you or the same in a different order. Using Shadow revenge will immediately eject you from the Aoe area, the same strategy can be used against another summoner using Vicious mirror or a staff summoner using….. a lot of its skills xD. Most of a staff summoners skills are dodge able anyway.

Against any class its a decent idea to A mode palpus over you or in front of your enemy a a few seconds before pvp. This will waste no time on your part but just require you to quickly switch back to TB in that last second.

Time your skills, things like dark avatar are easily dodgeable. Try to make use of it when your opponent is in the middle of a skill and can’t dodge, its predictable if its your first move of the match.

When chasing down a hunter, dont simply follow after her in a straight line, its pretty easy to see the path she is going to take. Cut her off early to get to the attack, you dont want to give her a chance to make more distance between you and her.

Pay attention to the environment, say your fighting in parca.. how might a kiting hunter use those pools? How could a bagi pin you in between the walls and ledges with kb. Think out of the box.

Using Fury explosion on a seg is a good way to teach her that she cannot out heal you and to teach a hunter that she can’t continue to run away and malakite. Really against any class its an excellent finishing move though.

Stupid noobs will sometimes tell you, dont use your pet in pvp because its unfair. Tell them they they cant use bounce defender, genocide or transup in your pvp and its a deal. Your pet is a skill not a unfair advantage, them asking you not to use it is stupid and similar to them asking you not to use your skills.

Use Bregon in pvp’s unless its against a bagi. Bregon has a massive defense debuff that will help you acheive much higher damage against any class your pvping. Use agares against a bagi, since a bagi has a buff that allows it to be not affected by debuffs.

Never use Blood bats in a pvp…please o_O.

Alokens are often annoying when they use manashock, they will easily drain your whole mana pool and set you to running in big circles until your can recover your mana. Do the easy thing and render MS useless with fishies.

Lastly, never take an opponent lightly. Not respecting your opponents ability to play their character ( you don’t have to respect them as a person) can lead to an underestimation of him, which leads to the possibility of you getting destroyed and if you think the game is srs biznis, very humiliated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, feel free to critique it and if I find your information useful I will modify the guide. I know its not too elaborate and I could include a lot more, but its meant to be a basic guide for summoners.

PS: I also recommend you check out k4kashiii’s youtube channel to see summoners in action 7, and action 6.

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