Avalon Heroes Bingyokyung Guide

Avalon Heroes Bingyokyung Guide by CrudaLilium

Few words about Bingyokyung: Bingyokyung, so called Bing is long-ranged INT type hero. Her difference from other heros is that she has few spells with lowest cooldown in game.

Hero Bingyokyung is magic damage dealer and if you like to play her you have to keep “spaming with skills” (keep using spells as fast as you can)
For battles best build Bing is creeper/support/tank, since INT does not raise any other stats except mp and mp recovery you should not buy int items until you are low on mana, go rather for PHY since it will raise your hp.

Advantages: + fast creeping right from the start
+ fast leveling (if you kill almost all creeps alone and fast you can level much faster than anyone)
+ easy kills(since you will have higher level your spells will deal better damage to players you meet when creeping – dont forgot to dispel their magic protection)

Disadvatages: – almost no damage to buildings (you will have to have someone in your team who can destroy buildings)
– hard to kill players with undispelable magic immunity (neklit + some creatures)
– weaker in later game, but her ulti is tactical spell that can reverse match

Worst enemy: Neklit (with magic immunity) or Baratsh (with mana freeze)
Good combination with: ARC (if you have Frost Blast) or high damage dealers (like takiru) upon use of ulti

Skills: Bing is one of heros which any combination of spells is fine, but if you want to raise Bing as tank/creeper i suppose base skills.
Multiple shot – You will need this spell for creeping or killing enemy heros. Go as close as you can and shot from close range this way magic damage will be from all 3 shots (130*3=390), also you will need it when fighting close range hero.
Frozen Arrow – Long ranged spell, can by used instead declaration potion, if someone is trying to run from you keep casting this spell on him and follow him or if this person tries to kill you when you are low on hp do the same thing but run from him and keep slowing him down. Do not forget as a hero which can deal almost 400 damage in close combat in the beginning you should let your victim come closer to you.
Ice Armor – Since you will keep casting spells that cost mana this will solve your mana problems, also magic defense comes handy before you can buy “Magic protection armor”
**Magic defense effect does not stack with magic defense from items**
OR Frost Blast – You can use it instead Ice Armor but you will have problems with your mana regeneration. This spell does massive amount of magic damage but use is pretty risky. You have to keep standing for some time without moving and wait for enemy that does not have magic protection, but this spell is AoE and can easily insta kill many players in beginning, in late game when used on multiple enemies can also help much to your team.
ULTIMATE (so called ulti): Glacial Frost: I would say that this spell is tactical. Even thou it does only 500magic damage it froze target for 15seconds (target is magic immune and have 100% block rate), but with help of your team you can kill any player like this. Also if you are creeping alone and you meet more then 1 player use it on stronger one kill weaker then run or kill second one. In late game its also very useful since it will give your team advantage of one more person like making from 5vs5 a 4vs5 for 15seconds.

Frost Orb: This skill will create frost orb that will shoot on enemy surrounding it. In the beginning this spells is quite annoying for the enemy, and can deal nice amount of damage to the enemy. Advantage of this spell is it will save you mana cause it’s cooldown is higher than frost arrow or multiple shot. Personally I do not use this spell in battles because i think there are better spells for battles.

Tips for Frost Blast – how to use it:
1) If you team is attacking enemy base you can cover your teammates by standing behind enemy base’s wall and charging frost blast, wait for your team mates to dispel enemies than hit as many enemies as you can, this move is good combination with arc if he can dispel enemy for you.
2) As you know, you cant see to places above you but you can see below, charge frost blast at higher places and wait for enemy – hope they don’t have magic protection from earlier confrontation with anyone of your team – also this way has disadvantage that you cant know when enemy will come.
3) If your teammates are clever enough or they are losing they can lure enemy to you.
4) Camp near enemy base, in early stage of game you can camp near enemy base hidden behind tree and wait for your victim – this way has disadvantage that you cant know which way enemy will chose to get out of base and they must not have magic protection, but if you have someone with you they can help you lure/dispel enemy.
5) Combination with ulti: Upon casting ulti on someone, keep attacking for 7 secs than 8secs charging frost blast, hope enemy does not have magic protection or portal ready.

