Dekaron Nest of Cherubim, Morse Yalawai: Easy Player to Player Guide

Dekaron Nest of Cherubim, Morse Yalawai: Easy Player to Player Guide by colonelmustang

Hello everyone,

This is some annoying 140 DP easy player-to-player guide I have been very lazy to post! I have seen the other one posted, but with my pea-sized brain, it does not really help! So I thought I would share this never the less ^____^’ I have made it as easy as I can so I hope it is good! Probably late in posting, as usual, but hey, at least I did it: P Sorry for making some wait >_<‘! If you are interested, feel free to read it and plan your own 140 DP runs. If you do not like it, aw /slaps self! I single out my thanks to THeUnReALTHiNG and Myrvyn: D for without them this wouldn’t have been possible! As I would say, there’s a back ache and a right hand master xD

However, the real credit of the first spawning of Cherubim on Trieste (Siz?) goes to THeUnReALTHiNG, Lippu, SpankerHo, and most definitely Elais, thank you guys for being supportive.

Eeeeeek time to stop blah-blabing and focus on the main topic! Cherubim!!!!! I will put a link to the old 140 DP guide, as it may help 140 people to also, achieve the best of this dungeon.

General Information:
In this guide, I will include:
1) Time Limit on each part in the dungeon.
2) Estimated time left on each area (Countdown).
3) ++Optional Area.
4) Prison Breaks: (for all 3 prisons).
5) Commission Quest Board’s Statue.
6) Tips and Hints.
7) Guide Lines.
8) Rewards.
9) >>Common Bugs And How To Fix Them<<.
10) Credits.

Resistances Needed:Ice, Poison, Fire, Curse, Lightning, and Defense.

Party Formation: Any classes are fine, but at least 3 segnales should be in the run and at least one of all the classes should be present (for 100% success rate.) Some said bagis are useless, but personally if a bagi is a pro and good at pve then it is fine.

As for formation, my party formation advice is as follows:
This part is for the three rooms part only, other than that, party formation in terms of the 3 parties is not important:

Purple: 1EXPD:
As this party for example is the one to face “Ashen Sheelers”, Hunters, Bagis and Ak’s can be put in this party, of course with 1 segnale. That is because the monster has resistances to everything but physical.
Blue: 2EXPD
If the blue party is to face the “Rosees” then they may be ready for monsters that are resistant to range attacks. Hunters, mages can be put here; however, they need to stand close to monsters.
Green: 3EXPD
Mages are very well suited for here, if “Silverrypes” are met, as well as summoners. The monsters are not resistant to their attacks, but are to the physical damage of the other classes.

Nest of Cherubim, Morse Yalawai, (Player Guide):Time Limit: 50 Minutes.

Complete map of the dungeon:

Area 5 & 6 = Pick a driver or a leader in which EVERYONE can follow.

Area 1 &2:
Defense Resistance, Time Limit: 1 minute 40 seconds (Estimated Time: 49:59 to 48:20 Minutes)

For Area 1:
– Run in straight line (let monsters follow you)
– Halt and attack at the end before the stairs, so the rangers from the next area won’t attack.
– Once they are dead, gate opens and so, head into the next area.

For Area 2:
Split-by-team-colour is important:
PurpleTeam: go to the top stairs on the left side and attack monsters at top, watch the bottom of stairs you will have some monsters to kill as well.
BlueTeam: go the top stairs on the right side and attack monsters at top, watch the bottom of stairs you will have some monsters to kill as well.
GreenTeam: head into the topmost point in the middle of monsters and charge.
– Door opens into next area.

Tips and Hints: Colour-by-area is not a requirement, however, the strongest party of the three teams should head into middle.

