Dekaron Expedition Guide

Dekaron Expedition Guide by Sphirex

Index:1. Types of Expedition
2. Preparation
3. Walkthrough
4. Credits / Closing remark

1. Types of Expedition

There are 4 different types of the expedition which differ only in the Level field.

Expedition C Level 1-80
Expedition B Level 81-101
Expedition A Level 102-120
Expedition S Level 121+

2. Preparation

Your immediate action must be to choose a leader who will lead you through the whole expedition. Most likely it’s the most experienced player in the group, however with this Guide everyone will be able to lead such an event. To play it safe and raise your chances for success be sure the people listen to you. Perhaps set a few rules like the party chat isn’t for common chatting and the shout is reserved for the leader else it’ll be a pain to lead the Expedition.

What do I need? Raid the fridge and sack the town! Take all your cheese, cakes, wine etc. with you it’ll simplify the run but it’s not necessary quite different from the necklaces which may have to be fulfilled. Well if you’re limited to close range of course. I recommend Fire resistance and Ice resistance to you. You should wear the Ice resistance from the start to section 10 and then switch to your defense necklaces. During the fight against the bosses equip the fire resistance.

What classes are important? For the most part every class is important more importantly is the order of the classes in their certain groups. So basically take each class at least once purely and simply because of their pros and cons. For clarification:

Aloken: incredible buffs
Azure Knight: significant skill (bounce)
Bagi Warrior: awesome defense and tank / lure abilitys
Incar Magician: important damage dealer
Segnale: vital buffs and heals
Segita Hunter: strong single target skills + effect
Vicious Summoner: long range AoE’s

Now we’ll go over the order with a fine-tooth comb! As mentioned before the order is really important it’s the fastest way to notice if someone disconnected or died so kill two birds with one stone and order well so neither the group nor the segnales will have any unnecessary difficulties. Group Purple and Blue are mostly attacking parties and Group Green’s role is to clean up left over mobs and kill the stones. So the best Segnales (as measured by level) should be splitted into the leading Group Purple and Group Blue at stay at the top of their group. In case that you’ve a few “low” levels just order them to join Group Green.

3. Walkthrough

Here is the map I’m going to refer to in the following steps:

Section 1: Here is where everyone gathers up and gets ready to buff up etc.. It’s important that Segnales Fast Heal each person in their Party as much as they can.

Section 2: Run to the End of the Path! As soon as the Gates open for Expedition all the Parties should follow Group Purple’s driver, in the majority of cases it’s a Bagi, to the end of the path and then no one should attack until Group Purple does. If there are a few Mobs left over let Group Green clean them up. While they do so Group Purple and Group Blue should Regroup at the 2nd Gate and wait for it to drop down.

Section 3: Same procedure again mostly Group Purple and Group Blue push on and slowly move into the mobs and kill as much as they can. Once there are a few mobs left directions should be given for Group Purple and Group Blue to move on while Group Green stays in the back and kills the left over mobs. This method appears a lot in Expedition.

Section 4: Face Statues means Gem collecting time! Most people may not notice that as soon as you’ve killed all the mobs in up to Section 5 a new timer starts on the top left under the Expedition Timer. This is the time you are allowed to Collect Gems from Stones. For people who may miss this timer just look out for a Statue because after this Point Group Green should only be killing Stones and Collecting Gems (Expedition Party Set to Random). While Group Green only Continues to kill Stones Group Purple and Group Blue should continue and kill mobs.

Section 5: Group Purple and Group Blue regroup at Bridge! After killing all the Mobs in this Area (or at least most of them, Group Green can kill w/e may be left), both Group Purple and Group Blue should go to the Bridge or Point 7 to regroup and buff up. Segnales should really always Fast Heal people in their Party because from this point on its very important this happens as soon as they can. Group Green should remain behind and continue to kill stones and collect gems and kill any left over Mobs.

Section 6: After crossing the bridge Group Purple and Group Blue should kill all the Mobs that are located right after you’ve crossed the Bridge. Once those Mobs are killed Group Blue and Group Purple should go to the right path and kill all the monsters on the right. Once Group Green finishes up with the stones they should head out and cross the bridge and go left to kill stones and collect gems once again. Segnales mostly just Fast Heal and Hyper Heal here and people should stay close to her. A lot of people can die here if they go off alone and things get messed up.

Section 7: Collect and Donate Gems! After all the Mobs are killed each Party should be killing stones and collecting gems. At Around 1 minute and 20-30 seconds left to collect gems everyone should stop what they are doing and regroup at the bridge and then donate their gems. There should be a “donation person” on each side! The Npc is a guy sitting down located at Point 9. When everyone donated their gems they need to regroup and buff up at Point 10.
Tip: Make sure you take off your Ice Res Necklaces here and put on Defense Necklaces.

