Legend of Edda Item Crafting Guide

Legend of Edda Item Crafting Guide by jinx_222

Notice: Images are irrecoverably lost.

This information is from the test server so please note that the methods may remain however the access to the crafting station, items needed to craft and rates of success may change during CBT, OBT and actual launch. As the game progresses I will update the information to reflect patch information as needed.

Item crafting in the Legend of Edda is pretty straight forward. You have 2 harvest-able items, yet mobs and other destructible have been known to drop the crafting mats as well.

Harvesting Nodes:
Plant: name varies by map but they are always glowing plants.
Ore: name varies by map but they are always a glowing rock pile.
Leather: various animal mobs drop leather of different grades.
Wool: various animal mobs drop leather of different grades.
Food Stuff: some mobs drop items for cooking or drinking craft.

(In my experiences I have seen animal based mobs drop basic items and crafting mats and creature/monster mobs drop have chance for green items and food stuffs.)

Additional Crafting Items:
Weapon Upgrade Stone:can be purchased from Matireal Merchant or randomly received from disassembly of green or higher items.
Armor Upgrade Stone: can be purchased from Matireal Merchant or randomly received from disassembly of green or higher items.
Making Gemstone: these can be obtained from disassembly or by creating them at the Master producer.

The crafting interface:

Click on an anvil to open the crafting interface.

You are presented with 3 options:
Item Strengthen.
Item Production.
Item Disassemble.

There are costs related with each different tool, yet I have yet to see an indicator of cost while performing any actions. This may change or I may be blind >.< but I just craft and pray

Item Production:
I will focus in Item production here to show you the basic process and ease of use. It is really quite easy once you get used to the system.

In the item production interface there is a drop down menu listing all the things you can attempt to craft at that location. Please note that some locations have items not found at other locations.

As an example here is a sword I crafted as a demonstration…

This is the recipe list showing me what I need to craft the item. Items you do not have will appear red in the list.

Here is the finished product

Viola! that is it for the basics on crafting!! Go make stuff!

Item Strengthening:
Here I will go over the basics of item strengthening, this is also a simple process.

You only need an item that can be strengthened and an appropriate upgrade stone. There is also some kind of gloves you can purchase that will prevent item breaking by a percentage but cash store is not up so I am not certain to the exact specifications. (I have also not found them in game, yet that is not surprising since I only made it to level 24 so far.)

Currently the success message is still in Korean. It basically says: Item enchantment successful. You can fail but not break your weapon, yet the higher the enchantment the higher the rate of breaking the item when you fail.

Here is the item at +2. This is the point the weapon starts to glow. Currently strengthening does not cause armor to glow… but I only got my pieces to +4 each >.< no idea what the cap is on upgrading.

Item disassembly is pretty strait forward as well, you can purchase the disassembly kit for 200 gold and it is far cheaper to break down green trash you find off mob drops then it is to buy the item upgrade stones directly.

There is also 2 craftable itmes you can use in wars.
Leather Kits: These increase your defense for a short time roughly 6 minutes.
Bandages: This is an instant heal and can be used while in combat.

Properly prepared warriors of lower levels can easily face higher level players and hold their own.

Here is a secret ninja trick for survivability as you progress into your stage 2 gear (20+) you can use higher level pots and bandages. This does not mean that the old ones become useless.

In combat you can only use pots and bandages so stacking them in order of healing value on your bar increases your self healing threshold. Using a low level potion of healing does not tick off the GCD of all potions of healing, only those in the same class ‘low level’.

Therefore you can self heal through most major events, bad-az players DPS and a lot more just don’t go and waist em on the same player in a war, you will need this trick to level!

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