Maestia Titles and Rank Explanation

Maestia Titles and Rank Explanation by Vaxx

Heroes of Maestia,

Starting on 24th of November 2010 a new ranking will be active in the game. This FAQ will help you to understand how this new ranking works. We worked closely with the developers to give you all facts and details, no more guesswork!

1. The ranking list (called Ranking).

Each faction has its own ranking list, shortcut N (default). All your characters can be in the ranking. The ranking is sorted by accumulated DP per week. Accumulated means that whatever you do with your DP, those points count towards the ranking. It does not matter if you spend your DP or save it ( e.g. 5000 DP earned will still give you the same ranking once those 5000 DP are spent!).

Ranking = Position in the ranking list, sorted by DP earned per week!

Important: The ranking will be reset each week from Monday night to Tuesday morning!

2. The title (called Rank ingame).

To receive a title, you have to fulfill the requirements below.
Titles are awarded each week on Monday night to Tuesday morning.

Title SG/TK faction – DP amount needed (Top X in the ranking):

Trainee/Apprentice – This is the title each character starts.

  1. Apprentice Guardian/Apprentice Knight – 8.000 DP
  2. Guardian/Knight – 12.000 DP
  3. Elite Guardian/Superior Knight – 18.000 DP
  4. Guardian Leader/Captain of the Knights – 27.000 DP
  5. Doctrinal Inquisitor/Judge of Heretics – 41.000 DP
  6. Senior Judge/Judge of the Religious – 61.000 DP
  7. High Judge/Senior Judge of Heretics – 91.000 DP
  8. Pontiff/Most High Priest – 101.000 DP (150)
  9. General of the Guard/Staff Officer General – 111.000 DP (105)
  10. Battle Commander/High Commander – 121.000 DP (65)
  11. High Captain/High Commander of the Holy War – 131.000 DP (35)
  12. Sovereign/Supreme Commander – 141.000 DP (15)

Explanation: To receive a title you have to gather the amount of DP listed above.

Title 1 to 7 can be obtained by just collecting DP over time.

Once earned, a title is awarded permanent.

For title 8 to 12 you also need the required minimum ranking in the weekly ranking list. Just to remember: the ranking is sorted by accumulated DP per week and will be reset every Monday night.

Graphics for details:

Title / Ranking in the ranking list (Shortcut N)
Title / Ranking in the character details (shortcut C)

FAQ regarding Ranking:

I want the title “High Judge/Senior Judge of Heretics”, what do I have to do?
You need to earn 91.000 DP in total. It does not matter if it takes a day, a week or a month.

I want the title “Sovereign/Supreme Commander”, what do I have to do?
You have to accumulate at least 141.000 DP and also be within the Top 15 of the current weekly ranking.

I wanna be at the top of the ranking each week!?
Then you also have to play each week and earn a lot of DP each week.

I have 250.000 DP and I am still not “Sovereign/Supreme Commander”?
To earn this rank you have to be top 15 for at least one week!

If you still have questions regarding the ranking and titles, feel free to state your questions in this thread. Those might get added here.

Your Maestia Team

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