Avalon Heroes Creep Spawn Times and Battle Clock Guide

Avalon Heroes Creep Spawn Times and Battle Clock Guide by Oigres

I. Terminology

In Avalon Heroes, unlike DotA, the act of running around to kill neutral monsters is called “creeping”. This might confuse DotA players since they are used to the term “jungling”.

The act of staying on the lanes where enemy soldiers continuously spawn is called “lining” or “laning”.

II. Battle Clock

By pressing the keyboard key to the left of the key “1” on your keyboard, you will see a window where the current battle stats are displayed. This battle stats window includes kills/deaths of all heroes but also the current time on the battle clock! This is very important to be able to know when different creeps spawn.

III. Creep spawn times

Note: the middle column indicates “first spawn time”, the right column indicates “respawn time”

Note: make sure to leftclick the pictures to see the full versions.

Note: the numbers of the “first spawn time” and “respawn time” are counted in minutes.

City of Ancients


Swamp of Immortal

Mine of Oblivion

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