Avalon Heroes Yoichi Stealth Assassin Guide

Avalon Heroes Yoichi Stealth Assassin Guide by Skin18

1. Introduction
2. Stats
3. Skills
4. Skill Build
5. Item build
6. How to play Yoichi
7. Questions
8. Explanations


Yoichi, an hero easy to get along with, but difficult to master. From his early form, being a fast killed target, to the currently famous ganker, Yoichi has been loved and hated by users and foes alike. Anyways, he is one of the most powerfull mid-gamer in Avalon Heroes and can be used as game breaker in late-game.

Let me introduce you: Yoichi, an assasin type Hero greatly damaging enemies with his hiding skills and various skills that cause abnormal status change.



Base Hp: 590
Base Mana: 405

Range: Close-range
Move Speed: 625
Primary: Agility

Str: 20 | Every Point will increase your defense and critical probability
Agi: 20 | Increase your attackspeed and evasion rate + damage
Int: 15 | Increase maximum mana and mana recovery amount
Phy: 20 | Increase hp and hp recovery amount

Damage: 55+6
Defense: 5


Insectivorous Plant


Mana cost: 287
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Summon Duration: 50 Seconds

Summons a plant that deals 93 damage to single heroes within a range of like 10 meters.

Following effects can be applied on a 50% chance on every attack:

Damage per Second: 20 ( Duration 5 seconds )
Movement Speed Decrease: 250 ( Duration 5 seconds )

Entangling roots


Mana cost: 244
Cooldown: 17 Seconds
Summon Duration: 6 Seconds
Range: 12 Meters

Effects applied to the target:

– Magic Damage: 320
Cannot Move*

*can be cancelled with dispel potion or magic protection scroll

Thorn Shield


Mana cost: 147
Cooldown: 40 Seconds
Duration: 35 Seconds

– All damage reflection: 85
– Magic Def increase: 10%
– Attack Speed increase: 40%

Hunter of the Deep Forest


– Passive Skill

– Increase Range +2
– Attack DMG increase: 50

Hate of Nature


Mana cost: 215
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Duration: 4 Seconds
Range: 12 Meters

Effects applied to the target of a duration of 4 Seconds

– Damage per Second: 100*
– Movement Speed decrease: 300*

*cannot be cancelled with dispel potions of magic protection scroll

Rage of Nature ( ultimate )


Mana cost: 135
Cooldown: 75 Seconds
Duration: 25 Seconds

– Hide
– Evasion increase: 25%
– Attack Speed increase: 50%
– Movement Speed increase: 30%

Following effects can be applied on target at 25% Chance on every attack for the duration of 12 seconds:

– Damage per Second: 100
– Attack Speed decrease: 150%

.:Skill build


1. Plant
2. Entangling roots
3. Plant
4. Hunter of the Deep Forest
5. Plant
6. Rage of Nature
7. Plant
8. Entangling roots
9. Hunter of the Deep Forest
10. Entangling roots
11. Hunter of the Deep Forest
12. Entangling roots
13. Rage of Nature
14. Hunter of the Deep Forest
15. Stats
16. Stats

25. Stats

It’s up to you wether to max Hunter of the Deep Forest or Entangling roots first.

Questions about skills:

“Why do we need plant?”

– lol, what a silly question. Plant is like the most powerfull skill besides the ultimate our Yoichi have. Deals pretty good damage in early – midgame and slows enemies. Don’t forget that the plant shares the exp with you! That means you can put your plant on a single lane. It will kill enemy soldiers and you will get the gold + exp. Means u can do something more important then standing on lane. For example killing heroes or go creep. If you have a good timing, you can summon up to 3 plants at one time.

“What’s so good about Hunter of the Deep Forest? It’s just +50 DMG. THORN SHIELD IS MUCH BETTER!!1!11!!!11!omglol herp derp derp”

– read the description again. FU** THE 50+ DMG. IT WILL INCREASE YOUR RANGE BY 2M !! That means the skill turns you into a midrange hero, but you can still steal life. Besides that, you can kill amuritas and linorams without the effect of damage reflection. But that’s not all ;) you can attack enemies while they are in tangle, but they can not attack you. ..and don’t forget your 50+ DMG :)

btw. if you find irony in my guide, you can keep it ;)

“Hmm.. Hate of Nature cannot be cancelled.. Isn’t it more usefull than Entangling roots?

– no it’s not. Don’t forget that timing is everything. Hate of Nature = 4 Seconds. Entangling roots = 6 Seconds. Difference of 2 Seconds means a lot! And why should you use hate of nature if you can just use slow potions ;) You can read more about this on “6. How to play Yoichi”.

