Maestia Newbie Guide

Maestia Newbie Guide by terstegen

This is a simple guide with basic information for players that are new to Maestia. You will not find awnsers to all your questions in this guide nor do i explain anything about the classes or skills.
I’ll cover some of the “new” things this game has to offer aswell as some basics to get you started.


The Rules
Maestones and Enlightenment
Divine Points
Damage types and Elements
Enchanting and transfer
The Premium Shop
Your first mount

[The Rules]

Well every one should know the game rules, they can be found here :…d.php?t=231670

[Maestones and Enlightenment]

Maestones are powerfull items that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your character, they are deviden into 2 groups: Active and passive stones. Your character can use upto 4 passive stones and 3 active stones. All passive maestones have a 3% chance to trigger on a certain condition, you can not have more than 1 stone with the same trigger type equipted at once.
Ther are 4 typed of trigger requierments:

triggers when using normal attack
triggers when using skill attack
triggers when hit by normal attack
triggers when hit by skill attack

Maestones can have alot of different effects so you need to carefuly chose wich one you want to use. Depending on what stone you use they can heal or buff your character, also they can debuff, damage or disable the enemie.
Both passive and active maestones that inflict damage are effected by damage amplification (strength for physical and intelligence for magical damage). Healing effects from maestones are also increased by healing effectivness (wisdom).
All maestones can be upgraded at any general goods npc in the game, you will need 3 indentical stones to upgrade it to +1, keep in mind it can fail and you will have only 1 of them left.

Active Maestones have 10 charges on them, when a stone runs out of charges you can recharge them at any altar for 10 divine points per charge so max 100.


This is a short “buff” that will trigger all your passive maestones at a 100% rate when u meet the requierment for it. When you damage enemies a bar underneath you HP and MP bars will fill up starting yellow and ending in orange, when this bar is full the icon at the right end of it will light up with a purple glow and you are ready to use it. Once the buff runs out it will automaticly recharge again while you damage enemies.

[Divine Points]

Divine points are a special type of currency in Maestia wich are used to buy Maestones, recharge them and they decide your rank.
Divine points can me obtained through a number of ways and the amount of divine points you have is shown at the right upper corner of your screen next to this icon

You can increase your divine points by:

Hunting monster in the night maps
Hunting monsters in dungeons
Praying close to an altar

Divine point where supposed to incease exp gain from mobs and succes chance when enchanting but for now that doesnt work yet.
Info about DP rank and RVR can be found here

Ranks: Maestia Titles and Rank Explanation
RVR: Maestia RvR Schedule


Vitality – increases HP regeneration and base HP
Strength – Increases Physical damage for warrior and critical damage.
Agility – increases physical defense, dodge, critical chance and physical damage for rangers.
Intelligence – increases magic damage and magic defense.
Wisdom – increases MP regeneration, base MP, healing effectiveness and magic critical chance.

Every time you level you gain 5 skill points, this icon will apear next to your MP bar so you can devide them.

If you made a mistake or just want to change your stats you can buy a skill reset from the premium shop or wait for a GM aucion and hope you get one.

[Damage types and elements]

Physical damage – Increases with strength for warriors and agility for rangers, reduced by physical defense and dodge (agility)
Magical damage – increases with intelligence for all classes, reduced by elemental resistance on items and by intelligence for all classes.

Fire element – Weak to Ice skills and damage.

Ice element – Weak to Lightning skills and damage.

Lightning element – Weak to Poison skills and damage.

Poison element – Weak to Fire skills and damage.

None elemental – can only be reduced by magic defense.

Skills and weapons do reduced damage to mobs with the same element type so be sure to use the right skills on the right mob!

[Enchanting and transfers]

You can upgrade your items by buying enchantment material, the orange one for weapons and the blue one for armor. If you right click the material a small window will open with 3 slots: 1 for the item you want to upgrade, 1 for the material and 1 for a optional insurance scroll that you can buy from the premium shop. Insurance scrolls prevent your weapon from being destroyed when the upgrade fails. Enchanting your items will cost some gold, how much is shown in the bottem of the window, the higher level the items are the more gold it will cost to enchant them, the amount stays the say no matter what + you are trying to make it.


When you are using a weapon you enchanted to lets say +5 but you reached a level you can use the next of weapons you can use a transfer scroll bought at the general goods nps at superion to try to add that +5 to your new weapon. In this process the already enchanted weapon will be destroyed even on succes. The bigger the level difference between the enchanted and the none enchanted weapon is the more gold it will cost. For transfers you can also use insurance scroll all though it doesnt work right now. If you dont want to break your newly found weapon you can also buy cheap clean weapons from a weapon npc, upgrade them to the + you want and than try to transfer it to your new weapon. If it fails it will be detroyed but you new weapon will still be there for a next try.

