Legend of Edda Chat System Guide

Legend of Edda Chat System Guide by Ashla

Very very quick guide, this time on chats!

Edda has 5 chat modes and 2 system message modes for a total of 7 message modes. They are:

Normal (white): The standard chat type. Can be heard by anyone near you in the same map.
Shout (magenta): Sends a shout out to your faction. Can be heard by everyone in the same map.
Party (green): Can only be heard by your party members.
Guild (orange): Can only be heard by your guild members.
Whisper (pink): Can only be head by the person you’re whispering.

Battle (deep orange): Shows any battle information, such as damage taken/received, healing and kill info. Heals are shown in yellow and kills in red.
System (White): Shows any system messages, such as exp obtained, items obtained, friend activity, etc. Quest information will be shown in a light emerald green colour.

Keyboard shortcuts for chats:
If you want to switch chat modes, keyboard shortcuts are probably the easiest way:

/s Normal
/a Shout
/g Guild
/p Party
/nameofplayer Whisper

You can also switch between the 5 chat modes by pressing Tab when chat is active. Pressing the Up arrow key while chat is active will allow you to scroll through a list of people you’ve recently whispered.

Message Tabs
6 of these 7 modes have their own dedicated chat tabs in the message window. In each of these tabs, only chat messages of that particular type are shown (eg. only Party chat can be seen when the Party tab is selected). The only mode that doesn’t have its own tab is Whisper, however, whispers can be seen on all tabs except for Battle.

Normal chat is also slightly different from the rest, in that it will show all messages by default. You can change what chats can be seen in the normal tab via the Options. Access the Options by pressing O, then click on the Chat tab. At the top of this page, you will see a bunch of tickboxes. Here you can choose which chat modes will be seen in the normal chat tab, as seen below:

Happy chatting!

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