Wakfu Feca Single Element Guide

Wakfu Feca Single Element Guide by Resonate

First off, you can get a better understanding of Feca’s spell by reading my explanation in the other thread. This thread will list some simple, but not unique, builds for single element Feca. This will only include suggestion for attribute point distribution, special ability selection and possible main attack/combo.

Main special abilities of Feca:

Glyph or armor: summons a glyph (on an empty cell) or armor (on a target). Higher level reduces casting cost and increases range.
Deglyphment: destroys an activated glyph, applies the Explosive Glyph effect and deals damage. Higher level reduces casting cost and increases range.
Pacification: changes places of damage% and resist%. New damage% = old resist% + x% damage; New resist% = old resist% + old damage%. Higher level reduces casting cost. Effect only lasts 1 turn.
Spell rebound: 20% of returning a spell to the attacker once in 1 turn.
Feca Master: increases charge count for glyph and plate count for armor, also adds more mechanics for simultaneous summoning.
Explosive Glyph: Increases damage done by glyph upon being destroyed. Damage is based on the remaining charge count. It is said that the charge count will be reduced by 1 for each turn and 1 for each attack. As I played, without investing into Explosive Glyph, a glyph’s charge count is not reduced by 1 for each turn if it is untouched. So either this is a wrong description or a draw back side-effect.
Ironclad: Increase resist% of the Feca
Intimidation Aura: Reduces resist% of foes adjacent to the Feca (up to -40%).

I don’t know if Peace Armor’s plate count is affected by Feca Master or not. Basic plate count of Peace Armor = 6. If it is affected by Feca Master, max plate count = 16. Assuming that the Feca is always at a tanking position against at least 1 mob which does at least 1 attack per turn, each turn the Peace Armor’s plate count will be reduced by 2 (1 by the attack and 1 by default armor’s plate consumption). So at best, Peace Armor will last for only 8 turns. In either PvE or PvP at higher level, you will suffer multiple hits in 1 turn so this armor will only last 3-5 turns. At the end, when the armor is destroyed, the Feca will receive all damage which it should have received before. Therefore, I don’t consider this ability to be useful in general situations.

Teleportation is not particularly a bad ability. It’s an expensive one though. You can only teleport back to an already activated glyph. At higher level, you can summon a glyph and activate it in one turn. But to invest so many points to get such an expensive teleport, it’s more of a personal choice than an application to a more focused build.

So here are my suggestions for builds:

Middle range water build:

Because water spells’ casting costs vary from 2 AP to 5 AP, you can go with a 7 AP or 8AP or even higher build. Recommend only spend attribute points for 1 AP and try to get more APs from equipments. The remaining attribute points go to HP.

For 7 AP build, main attack = Avalanche + Bubble. Secondary = Steamy armor + Drip or Crashing Wave + Bubble or Steamy armor + Bubble x 2.

For 8 AP build, main attack = Avalanche + Drip. Secondary = Crashing Wave + Drip or Steamy Armor x 2 or Steamy Armor + Bubble x 2 or Drip x 2 + Bubble or Bubble x 4.

Because both Avalanche (highest base attack) and Bubble (good combo spell) can’t be casted at melee range, Intimidating Aura should not be chosen.

My recommendation:
Glyph/armor build: Glyph or Armor (probably level 5 is sufficient), Feca Master (high level), either Ironclad or Spell rebounding at max. You probably will be a team support Feca with this build
Non-glyph/armor build: Max Spell Rebounding and Ironclad, then Pacification, then something of your choice. A firm build for Feca, can take on a tanking role when needed, no team buffing.

Long range fire build:

Because fire spells’ casting costs are either 4 or 5 AP and this build sometimes requires you hitting yourself, it’s better to put all attribute points into HP and nothing else.

Main attack: meteorite shower glyph and fecastopheles glyph. Secondary: volcano glyph.

If you have read my explanation in the other thread, meteor glyph is a multi-hit spell and fecastopheles is a spell with the whole map reach.

With meteor, you need to try to lure mobs into stepping on the glyph like a trap while keeping yourself out of or at least on the rear of the glyph’s area of effect (which is huge).

With fecastopheles, you can stay from far away and activate the glyph yourself. You will get hit but so will the rest (or majority) of the mob on the map, no matter where they are. You don’t need to lure mob onto the glyph and with your resistance, the damage on yourself probably will be less than the damage on mobs. If the mob activate the glyph, you might or might not be the target being hit by the spell.

Volcano glyph is used like a trap too, but not too fatal if you get caught in once or twice. With meteor, you can kill yourself if standing too near the glyph.

This build is recommended for soloist and not recommended for team oriented players. You can potentially kill your whole team lol. Choice of mob is a large number of equal or lower level mob instead of a single, high level one.

