Pocket Legends Combos Complete Guide

Pocket Legends Combos Complete Guide by rocket


With the advent of the new Mega Combos, I thought it would be helpful to have a more definitive list of all the different possible Skill and weapon combos that occur in game.

For a look into the mechanics behind how combos work see: How Combos work


A Skill Combo is when two (or more) skills are used in a certain order.

AOE= Area of Effect
ST= Single Target

AOE means area of effect and that the damage is not limited to the selected target but to any enemies within a certain area (range) of the target you have selected while attacking.

A Weapon Combo is when a skill is used followed by a a weapon proc.
What is a weapon proc? Some weapons have extra damage that can occur when they are used, in addition to the normal weapon damage.
For example the Gem Shard wand does extra fire damage in addition to its normal damage. The extra fire damage is known as a “weapon proc”.
Some weapons actually have AOE weapon procs, such as the Gem Blast staff which has AOE fire damage.

For a list of different weapons which proc see here.


Combos give extra damage on top of the normal skill use. Mega class combos add the most extra damage.

Combo strength comparison:
single class combo damage < two-class combo damage < Mega (three-class) combos damage.

Skill Combos

Hot Flash! (AOE) = Ice Storm + Fire Storm (10-30% more fire damage)
Hot Flash! (ST)= Frost Bite + Fire Storm (10-30% more fire damage)

Smash! (AOE)= Beckon + Stomp

Cruel Blast! (AOE)= Shattering Scream + Blast Shot

Mixed Class Combos:

Archer + Enchantress
Nature Strike! (AOE)= Thorn Wall + Lightning (10-50% more lightning damage)
Nature Strike! (ST)= Thorn Root + Lightning (10-50% more lightning damage)

Enchantress + Warrior
Shattered! (AOE)= Ice Storm + Stomp (10-50% more stomp damage)
Shattered! (ST)= Frost Bite + Stomp (10-50% more stomp damage)
Terror! (AOE)= Weakness + Hell Scream (Debuff is 25% more effective)

Archer + Warrior
Terror! (AOE)= Shattering Scream + Hell Scream
Crushed! (ST)= Break Armor + Crushing Blow


Weapon Combos


Ice Melt! = Ice Storm (Frost Bite) + random proc from a Fire Weapon
Target will take take 10-50% extra weapon base damage

Drained! = Weakness + plus random proc from Gemstone Wand- (any color and level)

Super Freeze! = Random Freeze proc from Apep Sunkiller Staff of Thoth + Frost Bite + Ice Storm
(Renders the enemy completely useless for 5 seconds, stuns the enemy from moving for 10 seconds. Hot Flash! damage is amplified when casted with Super Freeze!)

Steam! = Ice Storm (Frost Bite) + fire proc from wand or staff


Execute! = Hell Scream/Super Mega Slash/Beckon/Stomp + random Proc from Shadow Hax/Vibra Longsword/Cyber Sword

Also works if a Bird uses Avian Scream (Basically any stun type skill)
Execute! = Avian Scream + random Proc from Shadow Hax/Vibra Longsword/Cyber Sword

Enchantress + Warrior
Terror! = Random proc from Dark Wand/Dark Staff + Hell Scream


Misc other terms (From Pharcyde’s guide with a few corrections)

All Classes:

Clear Headed! = Effects of stun wear off. Casting Blessings of Might and Blessing of Vitality cuts down stun time.

Free! = Effects of Frost wear off. Casting Fire Storm or Heal can sometimes break Frost hold.

Unrooted! = Effects of Thornwall and Thornroot wear off. Casting Fire Storm or Heal can sometimes break Root hold.

Cured! = Effects of Debuffs wear off

Mended! = Effects of weapon fatigue end. (Dark-bolt blaster or hammers stopping you from moving when hit).

Absorbed! – Combinations or Critical hits are absorbed by Mana Shield, causing less damage.

Enchantress Specific:

Face Melt! = Random proc from Keeper Staff of the Cosmos

Humiliate! = If you blast a barrel while a enemy is near it. The enemy will take large amounts of fire damage, lose all Buffs, is blasted back and temperately stunned.
Your character will automatically cast the Laugh emote.

Rejuvenate! = Requires only a Enchantress; Restore your Healthpool completely by either Drain Life or Heal while taking damage. Effects: Temporary Self Buff +1 H/S for 20 seconds.

Fearless! = Heal any Nightmare/terror/weakness debuff

Poisoning Blast! – Unverified on how to do it and effects.


Mega Combos (for pics look here)

Nature Strike! + Hell Scream = Hell Storm!

First Bird- Thorn Wall (or Thorn Root)
then Mage- Lightning ==> Nature Strike!
then Bear- Hell Scream

Shattered! + Break Armor = Pulverized!

First Mage- Ice Storm (or Frost Bite)
then Bear- Stomp ==> Shattered!
then Bird- Break Armor

PWNED! (ST) Combo below has been confirmed by devs- see here.
Crushed! + Drain Life = Pwned!

First Bird- Break Armor
then Bear- Crushing Blow ==> Crushed!
then Mage- Drain Life

It is also possible to do the Pwned! combo without a bird if a bear or elf is using a spear which procs break armor. You should see little stars under the feet of the enemy when break armor procs.
Special thanks to Whirlzap for the info on spears procing break armor.
This still needs definitive confirmation.

Presumably the single target versions should work as well.

Comments, suggestions and corrections welcome.

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