Area 3: Blue and Green Flame Room: Defense Resistance. Red Flame Room: Curse Resistance. Time Limit: 3 minutes 30 seconds. (Estimated Time: 48:00 to 45:30 Minutes)

Breaking Statues: Time Limit: 15 seconds
In this part you are required to do the following: Break 3 statues in a 15 seconds time limit. The time limit starts when 1 statue is broken. However, to do that, you must kill the required amount of monsters in each of the 3 rooms. When you have killed the required amount for each room, an announcement appears telling you that you are now done with this particular room.
The location of the flame rooms is random. However, blue is always Rosees, green is always Silverypesand red is always the Ashen Sheeler.The blue teleported position may shift from flame to flame, but it is always the room north of the statue. (Furthest to the right in Area 3 map.)
Follow those steps:
– Enter area 3 and break the first statue in the middle, the three doors are opened, and time begins.
– Start killing the monsters with either of these methods:
o Create 3 teams (based on the colours of: purple, blue and green) and each team goes to a room
o All monsters to be killed and sign to show up.

There is a tricky part here, which is the “sequence” of the statues, and it is as follows:
Purple Team > Blue Team > Green Team
(1stExpd> 2nd Expd> 3rd Expd)

Statues cleared, then Pass:
Once all sides are cleared within the 15 seconds time period, you pass. Each group of people assigned to a statue. Agree on a time to break and break. Hint: colour-based groups into colour-based rooms .The blue teleporter to Area 4 opens. Run there.
Statues missed, then Fail:
If all 3 statues are not broken within the 15 seconds time period, you fail. Monsters respawn again, you have to kill them again, and you do not get experience points for them, which is a waste of time. (Advice: Repeat Run)

Area 4: Miniboss or Kadirun, Defense Resistances. Time Limit: 4 minutes. (Estimated Time: 45:00 to 41:00 Minutes.)
This boss spawns Occludes which spawn Morts. Once you see an occlude, ignore it and kill the miniboss. The miniboss is a very easy area, but do look at the time limit.
Once done, there are two roots to take: 1) Attack the second boss. 2)continue to next part of dungeon.

++Optional Area: Area 4, Part 2, 2nd Boss or Dikesel, Fire Resistance. Time Limit: None. (Estimated Time: 41:00 to 39:40 Minutes.)

This part is easy. He spawns little babies or Feuredot, kick their ass! He dies pretty fast.

Prison #1 Break: This prison is for Area 1, 2, 3 and 4. To break out this prison assigned to this area, kill the second boss. Killing the second boss opens a lever room. Open the lever. Exit prison.

Area 5:A-mode Attack Style or auto-target “U”, Defense Resistance, Time Limit: 10 minutes. (Estimated Time: 39:30 to 29:30 Minutes.)
If you follow the “complete” map of the dungeon to Area 6, you can skip this part, but still have the timer to wait for and the requirement for Cherubim of killing 50/50 monsters.
In this part, make sure you have a shield of CF around you, or attacks. The CF’s are needed to prevent the bombers from 1 hitting your party. To do this part, go up, right side, kill bombers first, and then kill the monsters. Then walk up the stairs to next part. Into Yellow teleporter. Walk through more, and remember to always kill bombers first and stay together. Do not be afraid to rush if you are with everyone and everyone is attacking.
Character Class Tactics and How’s:
Summoners: Put pets on the bombers before attacking.
Bagi, Aloken and AK: rush only when supported.
Mage: freeze and skill.
Hunters: bow skills preferred for this.
Segnales: Always CF.

Detailed Area 5 Map:

Start from the red line is your starting place, then through purple line as shown on the map. Run into the yellow teleporter, and into the second area. Area 1 is around: 0-18 monsters. Walk onto Area 2, and follow as per map again. Area 2 will increase your monsters kill from 18 to 34. Follow into area 3, and the green line. Area 3 will take it from 34 to 50. Go back the same root once you are done. The time limit is done if you kill them all 10 minutes before. Go back your steps into the red line exit again. The stone boards are located as shown on the complete dungeon map. Donate by talking to the statue.

Commission Quest Board’s Statue: you can submit your broken slates to the statue opposite to the stone board.

Prison #2 Break: Once door opens to the next area, or assigned time limit is not met, walk ahead to the square room. Open the lever.