[The chat window]

The chat in Maestia works as it does in most games, the window shows a nummer of tabs you can select to set it to who you want to receive your message :

Whisper -/w
Party – /p
Guild – /g
Faction – /u ( this chat can be seen only by the people in your faction, Temple knight/Superion Guardians )
You can also send a message to the whole map you are at with /z
this chat has no special tab.

The default setting of all tabs is that they only show the chatting of its type, so party chat only shows party chat, If you want to see more chatting in a tab you can go to chat options by pressing this icon

A small window will open where you can select wich chatting you want to see in every tab. If you have multiple chat types in 1 tab dont forget to press the right tab when responding to it ^^


Items like armor or weapon can be obtained by hunting any type of monster, if you find one there is a big chance its “locked” wich mean that you have to indentify it before you can see what stats are on it.You can indentify items with a scroll or at any altar in the game. There are different colors for the names of items indicating there rarety.

White – no stats
Green – few stats
Blue – alot of stats
purple – alot of stats and always the same

When you indentify an item it can have any type of stat on it even if its a class retaled piece. There is no way of telling what stats will be on the items or what color it will be, its 100% random. There are a few types of stats than can only be found on specific typed of equipment,

Attack speed – Gloves and weapons only
Resistance – Jewels and shoulders only
Poison/Ice effect time – Jewels and Chest only
Elemental attack/effect – Weapons only

Items Dropped by bosses in a dungeon Always have the same stats on them, they are still locked when you find them and these items can either go green, blue or purple ( expert dungeons only ). Depending on the rarety they are the have more of the preset stats for that item. There are no real sets in this game, bosses drop items with the same names but ther is no bonus for having more than 1 of them.

The damage/armor on items is always the same no matter what rarety it is, the rarety only effects the amount of different stats the item can have.
For weapons, there are 3 types of the same tier weapon at any time.

Fast attack speed – low damage – higher posible stat value
Normal attack speed – normal damage – normal stat value
Slow attack speed – High damage – lowest stat value


When you want to gain exp to level you need to kill mobs or do quests like in any other game. Finding the right mob to kill for your class and build makes things alot easyer, some mobs like golems have high physical defense while other mobs like waterlings have really high magic defense. When looking for the right place to grind remember never to kill mobs that are more than 4 levels higher than your character cause they will give less exp. Also remember that when you attack mobs some of them may be linked to others around them so pick your target carefully!

In every map there is 1 “boss” mob, its a big monster with around 10 smaller mobs around him that will all aggro when u attack the boss. These bosses give alot of exp and can be hunted on each of the 5 channels.

[The Premium Shop]

Maestia is a free to play game it thus it has a premium shop where you can buy items for real money. Orbs are the premium shop currency and they can be purchased at the officail website under the banking tab.

Items sold in the premium shop are ment to improve your game experience, they sell items like exp increase scrolls, a fast mount, costumes and many more stuff that you might like. Since all items sold will just make things alot easyer maestia is by no means a buy to win game, its possible to play without ever buying items and become really strong but if you want to get there a bit faster the premium shop is the place to be!

[Your first mount]

At level 10 you can get your first mount, in order to get it you need to do the following quests:

The four elements given by (Auction House) Herdeu.
For this quest you need to go talk to:
Gabernet, Captain of Knight ( temple knight faction )
Bartholomew, Captain of Guardians ( superion guardian faction )

When you complete The four elements you will unlock the next quest called a dangerous quest.
For this quest you need to talk to (General Goods) Eirene.
When you accept this quest you get 1 Pectus teleport scroll.
You get only 1 so use it only to talk to the quest nps cause you cant walk back to Pectus at level 10.

Now complete the quest, and there you go you just got your first mount! It will be placed in your bag and can be put on the skillbar for quick use.

When you complete this quest you will unlock a new one for the Delphi dungeon (Normal) if you accept it or not is up to you.

When you are all done you can either walk back to Delphi but you might die so I suggest you use a Superion return scroll.


Q: When do i get a mount?
A: You get your first one at level 10 and the second faster one at level 70.
Q: I messed up my talents, where can I reset them?
A: You can only reset your skills by buying an item from the premium shop for real cash.
Q: The higher the attack speed value is on my weapon the better?
A: It depends, an attack speed value of 2 is slower than than 1.5 but the weapon has higher base damage.
Q: Is there a website with all items and weapons?
A: Nope.
Q: Why are there so many germans in this game???
A: Its been promoted ALOT in germany and only in germany.
Q: Can i have some gold please?
A: You can not…

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