Shot Online Tips

Shot Online Tips by scuba1

STATUS WINDOW (alt+C)In the column In the far top left the two rows are for your clothes.

In the club’s slots, the club in the top left if for your driver the next two are for your 3Wood and 5Wood any order.

The middle 3 slots are for your wedges, PW, AW, SW

The last 3 columns, the one on the bottom left is for your irons, 2nd slot is for putter and 3rd is for balls.

The last column is your equipment column, you can put a majority of items in it. (mageia, zodiac’s, cyma etc.)

Your fatigue level is how tired you are. To lower this you can stand in the

Square, sit down in the square, or better yet take a drink. Especially if your in a game.

Your EXP bar shows how much percent you are to your next level.

The HDCP means Handicap. To lower your handicap you play a 18 hole round on stroke. Your handicap cannot get higher.

Friends List (alt+F)
To add friends to your friends list you can either click Add Friend, or right click their name in the Square and click on Add Friend.

To enter your friends room you can simply right click their name in the game/rounding list and click Join Room.

Personal Record (alt+P)
Your LV(Title) is your current level and then your title.( Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Tour-Pro)

Dropped Hole Index is how many holes you didn’t finish with one or more players in the game. If your dropped hole index is greater than +18 you will lose EXP from your hole EXP.

Average strokes is how many strokes you use to play a 18 hole round.

Average putting is how many putts you take from the green in a 18 hole round.

GIR rate is Green In Regulations, which means that how many hits it takes you to reach the green in relation to par.

Latest Average Handy is your last score on a 18 hole stroke play averaged up from other games.

Holes in one, or HIO’s are how many times you have Hole In Oned before on your account.

To reach your Maximum Drive you have to out shoot the first and you will get 1,000 NG for doing so.

There are many people you can see in the square for your needs.

There is a bridge to cross to go to another side of the “world”

On the left side or side with the staircase you will find a portal to get into the games list.

You will also find the auction house on the top of the stairs and if u keep going past.

Thor who will give you your semi-pro, tour-pro test to take.

Clelic who repairs and fits clubs.

Salvador who sells clubs

Freya you sells balls, gloves, present boxes, and 10MillionNG caddy for semi-pro’s

Baxter who you go to to enter a tournament.

Fricka who sells golf clothes to all levels

Meriel who sells drinks

Anthony Bestra who you go to to apply, make a guild.

Calix who can teleport you to the other side of the map or give you a cart.

Belita who can teleport you to the other side of the map or can give you a cart.

Potter who you go to to store your inventory or NG. ( If you buy a
Membership go get 3 lockers and no item charge)

Guild Houses guild take by playing 18 stroke and getting coupons for the guild and course you play.

Lastly another portal to get into the games list.

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