Recommendation for special abilities: Glyph or Armor (max for activation in 1 turn), Feca Master (not too high because you mainly uses glyph instead of armor and the fight usually ends pretty fast), Ironclad (to increase resist against some sacrifice shots) and then Spell Rebound.

Close range fire build:

+100 lock or more to guarantee maximum damage. The rest invest into HP.

Main attack: Natural Attack (Glyph), Flaming Carpet (Armor) or Volcano (Armor).

The strategy is simple, just stand there, summon a glyph next to the mob, activate it. Next turn, summon armor on the foe and activate it with Flaming Carpet if the foe is a multi-hit type, else activate the armor with Volcano instead. Enjoy

There’s something I haven’t tested yet. It is whether or not it’s possible to switch between different fire armors. Hopefully it is not.

When both glyph and armor have been set up and activated, just use your strongest attack to hit the mob, or summon another Natural Attack’s glyph for extra owness.

This build focuses on fighting a small number of high HP mobs, especially those with low dodge.

My recommendation for special abilities: Max Glyph or Armor, Feca Master, Intimidation aura (obviously xD) and Spell rebound.

Earth build:

Similar to water build, earth spells’ casting costs vary from 2 to 5 AP, so at least 7 AP build is recommended or 8 AP, or higher. All earth spells can be casted at close range so Intimidation aura is very useful. Base damage of earth spells are generally lower than those of Water spells (Avalanche). To make up for that, earth spells’ glyphs and armors are capable of reflecting or dealing damage to attackers

Because the usage of earth spells’ glyphs and armors is very situational, there’s no real main combo. It’s all depending on your enemies.

For example, use Fecammer’s armor against melee foes, Fecabo’s armor against range foes, Defensive orb armor against foes that can cause -AP/-MP state (puddy mama for example or water Xelor).

I myself prefer a more rigid build without using glyph to reinforce my Feca with decent damage, HP and resist in general.

My recommendation for special abilities:
Glyph/Armor Feca: Level 5 Glyph or Armor, max Feca Master, max either Intimidation Aura or Spell Rebounding first then go for the other.
Non-glyph/armor Feca: max Spell Rebounding, max Intimidation Aura, max Iron Clad then Pacification.

Exploglyph Feca!

This is a extremely expensive builds, complete at very high level.

For special abilities, you need: Level 7 Glyph or Armor, max Feca Master, max Explosive Glyph and at least level 7 of Deglyphment.

What you need to do is aiming for summoning a glyph, activate it then deglyph it all in one turn.

To activate it, you need either Bubble or Defensive Orb, each costs 2 AP. Bubble doesn’t need line of sight but Defensive Orb has more flexible range. It is your choice to choose which either earth or water to play. I recommend earth because earth gear (trool set) gives more HP and damage% to make up for the investment into AP.

For around first 40 levels, you will need to play as a glyph/armor water or earth Feca until you gather enough conditions to play as an Exploglyph Feca efficiently.

And let me speculate for how strong Exploglyph is. I can only assume that the damage of Exploglyph will have the element of the activated glyph. THIS NEEDS TO BE TESTED!

I also assume that, according to Explosive Glyph’s description, for each remaining charge of the glyph, at level 20 Explosive Glyph, the damage will be 20 damage per charge. THIS ALSO NEEDS TO BE TESTED!

I ALSO assume that, the damage of Explosive Glyph is boosted by elemental damage% bonus.

With all assumptions above, an explosive glyph with 13 charges (max Feca Master) and max power (max Explosive Glyph) can do a base damage of 13 x 20 = 260 damage. If you somehow have 200%-300% earth/water damage%, you can see how much that adds up.

In any case, before going for this build, you need to be aware of all those above assumptions and test them out yourself.

Best of luck

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2 Responses

  1. Quxti says:

    Exploding glyph damage is non-elemental. It still does a decent amount of damage, just not so ridiculous as it would be were it elemental.

    This may perhaps be in order to prevent people from exploiting the exploglyph feca, because this gives people a huge damage attack in a substantial area of effect.

    It does, however, still take a lot of planning.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, to begin with, Glyph and Armor applies additional plates and charges with every level. Maxed out Glyph and Armor, Feca master and Peace Armor gives a total of 26 Plates, though only for Peace Armor. Also, maxed out Plate Protection gives you a 40% chance to regain a plate every time you are hit by an attack. So Peace armor lasts much longer than you said, and when it is maxed out it absorbs a total of 60% of an incoming attacks damage. If you also Max out Ironclad, that damage is decreased by another 40%. So if you build right and look at what the skills actually give, your Feca can tank like a castle.

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