Shot Online Myths

Shot Online Myths by ainns

The following is a list of myths or near-myths regarding Shot Online playing. It is only about playing – about shooting and putting – and not about other aspects of the game, such as fitting clubs or other activities off the field.

As I say, some are near-myths, which refers to a something that is technically true, but to such an insignificant extent, that it may as well not be true. An example of a near-myth would be saying “Club XXX is longer than club YYY.”, when testing reveals that it is only .5 yards longer on average — for all intents and purposes, they hit the same distance.

Finally, most of the assertions in this list have been tested. These are not opinions — they are just prose reflecting math.

  1. There are magic stat thresholds.
    There are no magic stat thresholds that give you a sudden boost. Such an example would be expecting a sudden gain in distance when skill goes from say 99 to 101.As regards Skill stat, there is no magic threshold, but what does happen is it becomes increasingly more powerful as it gets higher. For example, adding 20 skill on top of 140 skill adds slightly more distance than adding 20 skill on top of 80.

    There are also levels above which one will see diminishing returns for a given stat, such as extremely high power or impact.)

  2. Tornado is the longest club in the game.(pre-CTL myth)
    I have posted tests that show Tornado is as long as any club, but it is misleading to claim it is the longest club in the game, as if it were alone at the top spot. For example, in irons, there is no noticeable difference in distance between Tempest, Tornado, and Hurricane. In woods, there is no difference between Tornado and Hybrid, and those are only a couple of yards longer than others.

    • Sub-myth: You can hit a Tornado past 105%
      Tornado hits past 105% will shank O.B. as much as other top clubs and more than Hurricanes. Regarding drivers, testing posted here indicates it shanks worse on hits past 105% than either Hurricane or Hybrid.
  3. Tempest fairway woods are not long.
    If speaking of distance only, the Tempest 3W and 5W are just about as long as any other fairway woods (pre-CTL). They will hit 2 to 3 yards less than Hybrid or Tornado, and as far as Hurricane. Of course, Tempest, like Hybrid woods, are not forgiving if you miss 0%, so distance on perfect hits is not the most important factor.
  4. 2009 clubs are longer or better than older version.
    There is no measurable difference in distance. The only difference is colour.
  5. 2010 clubs are longer or better than older version.
    See previous re: 2009. The 2010, like the 2009, are just re-skinned regular clubs. Of course, the default fittings have an effect, but the fact that they are 2010 means nothing.
  6. Fitting stats have more value than other stats.
    A stat is a stat is a stat. When holding a club, it does not matter whatsoever where your stats come from: fittings, zodiacs, clothes, drinks, or ball. All that matters are the numbers, not where they came from.
  7. Distance also comes from your level.
    Distance comes only from your stats and the type of clubs you are using.
  8. Hurricane irons are more accurate.
    Hurricane irons are no more accurate when missing zero, then say, Tornado. What Hurricanes give you is “shank insurance”. A hurricane is less likely to shank on hits that miss 0% by a lot or hits that are past 105%.
  9. A +2 skill hat is better than a +2 impact hat. (for example)
    As regards clothing, a stat is a stat is a stat. You can buy whatever clothing you want, as long as it adds to Impact, Power, or Skill. Buy the clothing, put it on, apply a Haoma or Pedora, then adjust your stats as you desire. (This is less true for TP’s who have used the Fedora+, since they would need to use an expensive Fedora+ or Magicos after fitting the new clothing.)
  10. Some putters put ball in the hole better.
    All putters roll the ball the same. The only differences between putters is the distance they hit at a particular %age, the speed of the swing bar, and how they act on the green edge (i.e., shanking).
  11. Stamina helps with putting.
    I wish. lol
    No stats make the ball go in the hole better.
  12. Wind or weather affects putting.
    No effect whatsoever.
  13. Spin affects putting.
    No effect whatsoever.
  14. Woods like power; irons like skill.
    This is in the context of a high level player…
    Power helps everything. For a high level skill build, it is true that Power a few above 40 (approximately) seems to continue to help woods, while it does not help irons. Still, the idea that you can hit irons and get good distance with Power of 30 or 28 or whatever (some low number), is a myth.
  15. Impact must be relative (i.e., above) Power.
    Impact stands alone and need not be relative to any other stat in some fixed relationship. One hears “Keeps Impact N above Power.”, but this is not necessarily true. What peeps are really expressing here is keep your impact as high as you reasonably can while leveling. For higher levels, if one were very good at hitting 0%, one could run stats like 40 Power / 40 Impact and be as accurate as someone running 35 Power /40 Impact. (Thanks to gonutz1 for noting this one.)
  16. Low Power is bad in weather/wind.
    There is no relative difference in the wind and weather effect on distance, with low Power such as 20 versus a Power such as 30 or 40.
  17. Top/bottom spin affects a wood shot. (MunkeysUncle)
    Top and bottom spin have no effect on wood shots. Nor does it have any effect on the 3 iron or 4 iron.
  18. TP_Bomber (or whatever) hits farther into headwind
    The longest drivers in the game are Hybrid and Tornado (TP_Bomber is just a Tornado). Basis full side-spin hits, they all hit the same distance. This equality of performance does not change for weather/wind.

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