Avalon Heroes Tips and Hints

Avalon Heroes Tips and Hints by Ptolema

General Tip – When you push “C” on your keyboard while in any mode in the game, it will bring up a “consumable” item shop. I would recommend you get use to having this up almost all the time, and get good at reacting too and buying the necessary items as you play the game, for certain situations.

Application in PvP

Let’s say you Keias in a PvP match (Battle mode). You plan on buying items throughout the game to increase Keias’s attack speed, damage, health and also grant him the ability to drain life from his standard attacks (Drain life only applies to standard attacks, not magical skills).

Your worst nightmare is to face a player that does not rely on auto-attacks but rely on magical damage to beat you. A good example is the standard Dukan player.

(Side tip – Dukan player’s have invisibility, so you need to buy a item to see through their invisibility)

When the Dukan player appears, you should immediately drop “Scroll of Magical Protection”. This will stop the Dukan player from hitting you with anything but auto-attacks (Except for a few skills that can hit through Scroll of Magical Protection, if a skill can do this it is listed on the skill description, but not many can). This will stop his DoTs, and his powerful ultimate from hitting you while effect is up.

Must be careful though, if the Dukan player buys the “Dispel” potion from the consumable shop, he can remove you “Scroll of Magical Protection” and then he will DoT you and kill you most likely. This is part of the “Paper, Scissor, Rocks” mini-game of consumable store.

Application in PvE

Many bosses and mini-bosses in PvE use alot of magical attacks, DoTs and debuffs. You can avoid these attacks from hitting you with having “Scroll of Magical protection” on your avatar at all times (If you buy a scroll and use it, you can buy another from shop and use it just as the effect runs out on your avatar).

Sometimes the diffrence between beating a boss, and not beating him is the whole team useing these scrolls, since some bosses AoE is very large.

Also, some bosses are vulnerable to “Deceleration potion”. This consumable potion will slow their run and attack speed, and also you can keep buying and using over and over on the boss before the effect runs out. They are 75gp each.

(Side tip – Some bosses are immune to magical effects, these bosses cannot be slowed by these potions and are immune to the effect of almost all spells)

Hero tip – Curious about a specific hero? Want to know how their skills work?

Before spending alot of AP on buying a specific hero permanently and possibly being dissappointed. Play the “tutorial” mission again (repeatable) and test out your hero in that mission. You can try ALL their skills, and most of the standard items in the game. You can level them up and have a huge amount of money to test item combinations available to you from the start.

If you think you will find a hero interesting. Test here first before spending AP on buying the hero, or going to plaza to advertise to buy them from other players.

Hero Tip Laina is a very powerful mid/late game hero because she can recruit alot of high level monsters as her minions. Because of this she can completely destroy a lane on her own, and assault a base on her own if left to her own devices.

There is a item to counter Laina’s mid/late game monster push. This item is called “Disintegrating Mirror”. This item is a possible item to gain for your item storage from a chest drop in PvE.

Type in Disintegrating Mirror in chat in-game, and you can click on it to see it’s description. Search for this item from player stores in the plaza and buy it there also, another possible method of attaining it.

The mirror dispels a summoned or controlled monster (Destroys instantly) with around 10 seconds cooldown. A very good way to deal with Laina pushing with a monster army.

General Tip – At the beginning of a battle mode game (Game vs other players) it is very important to get monster and player kills while defending your towers. To achieve the best results (Money and xp bonuses) you need to get the last hit on the monsters.

A good (And cheap) early game item to start the game off with to achieve hit kills on monsters or players is the “Braclet of Quake” (Game is down, although I think that is correct spelling). This item costs around 650g and is cheap to buy from the Item Shop (Silver chest) in the game lobby.

This bracelet will hit up to 3 enemies for 120dmg and is good for achieving the final hit on the monsters and players early game, but loses it’s usefulness round about the time the first “Purple Dot Monsters” spawn. At this point simply drag it back into your account storage to get back 80% of it’s cost price.

General Tip – There are items in the game that apply “Lifedrain %” to your attacks. This means that it returns health to your character by a certain % of your auto-attack damage (Please note life-drain does NOT apply to your active skill damage, only auto-attack damage).

There is “Bugle of Bloody Crimson” you can buy from the ? shop in Battle Mode that allows “short-range heros” to gain easy access to a item that grants life-drain to a % of their auto attack damage. Exploit this by giving a hero you are setting up to do damage through auto-attacks instead of skills in a Battle Mode game, by equipping them with “passive” skills, to augment their damage passively to achieve the best results with life-drain.

For heroes that are not classed as “Short-range” types, that still wish to gain life back through their auto-attacks, there are options available for this. The Life Drain potion from the C store is one option, there are other items you can find in-game for your account that also add this augmentation. You can also gamble on the “vampire mantle” in-game and attempt to upgrade it for 600g a try.

Hero Tip Pallas is the master of weaponry. She has the a bility to switch weapon modes for various tasks. Once of her best weapon modes is her “Crossbow” switch.

The reason this mode is very good, is because Pallas is still considered a “short-range” hero, no matter what switch she is in. This allows you to buy the “Bugle of Bloody Crimson” for life-drain on your auto-attacks, while having the crossbow active.

This makes Pallas a extremely powerful mid-endgame hero. If she is built right, she can attack a group of enemies with her crossbow and drain health back rom each one she hits, becoming nearly invincible.

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