Dekaron Aloken Skill and Stats Build Guide

Dekaron Aloken Skill and Stats Build Guide by reddragonx

First of all, do not use full dex build (wep req. rest to dex)
Alokens don’t have much defense so if full dex fail at pvp because they die fast,

Ok here goes

Stats build:

Wep requirement (put the stats to wep req. then rest to hp, best build i know because you can deal some damage already and with this build u pwn ;P)

Skills Build


Trust – Don’t waste SP (SKill points) on it

Spear Mastery – Max it, it comes in handy ;P

Fury Blow – (Optional) You can put 0/1 SP but i don’t really advise you to put sp on it

Destroy Blow – Same thing

Flash hit – Same xD

Fast Running – Max it, PvP comes in handy, not so much in PvE but you’ll need it

Double Spear – Now some said to only put 1 sp on it, because this skill sucks, i maxed it and well yeah it sucks, i had to skill reset , some say it’s good for pvp… well it might be but on highter lvl, I’m lvl 91 Btw ;P

Vision Blade – Max it, you get a 3rd Hit on lvl 6, it’s really good skill, but more for PvE than PvP, but it comes in handy in both ways

Blow Storm – Max it, really great in PvP, not so much for PvE, but you should max it because this skill is great for using in combination with Judgement Step, (First Blow storm, then judgement then Vision Blade or any other skill that you would like to use)

Spin Edge – Max it, epic AoE skill of Aloken, best i think, but not so great in PvP

Judgement Step – Max it, if i must say, this is a cool skill, because it stuns the target for like 2 secs i think, but it’s enought for you to hit the target by another skill, and it pwns because you need to be quick (with Fast Running buff) to catch him and use the skill, in this cases i usually use Blow Storm or Vision Blade, because one hits even when the target is far (lag skill) and other because it deals lots of damage in 3 hits, so the target get Stagged for a while

Destroy Storm – Max it, well i must say, at lvl 1, it sucks, even tho it has that awesome power, i don’t really like it, but some say it’s more powerfull when maxed, so max it.


Max everything, it comes in handy

Spell Mastery – Max it

Decrease Damage (DD) – Max it, pwns in both PvP and PvE

Increase Range (IR) – Optional, u can max it or leave it lvl 5, comes both PvP and PvE, now most of you can disagree in PvP, i’m not sure but a guy tould me it’s also used in pvp, i tryied it and well yeah i killed some but i still think Mana Shock (MS) it’s still better for AK, Bagi and Mages (why mages? No Mp, no Damage )

Range Bless – Not a good idea xD, don’t put sp on it.

Decrease Bless – Well… i didn’t even waste a single sp on it so u can put sp on it but i advise you not to since Aloken is a Solo build class, in my opinion, well, not exactly Solo, but its better with solo buffs

Mana Shock (MS) – Max it, i donno if in A7 they will remove it or not, but max it because it’s handy in PvP, “kills” mana points (mp) of the target, awesome to use, really anoying when in that effect.

Amazing Shock – same thing, don’t put sp on it.

Reflection Damage – mhm… this is the skill that i’m not really sure if its usefull or not because u have DD, and that’s great enought, not reflection damage is cool for PvP, but since Alokens don’t really have GOD Defence like Bagis, i suggest you to leave it be, 0 sp on it.

Reflection Bless – Same thing, 0 sp


(Still working on it, if there’re some hight lvl alokens that could help us up i will be thankfull if you do ;P)

Well that’s the end of “Aloken SKill/Stats Build Guide” I hope I helped

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