Maestia Mage PvP Build Guide

Maestia Mage PvP Build Guide by HatsuneMikuHime

Hello, I’m HatsuneMiku, and this is going to be my PVP build that I’ll be using in battle. I just hit cap, so I can show you a full used skill tree.
I went full Int until level 52, then Vit after that.

Early Stages: For the majority of the early levels(Early being up to level 30) will be nothing but fireball usage.

You start to get skill points at level 4, which in total will equal to 56 skill points. 4-59. What you want to do is pump the first 5 skill points into Fast.Fireball. This passive decreases your cast time by .1 second each point you put into it. Your fireball will go from 2.00 Second cast time, to 1.50 second cast time. Since you are doing nothing but fireball spam, this is key.

The 3 Major skills you will be aiming for in your skill tree are:

Electric Shock- Is an instant cast stun, picture below will show you the final level of it and what it does.
Posted Image

Sleeping Flower- Is a small cast time, insanely long sleep useable in both PVE, and PVP.
Posted Image

Skill Blockade- Is a instant cast Silence, that can silence for up to 10 seconds. Personally my favorite skill
Posted Image

These three skills are the major 3 that you will need in PVP

To get these 3 skills, you must get all the prereqs, in order to unlock them. Many of these Prereqs, you will be using a lot in both PVP, and PVE.

Personally, I use Fireball, Explosion of deadly poison, and Lightning strike for DPS on mobs. You can use w.e of the skills you want to DPS with, but those are the ones I find the best.

To get from 30-59 solo as a mage, you need to have some “skill”. What I mean by skill is, doing obvious things: such as not using fireball vs fire res mobs, and instead using poison and lightning.
Kiting is another thing that I had to do quite a lot, especially against Bosses/elites, as a mage you are stupidly squishy, and unless you are using instant pots, elites will truck your hp down.

A problem that I ran into as a mage is Pots. For Mana you only need to use novice pots, getting anymore will just waste money. Novice pots can sustain you for almost the entire game, and only after 50+, do you need to use higher level pots. Hp pots are the problem. I was burning through 180k worth of pots in 5 hours, after level 40. Of course I was soloing, so I was entirely tanking all the mobs, and DPSing. Since I’m in the Top guild + level 2 guild, I got a decent amount of gold gain bonus. On top of that, I had used a double gold scroll for 18 of the 24 hours it was useable. It might be hard to sustain the cost of pots/skills while soloing it to 59. If you have money problem, save all the white/green/blue weapons/shields and sell them to the vendor. 1k+ every time you sell will stack up a good deal.

200 LvL 40 pots = 60k. So I was going through 600 pots in 5 hours. A lot I know. The level 50 pots are only buyable from out in the fields, but by no means is it worth it. For a stack of 200, it costs over 100k, and will just eat at your money even more. All I can say is, don’t lend money and farm a lot.

Endgame Stage: In terms of difficulty the dungeons are in the middleish.. First 3 dungeons are doable solo if you play it correctly. Yotunheim is a lot harder, and the final one is a pain in the ass. I have very good blues, and 3 Orange Gear, and its hard to tank more than 3 mobs in the Final Dungeon as a level 59, with over 35k HP. Only thing a mage can do is, single target fireball down mobs 1 by 1.

If you have trouble doing dungeons and are stuck at a point because of it. Do repeatables/grind for XP. I did a stupid amount of repeatables, and grinded mobs for hours on end at certain spots.

The best time to grind instead of questing is when you reach the Eye Minotaurs(In Yotunheim), do the repeatable to kill them over and over, and you’ll sky rocket in levels(Do this until you can’t do the repeatable anymore.) The next time I decided to grind repeatables were on Wyverns. They are tanky, but its the best repeatable you’ll find during these levels. You can get from there and back to the npc quite fast, and it gives decent XP.

For 50+ I’ll let you figure that out yourself, there’s a great spot that gives you insane xp for mobs that don’t aggro on you and destroy you. On top of that, there’s a repeatable at level 52 to kill those mobs only 10 times, and on top of that the npc is right next to you when you kill them. Find it, and grind that from 50-55, fastest way IMO. From 55-57, finish your quests, and grind mobs in Dark Lipido. For us mages, find poison mobs. I used the spiders that are next to the tree monsters. I’ll give you a picture of the minimap, and dot the spots where I grinded from 55-59.

The Miku Hair Color filled spots, are where I grinded.
Posted Image
For the one on the right, fight the spiders and the Trees.
For the one on the left, fight ONLY the Cursed Terrorflys. If you attack the Larva, all the terrorflys will gang you, and kill you.

This is my stats at level 59 with 3 Orange gear. This isn’t a great refrence, but my stats are this as of now.
Posted Image
The + stats are what your gear is adding to your stats. The stats on the left, are your TOTAL stats. Its not the left one + the right. Left one = Total, Right one = what your gear gives you.

Posted Image
These are my Defense Stats, without using my Armor buffs.

I’ll now Explain some other important skills that I use, and when they should be used.

Posted Image
SpiritualArmor gives you great Phys Def buff, and Phys Crit Dodge. It is great for when fighting mobs, or Phys Dealing players.

One thing that I found in this game that is a problem is, the scaling of DEF. I had around 3k Phys def, and when my maestone procd and it went to 5k, I was taking 2k dmg still. 2k during 3k, and 2k during 5k. I’m not sure if there is a cap, or limit, but def after a certain point doesn’t help from what I’ve noticed.

Posted Image
Acceleration is a very helpful skill. I only use it for 1 of the effects, and thats the MS boost.
With the MS boost, you can get out of sticky situations, or what I love it for, is the abillity to kite players. This ontop of another skill (Bitter Cold) I will post, comobed will completely destroy any melee players.

Posted Image
Storm of Deadly Poison is a combo skill. After you cast, Explosion of Deadly Poison, you can cast this skill. It is an Instant cast, poison Dmg attack.

Posted Image
Ignite is a combo skill. After you cast Fireball, you can instantly cast Ignite, which puts a fire dot on the enemy.

Posted Image
Bitter Cold was the skill I was talking about with Acceleration. This skill is an instant cast, vicinity aoe slow. With 90% slow you can kite melee mobs/bosses/players with utter easy. This ontop of Acceleration is great, because you can easily distance yourself with Acceleration.

Posted Image
SnowStorm is a great little Aoe that you can pull out when a Cleric/Warrior is tanking. For farming purposes on your own, it is not worth using.

This is what my skill tree looks like. If you want the best PVP build during the 59 cap copy this exactly.
Posted Image

Thats all for this guide ATM, I’ll edit it tomorrow after I sleep. Grinded straight to Cap, so I’m quite tired. Hope this helps you guys out, and can’t wait for other mages to try this out and have great success. See you guys on the Battlefield

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