What spells first? LVL1:MS1; LVL2:-; LVL3:MS2 FA1; LVL4:-; LVL5: MS3 FA2; LVL6:ULTI; LVL7:MS4; LVL8: IA1; LVL9: IA2;
LVL10: FA3; LVL11: IA3; LVL12: IA4; LVL13: FA4; LVL14+: +2Stats
If you choose frost blast: Its almost same as with ice armor, but prefer leveling up frost blast than anything else as soon as you can since its damage is much higher than any other’s spell.
* MS,FA,… Are shortcuts of skills (MS= Multiple shot, FA= Frozen arrow)

Items: Always have magic protection and dispel potion (until you can buy Magic protection armor) in your inventory
1.”Seal of Magic powers” [NUM:9] -> 2. Combine to “Chain Boots of Darkness”
3.”Crystal of Enhanced stamina” [NUM:8] -> 5. Combine to “Armor of transcended hardness”
4.”Seal of life” [NUM:9] -> 6.”Stone of truthful vision” [NUM:9] -> 7. Combine to “Shield of true vision”
8.”Crystal of Enhanced stamina” [NUM:8] -> 9. Combine to “Armor of hardness”
10.”Magic protection armor” [NUM:6] (replace dispel potion with this)
11.”Crystal of Magic” [NUM:6]
12.”Ring of time control” [NUM:4]
13.Sell “Chain Boots of Darkness” and buy “Boots of red flame”[NUM:2]
14.Sell “Armor of Hardness” and buy “Ether tunic” [NUM:4]

*Now you have almost everything you need but you can get even more hp, but you have to have more than 10 000 cash and will have to sacrifice one item so choose what u will sell “Magic protection scroll” (you have 40% magic defense so you may thing you dont need it) or sell “Armor of transcended hardness” or “Shield of true vision” (only if none of your enemies can go invis) and get
15. “Armor of divine protection” [NUM:7] and upgrade it to +10 with “Despera” [NUM:7]
**Notes: 5.) You can even combine it to “Armor of transcended mystique” but you will have 300 less hp but 300more mp with better regeneration
**13.) If you keep “Chain Boots of Darkness” you will have 50more hp, but you wont have +10all stats (+2def, +eva, …)
**15.) If you choose to sell magic protection scroll you can have 500more hp (at 25th level total 5000+hp)
Tip: If you have problems with mana buy “Magical Diamond of grand Nature”

What to do in early game, mid-game and late-game?
Early game: Since your job is to creep you should go creep as soon as possible, with your damage it should not be a problem to wipe out creeps with one or two shots with multiple shot. If you meet enemy hero it will be probably easy to kill him too if you are not low on mana or hp. Since Bing have higher damage than anyone she can also kill more difficult mobs (red) with easy.
Mid-game: Except that you have to keep creeping your hp and def should be enough to take down outposts with help of your team. You yourself wont be able to destroy them, but you can tank for your team and help them take it down.
Late-game: Because enemy heroes have much more hp than in beginning it will be quite hard for you to kill them alone, but they wont be able to kill you either with your hp and def. So in late game you should stay with your team and try to destroy enemy base as soon as possible. Also you should choose most dangerous enemy and keep casting ulti only on him/her, this will make it easy for your team.

Since Bingyokyung is INT type here you can also choose damage build, but in my opinion this build can be only good in late stage of game when all enemy have better magic defense and you have enough money to remake your equipment.
Your job will be support/creeper. You wont be able to fight in close combat so fight by using tactic “hit and run”.
Advantages: + you can help your team destroy buildings/golem/guardian
+ since you have damage you can also kill enemies in your ulti
+ good in late game
+ you don’t need to rely on your mana

Disadvatages: – lower damage than damage with spells in the beginning
– hard to creep/get money in the beginning

I like how Bingyokyung looks when shooting arrows but its kinda hard to start, unless you have enough damage/attack speed its hard to creep or kill anything, thought frozen arrow will help you but you will be out of mana really fast.

