Pocket Legends Plasma Pyramid Gold Harvesting Guide

Pocket Legends Plasma Pyramid Gold Harvesting Guide by noneo

Since Plasma Pyramid is most likely the most mainstream dungeuon people farm for gold on, I decided to see if it was really worth all the hype to pass up gaining xp, for farming for gold there.

Keep in mind I went into plasma with zero pots, and harvested 25 of each, then stashed. You can harvest a ton of pots here as well and end up saving yourself a ton more. These pots were not amortized into the Gold/Hour calculation

A few things to note:

I used a level 52 pure int mage for all farming.
I soloed every run on a password protected map (to ensure validity of my results).
I broke every chest, even ones at the beginning.
For the “Killing NO Bosses” section, I ran through the entire map and killed every single mob except for the bosses/minibosses. So, out of a total 179 mobs on the countdown, I killed 174 (3 boss, 2 mini).
For the “Not even walking into boss/miniboss areas” section, I killed all mobs in the zig-zag areas, and then went straight into the (i call it the second room, it’s the one leading to B’TOXX i believe (the tank version of the aliens)) room with just mobs and killed them as well. This led to me killing a total of 114 mobs.
For the liquidation section. I liquidated all drops green and under. This was added into the gold per hour calculation.
Time was recorded using time spent in the actual dungeon from first movement of my joystick, to final mob killed. (in seconds)

Below are my findings from my test of different methods farming Plasma Pyramid:

First, we see that the mainstream was right, and this map is very profitable with max profit of about 63753 gold per hour. The second method, Killing NO bosses, was also rather profitable, but I would NOT recommend due to two reasons. One, you don’t get any pink or purple drops, and two, it is VERY annoying trying to run through the mini bosses while the grab you and stop your movement. It’s just honestly not worth the hastle. Also, I would recommended doing this map solo as you will make far more gold than with a group. In a group you split the gold between everyone, i.e. 62753/5 (for a full group) = 12550.6 gold per hour. The first method is not very profitable in gold, but you do get a lot of pinks and purples.


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