Section 8: 3 Paths, 3 Statues. Ok this is probably the hardest part. There are various ways to go at this and I’ve tried a few but for now I’ll just post one way. As soon as the gates open you’ve about 5 minutes to talk to each Statue. To Start one person needs to talk to the middle statue located at Point 14. Then all the groups should stay together and follow Group Purple’s driver. All together will start by going down the left path to the Statue located at Point 11. To talk to the Statue the Monsters around it must all be dead. Let the tanks run ahead so they can lure / tank the Mobs back to the party. The Mob’s knockback you hard that makes it difficult to kill them, in case that you’re a max heal segnale just drop a Curse Field. Continue with this method for the 2nd Statue in the middle path to Point 12.

Alternative: You can also try to split up so there is just one party for each path. This method can save a lot of time and works like a charm, however if this is your first or second expedition and there is no one who is well experienced I prefer the first method.

Section 9: 3rd and Final Path / Statue. Ok at this Point after talking to the 2nd Statue you should be at the beginning or in the middle of the 3rd Path. Now it would be nice if somehow you can kill all the Mobs and talk to the Statue before time runs out but I so far haven’t found a way thats possible. At this Point don’t rush, stay close and Segnales Heal, Aks Bounce and Summoners Palpus for your life. As soon as the timer ends for not talking to the statues in time all hell breaks loose. All kinds of Butcher Monsters will appear. Kill them all in that 3rd right path and continue down the path. Once you get to Point 13 leave someone in Group Green (this is where a Hunter is nice) who can stay there and talk to the NPC Non-Stop until you finally get the Go that all Monsters are dead. While the Someone in Group Green stays at the 3rd Statue the rest of the party should run back to Point 14 and kill mobs in that Area and head towards the 2nd Statue (Middle Path) and start killing Butchers. While most of the party stays close the Tanker (AK / Bagi / Max Heal Seggy) should try to run instead to the 1st Statue (Left Path) and try to lure all those Butchers back to Point 14. By the time the other parties killed all the Mobs in the Middle Path they should be back at Point 14 to kill the Mobs the Tanker lured (if not just lure them to where ever the Party is). Once the Member(s) of Group Green can talk to the Statue(s) after all the Mobs are dead a new path to the Beach opens and everyone should regroup at Point 14 (where its nice a Hunter can Run fast back to regroup).

Section 10: Finally at the Beach! First if you actually make it this far congratz! Once at the Beach all the parties need to stay close and AoEl the Mobs at the Start or Point 15. Once those Mobs are killed Group Purple should lead all the parties slowly down the Beach. As the Party kills the Mobs a Tanker should run up ahead and lure a handful of Mobs back to the Party (be careful of the Archers cause they hit Hard and they Stun). Unless you are a Tanker or told to Run ahead stay with the party or follow your Leader. Once the Tanker returns with the Mobs Summoners should use Palpus to help slow them down to save the Tanker and Segs.

Section 11: The Mini-Boss Talos! At the end of the Beach you will reach the Mini-Boss Talos at Point 16. Be careful because he can hit Hard. Again similar plan where mostly the AKs / Bagis Tank. Segnales also please De-Buff the Boss when you can even so your buffs might be just level 1. Towards the end when he starts to die he does an AoE move where he jumps in the Air and Slams on the Ground. This not only is an AoE Move but its similar to Bounce Defender where your Camera will change Position and you will lose the targeting on him, so be careful and aware of this. After killing the boss be dead certain that everyone is resurrected before talking to the NPC which will teleport you to Karon’s Ship.

Section 12: Karon’s Ship! Once you are on the Ship make sure each member is Fast Healed and buffed up. As soon as the lever is pulled Tanks should rush into the Middle of the + intersection and Tank the Mobs. Summoners use Palpus to help Slow them Down Following with DA. Mages / Hunters try to keep your Distance and kill the Mobs. Once the Mobgroup is dead move on to the left and continue with Tankers tanking and using the same / similar method.

4. Credits / Closing remark

Due to the fact that GameTribe will close their forum soon I thought I’m gonna revise a few Guides about Expedition and make just one Guide with all required informations and tips for experienced people and beginners. In case you like the guide please feel free to rate this thread. I won’t sticky this Guide myself now just if many of you like it. Both Constructive criticism and praise are desired, please feel free to comment as much as you like. I’ll keep that Guide updated so if you might have some infos or suggested change I’ll listen to it and may edit this guide if required. Credits for the picture and infos goes to:


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