.:Item build

The item build question.. Well, there are many different itembuilds for Yoichi. This really depends on your enemies characters. Do they have more ranged heroes? More Casters? More Melee Dmg heroes?

Let me suggest you a few items for ALT+TAB and explain you why i choose them later:



Minute 5:

sell: necklaces / poison sword

buy: Image|Image or Image

Fill remaining slots with HP: for example Image

Now it should look something like this:


This is what your mid – lategame inventory can look like on a balanced game:


What you sell and buy first depends on what you need the most.

Low hp enemys ? -> more dmg and attackspeed -> more and more advantage. They won’t have the time to kill you.

Get killed too easily ? -> get more hp and defense ( or you just suck and need to read the whole guide again )

Few more good items and why i choose them

Image Armor of Transcendant Covertness
+28 Dmg / AS + 34% / +300 HP. Good combination of surviving and destroying in mid-game. Buy crystal of stamina first, and upgrade it afterwards, for example.

Image Robe of Red Flame
Might be usefull on maps, such as Mine of Oblivion or Swamp of the Immortal. good in combination with:

Image Buggle of Bloody Crimson
Usefull against melee heroes.

Image Sword of Deathblow
+30% AS and following effects for the duration of 2.5 seconds:
– critical damage rate increase: 35%
– accuracy increase: 100%
– AS increase: 25%
Usually you don’t have much time to attack your enemies, so when you get the chance to, do it right! Don’t forget to activate it ;)

Image Seal of Taegeuk
Damage + Defense. Good in Pre-lategame.

Usefull storage items

ImageSmall Wooden Box

ImageFar seeing Scroll

Questions on Items

“What am i aiming for on Yoichi?”

That depends:
If you have your level advantage, which you should have because of your plant, then you can go for damage and attackspeed.
Or you don’t have level advantage. Then enemies will pick you as an easy target. Try to find balance between dmg and hp+def.

“Enemies have invisible heroes.. upgrade the stone to shield or sword of true vision?”

I choose the Shield of True Vision. In combination with the Ether Tunic, it should be enough defense related items. Means i do not buy the Armor of Absolute.

“Why Ring of Speed?”

Easy to answer. Yoichi is a silent killer. He comes, kills, and goes away. For the duration of 15 Seconds you can increase your MS by 100. Thats not all. Ring of Speed gives you 200HP ; +30 DMG and 30% more AS. Thumps up for that one ;)

“Sword of Fear or Sword of Conviction and Punishment?”

Let me tell you something: You don’t have to decide either you choose Sword of Fear or the Sword of Conviction and Punishment. Why don’t you just buy the SoCaP for early – midgame and replace it buy SoF afterwards ? SoF can give you up to +86 Dmg in lategame. That’s more usefull then 40% AS. Besides that, you will have enough AS anyways.

“I finally have my 3 slotted Yoichi! What do i have to put in?

Defense / Agi / Movement / Phy | Choose between them

.:How to play Yoichi

Early Game

Try to get a single lane.
Use your plant to block and hit enemies with Sword of Poison.
Go Creep after Minute 2 is over and summon plants on every lane you walk by.

How to fight enemy heroes?

Use Ultimate -> Put Plant on suitable position -> Attack
1. Enemy runs away: Slow Potion -> Wait for dispel or magic protection scroll -> Dispel -> Tangle roots -> Attack
2. Enemy stays and fights: Use Vampire Potion-> Wait for 25% Hp -> Tangle -> Destroy

Mid – Lategame

Same strategies. Just don’t forget to put your plants on every lane so you can keep your level advantage.


simply every hero that can stun / slow enemies and heal you.


you should avoid groups of long range heroes with many hp and stunners


Now it’s your turn. Ask me whatever you want to know ;)

“I read your guide twice.. but i still suck.. what the hell???

– go play tetris. noob.

“Skin, i don’t like you and your guide. You both suck lol”

– i don’t care, you can go to hell :)

“That’s an interesting guide, but i have some more things to ask or to suggest. Is it possible to convince you about my strategies/itembuilds/skillbuilds?”

– of course it is. this is not a 100%-always-the-best-guide. You have something to comment or to add? Just let me know in the comments below. ;)


HP : Hit Points
MP : Mana Points
AS : Attack Speed
MS : Movement Speed
ER : Evasion Rate

anything you did not understand in my guide ? Ask me :)

well, thats it. My guide and contribution to the “Hero-Guide-Contest 2010 of Alaplaya” ;).
Of course this guide will be edited soon, after i got more time to work on it and answer your following questions.

regards, Skin18

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