Dekaron Nunvice Shrine Guide

Dekaron Nunvice Shrine Guide by Christin

Required lvl : 34+
Location : Southern Requies Beach (Denebe -> Requies Beach 315:360)
Time limit : 30 min
Dungeon cost : 10,000 DIL
Caution : watch out the group of gomori after destroying the seals.

This dungeon is only accessible alone and rewards 50,000 experiences for completing it. You can get the ring of soul by summoning the boss and killing it at the very end. But the ring of soul is not so great.

This is the entrance of the nunvice shrine! You better print the map b4 start. lol ya I had been lost when I played this dungeon for the very first time…
I will list important things down in point form. Because it’s easy to see! lol

Mission1: Underground Monastery
– talk w/ Regena to get in.
– kill 4 of spider queens and get their eggs in mission1 of the map
– kill Vassago (green point)
– kill Purkas the lord spider (ivory point)

Mission2: Training Ground of Space (TGS)
– b4 enter the TGS, destroy the treasure box (yellow) at the end of the path.
– destroy all the seals in the TGS and head back to the entrance.

Mission3: Inner Part of Shrine
– kill the mobs in front of you first and click the sealed statue of goddess.
– click ‘YESY!!! I will destroy the stone of seal for you!!!!!!!!’ gently.
– destroy the seals located at the end of each pathway (left and right), then go back to the statue and click it.
– mission complete! YAY~

EZ and simple! huh!!

If u hav more time, then u may go beyond the chamber and kill more mobs. If u got 3 nunvice relics (fang,thread,gem (each relic is acquirable in mission2 once every trial)), then u can summon bonus boss which gives the ring of soul. It will takes about 3~5min.

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