Skills: Frozen Arrow – You can use this spell as replacement for declaration potion, even thou it will stop you upon cast you can cast it again after 1sec making it better if enemy dispels your declaration potion. Also it will help you to kill something in the beginning.
Frost Blast – Like in build above.
Ice Armor – Level it only to level 1, since it does 15% mag defense it will be good for beginning.
OR Frost Orb – You can use it instead Ice Armor, this spell should help you in the beginning with creeping and enemy.
ULTI: Glacial Frost: Like in build above. But with enough damage you can kill your enemy alone, making its use like any other ulti, maybe even better.

What spells first? LVL1:IA1; LVL2:-; LVL3:FA1; LVL4:FB1; LVL5: FA2; LVL6:ULTI, FB2; LVL7:FA3; LVL8: FB3; LVL9: FA4;
LVL10: FB4; LVL11+:+2Stats

Items: You should focus on attack/attack speed so your hp/def will be quite low, so be careful
1. “Sword of Poison” [NUM: 9] – >4. Combine to “Sword of Fatal venom”
2. “Seal of Magical Powers” [NUM: 9] -> 3. Combine to “Chain boots of darkness”
**3a. If any of enemy can be invisible buy “Stone of truthful vision” [NUM:9] -> 3b. Combine to “Sword of true vision”**
5. “Battle Hammer” [NUM: 1] -> 6. “Glove of light speed” [NUM: 2] -> 7. Combine to “Sword of Conviction and Punishment”
8. “Glove of light speed” [NUM: 2] -> 9. Combine to “Staff of great magician”
10. “Beholder Robe” [NUM: 6]
** If you did not take “Sword of true vision” -> 11. “Northeasterly wind amulet” [NUM: 9]
12. “Sword of fear” [NUM: 4]
13.Sell “Chain Boots of Darkness” and buy “Boots of red flame”[NUM:2]
** You can also sell “Sword of Fatal venom” and buy something else, but its poison will help you with targets in your ulti.

You will have only 1 slot left so use it for dispel potions/magic protection, it may be hard to keep fast buying/selling but get used to it.

What to do in early game, mid-game and late-game?
Early game: In the beginning it will be quite hard for you to kill anything, since with this build you should focus on own damage than damage from skills. But its not forbidden to use spells so use them to get items. To get items easier try to kill some players near outposts, if you use frost blast you can easily insta kill them, or keep using frost arrow on creeps if you want to be creeping too, once you will finish “sword of Conviction and Punishment” it will be much easier to creep. Try to not get killed, if you are killed it will be much harder to get lose money and time back.
Mid-game: Now you should help your team with golem, you can also kill him alone but it will take longer. Don’t forget your role is to support your team so try to help them with team stuff – destroy outposts, killing guardian etc. – and keep creeping.
Late-game: Now if you got all items you should focus together with your team on enemy base, try to destroy it as soon as possible, because longer you will wait the more harder enemy will be to kill. Keep supporting your team from behind and disable most dangerous enemy with your ulti.

ADVENTURE MODE: You can use same build as in battle mode but in adventure you don’t have that much money and also you wont need some things, for example boots than you can choose any item you will like from battle mode.

Recommended spells: Frost Orb, Frost Blast, Multiple Shot
As i said before Bing is one of heros which any combination of spells is good but try to go without frozen arrow, it not bad spell for killing bosses but you should rather help your team to get to the end faster with AoE spells.
Because frost orb and frost blast have higher cooldowns those spells will help you to save some mana.

Items: This will be quite long list since in each adventure you need something else so i will recommend only few things:
“Magical Diamond of grand Nature” – can be combined and is excelent item for adventure, try to get this as first, it will raise your hp and mana as well as regeneration
“Armor of Hardness” – cheap, gives hp and def so try to get it as 2nd
“Armor of Absolute” – 24 def will come handy against many mobs
“Crystal of Magic” – this will help you to deal more damage with spells so get if you want
Other items: choose by yourself ;)

sometimes :”Spell breaking boots” – will come handy in Tomb of Asceus and in King’s lake (monsters have magic protections)

Dont forgot to keep casting spells or to dispel your enemies,
have fun playing Bingyokyung

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