Area 6: Random resistance, None definite; However: Time Limit: 6 minutes 30 seconds. (Estimated Time: 26:00 to 19:30 Minuets.)
Monsters and Resistances used:
Tease = Defense Resistance.
Bllux=Fire Resistance.
Gracies = Ice Resistance.
Lampeggio = LightResistance.
Deadly = Poison Resistance.
Damnos = Curse Resistance.
The best route around here is to stay by the right wall as much as possible. Kill these monsters as fast as possible. Open Lever to boss when an announcement shows that you have killed them all and none left.
Note: if you respawn in this area, you go back to prison 2.

Prison #2 Break (The second break out): Open the lever to Ephri. It opens yet again.

Area 7:
Your luck defines this part for you in this dungeon, you might meet:
Ephri, Final Boss. Defense Resistance, Time Limit: None. (Estimated Time: 19:30 to 12:00 Minuets.)
Tactics: Hit and Run, avoid blue bombs, use resistance, be careful. Or as I always say “I’ve seen the best people die here!”

Area 8: Congratulations!, Completed!
Either: Exit Ephri area to the room on the left, open lever, enter, and click on the NPC fairy Rezeena.

Area 9/10:
Your good luck might lead you to meet Cherubim!
Cherubim, the real final boss. Defense Resistance, Time Limit: 20 Minutes. (Estimated Time: 18:00 to 6:00 Minuets.)
Tactics: Hit and Run, avoid the huge white bomb circle, for it hits up to 20,000 or more sometimes, and always watch your Health Points and Time of Skill Casting.

After you killed Cherubim, Exit Cherubim, down to the treasure room with the NPC Rezeena n the middle. Back to Area 8.

Prison #3 Break: Jail opens once Ephri or Cherubim dies.

Guide Lines:
1) The dungeon has a 2:00 cooling time after the first entry to the dungeon. If that timer runs out, and dungeon starts, YOU CANNOT ENTER THE RUN.
2) If you click your “respawn” button upon dying you respawn in one of the jails.
3) When you are in jail, talking to Rezeena will take you out of the dungeon; you cannot run back.
4) Respawning after a new area door is opened will end you up in the prison assigned to that area.
5) Staying in a circle of heals reduces all chances of deaths.
6) They say the more that you donate, the more chances there is of summoning Cherubim.
7) As far as rumours say, if you respawn and open jail, Cherubim doesn’t spawn. (Else is yet to be proven.)

Level 140 Earrings � From monsters.

Kadirun’s Red Eye (Stats: +54 Increased Damage, +32 Increase in Defense, +1% Critical Rate), From Kadriun or mini-boss

Vado Mori (Stats: +45 Increase Magic Damage, +32 Increase in Defense, +1% Critical Rate), From Dikesel, or the second mini-boss

Spell Plume (+50 on all your stats) from Cherubim

Commission Quests Board (CQ):

Adventure Points, and Random:
** Dill
** Experience points
** Pure Lv140 Earrings of each type (randomly)
Items Needed for CQ: Broken Slate (found from warlords in space).

**Exit Reward: 1x Naruke (5x when Cherubim)

This special reward can be exchanged with items either in Loa and Braiken. You may get the following:
1. Fried Crunchy Mantis (15 or 35.)
2. Clear Parca Holy Water (15 or 35.)
3. Morse Yalawai Return Scroll.
4. Summon Scroll of Pledge.
5. Noble Soul.
6. Daes Arei.

>>Common Bugs And How To Fix Them<<:
Problem: Party group list is not appearing (not collective, only your assigned party).
How To Fix It: Relog, or in some cases, upon entry the problem is resolved.
Problem: Cannot receive experience points from monsters and monsters do not attack.
How To Fix It: Kill your character when possible, and respawn to jail.
Problem: Member of party is repeated twice on the party list.
How To Fix It: Give leadership to the bugged party.
Problem: Arranging members does not let me put a certain person to a party.
How To Fix It: Keep switching other names around, you will be able to.
Problem: I cannot heal my party and their HP is low.
How To Fix It: Once you are inside dungeon, this issue is resolved.

I hope this guide has been as helpful as possible. I will edit it throughout if I ever come across any new aspects of the dungeon.

Note: Anything I did not experience, I will not include.

Emelyn /P/

PS. Any comments and edits are welcome. (damm it took a while to do this >_<!” /whinecomplainnagemomadness)

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